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  • RAW Partition Data Recovery

    Are you troubled with RAW partition drive? Don’t know how to overcome RAW partition problem? Need a recovery tool to overcome RAW partition issue? If your answer is yes then here is the solution. Well, this post offers you an absolution remedy on RAW partition data recovery with simple steps.

    The property of the drive often shows zero byte when there are important files stored there and you did not delete them nor formatted the drive and the files are not accessible. Partitions are widely-used in indigenous mode and without having the file system existed, it is termed as RAW. As there isn’t any file system about it, you may encounter the error message that the partition must format when you click on it. When that partition gets RAW you then find it extremely tough in being able to access data from it. Therefore you start in search of an app that supports to extract data from RAW partition.

    How will you decide that hard drive has become RAW? Below stated are some of the symptoms that you encounter with the RAW partition,

    • File system is displayed as RAW
    • File names contain weird characters
    • “Sector not found” error messages
    • chkdsk is not available for RAW drives
    • Wanted to format the drive before use
    • chkdsk thinks that FAT is RAW
    • Unable to run chkdsk.exe

    Some of the causes that makes the partition RAW

    RAW partition due to reformatting, at the time you feel a need to change the present file system to its new version or to different version, by this you can carry out reformatting. But regrettably operation gets terminated by displaying error message and this will be the reason for a partition to become RAW. Corruption of partition table also result in RAW partition. You can find plenty of reasons due to which partition table get corrupt and when you double click on the drive your Windows OS that displays the message like “Can’t access and load X:..”, which is RAW partition error. Partition becomes RAW due to harmful viruses, reinstallation of operating system, etc.

    How to recover RAW partition?

    This is the normal situation while you meet the above cases and have to format the RAW partition for reuse the drive again. But once you format the partition then all the data on it will be gone and it will be almost impossible to get those files back. Therefore it is suggested to prefer this RAW partition recovery wizard as an ideal solution for recovering RAW partition data and reuse the partition again. You need to worry more on recovery of formatted partition as this application successfully supports on recovery formatted partition with ease.


    • Do not add any new data to RAW partition , which may result in overwriting of original data
    • Remove harmful viruses by using a powerful antivirus program
    • It is suggested to make use a UPS device to prevent data loss due to power surge
    • After performing format operation on partition avoid reformatting again as this makes recovery very difficult
  • Software to Delete Duplicates from External Hard Disk

    External hard disk is used to take backup of files in the computer storage media or any media. Because it is the ultimate way to keep your critical files safe through undesired loss scenarios. To take the backup you’ve got stored number of files on the external HDD, unfortunately you store number of files with similar name on different location of the external hard disk. Suppose unknowingly you’ve stored files having same name at various locations involving external drive that effect for the performance. In such case no need to get worry and utilize Duplicate File Remover software.

    Duplicate files are usually cluttered on the external hard disk and causes confusion. Presence of files cause many issues like enhances the search time, take more space on hard disk and many more. At this time period, it is difficult to delete duplicate files from external disk drive by searching one after other manually. However, to unravel such situation, you could be looking for the program to remove all duplicate files through external drive stashed with same name. This Duplicate File Remover software has capacity to remove duplicate files from external HDD without any difficulties.

    How it effects on the performance?

    Suppose, if you have stored number of files on the HDD and forgot the position then you select the search option and enter your file name. Just in case, you have rescued same file in various locations then it takes more time to get those files. Plus it occupies more space on the external hard drive and makes your drive to perform slow compare for you to earlier stage.

    Ways to remove duplicate files are mentioned below:

    • The first way is that many user prefers to eliminate is manually. However, it is all challenging to perform with hand by seeing each and every file. It takes longer time and there is not possibility to accomplish such task.
    • The second easiest and simple method is that utilize this software to get rid of duplicate files. By pressing single button it is possible to perform such operations and takes incredibly less time.

    Prominent options that come with this ultimate computer software:

    • It has ability to remove duplicates from external hard drive for instance SATA, ATA, IDE, SCSI, etc.
    • Delete duplicate files and still provide more space to store number of files.
    • It is made with more highly effective algorithm which scans the whole drive on the finger tips and compare this article of two files although they have same name to check on whether they have same information as well as different.
    • The very important thing is it reduces time to search records.

    Note: This application can be found on official site without any cost that one could have by clicking on download button. Install it on your computer and select the specific drive from where you need to remove duplicate records. It provides you the list of duplicates files and you can perform various operations on such duplicate files like move, delete, copy, and many others.

  • Simple Way to Recover Deleted Files from Recycle Bin

    The operating system on your personal computer provides a “Recycle Bin” where documents, images, programs and other files that you delete are stored. To prevent a catastrophe that might occur if you accidentally delete important files, the Recycle Bin holds those deleted files until you manually empty the Recycle Bin. There are many cause for the deletion of the files from Recycle Bin, some of them are: Recycle Bin is 10% of your hard drive capacity, hence if you deleted a files having the size greater then size of the Recycle Bin then the files may bypasses the Recycle Bin. If user intentionally or accidently deleted the content of the Recycle Bin without seeing the important content from Recycle Bin, the files get completely get deleted from it. In case of removal media which is connected to the Pc, deleting the files doesn’t get stored to the Recycle Bin.How to undeleted deleted files,click the highlighted link.

    Why file recovery from the Recycle Bin is possible

    When you delete a file and it appears in the Recycle Bin, it has not been physically moved from the Recycle Bin at all. The file stays where it always was, but its directory entry has been moved and placed in a hidden folder called Recycled, and the deleted file renamed. All the original information about the file is stored in a hidden index file, called INFO2, which is located in the Recycled folder. When you use Recycle Bin for file recovery  the original path is read from the INFO file, the file renamed, and its directory entry restored. Your important files deleted from Recycle can be recovered using Recovery Software.  Files that are deleted from the recycle bin are not permanently erased and can be recovered before the free space is overwritten with a new file or data. Using this tool has several benefits like:

    • It allows recovering files, which bypass Recycle Bin when it exceeds in size as compare to the size of the Recycle Bin.
    • Provide the recovery of files which bypasses the Recycle Bin by using Shift + Delete key combination on the Keyboard or deleted from command prompt.
    • Recovered files can be sorted on the basis of time, type, size.
    • This software uses the advanced algorithm to recover all the files, which get deleted from Recycle Bin.
    • It can be used to recover the files deleted from the Recycle Bin on all versions like Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, Widows Vista etc.

    Helpful Tips:

    • You should always keep the backup of your important files on separate storage media like pen drive, external hard drive etc.
    • Always check the content of the Recycle Bin before emptying the Recycle Bin so that you may not end up deleting your important files.
    • Always check the size of the Recycle Bin while deleting the files.
  • How to Fix Android Battery Life

    Android is the Os use used in some Smartphone. It is installed on a variety of Smartphone’s and tablets. Now a day’s android phone is popular among the user because it offers benefits like, it has smart virtual keyboard, home screen customizable with widgets, live folder for quick-viewing your data etc.  It is good smartphones, but they occasionally suffer from “Sudden Battery Drain Syndrome.” That’s the situation where the phone batteries, with no different use by the owner, sudden drain for no apparent reason. The battery drain doesn’t happen often, but when it does it has the ability to leave you high and dry with a dead Android phone. There are several reasons behind the draining of your Android battery life such as. To fix Android  battery life click on keyword.

    • Many unnecessary apps like GPS, twitter, face book, radio etc running on your Android phone may cause Android battery to drain by consuming the more battery power.
    • Higher brightness of your Android phone screen can also consume more power and hence reduce the battery life.
    • Always enabling of Bluetooth and WI-FI sucks the battery life.

    Which software is used to fix the Android Phone Battery Problem?  Remo More software can increase your android battery performance. It has special feature to kill the unnecessary apps that runs in background hence consuming up lot of battery. Remo More software has a special profile called sleep that turn off everything except clock app and fix Android battery life easily. As a result very little power is consumed, when you are using your phone under sleep profile. Remo More also monitors your android phone to checks, which apps consume more battery power. It has the feature to show remaining battery power in notifications that tell you how long your battery can last without charging. You can also fix Android battery life on Smartphone of Micromax, LG, and Sony etc on latest versions of Android OS Ice Cream Sandwich, Gingerbread, Jellybean, etc.

    Helpful Tips:

    • You should always use the extra power saving mode if you have to save the unnecessarily wastage of your battery life.
    • Always try to stop the apps, which are running in the background process.
    •  Dump unnecessary home screen widgets and live wallpaper. Just because they’re sitting on the home screen, seemingly inactive, doesn’t mean they’re not consuming power. This goes for widgets that poll status updates in the background, as well as ones that just sit there but look pretty and animated—not to mention animated live wallpaper
    • You should always update your apps because apps often get updated to use less battery power, so you should make sure your apps are up to date. Even if you configured the phone for automatic updates.
  • Useful Tool to Protect Folders

    Are you worried about the confidential data saved on your computer? Do you aim to safeguard the sensitive folders stored on your PC? Then don’t fret, you are for the right place just pay your focus and read this post completely, by the end of it, you will come to know how you can encrypt confidential files.

    It is now possible to protect important files by setting a password to it; and it is very easy, all you need to do is just make use of powerful data encrypting program. By employing this encrypting tool quickly you can safeguard the vital data and become free from all form of security threats.

    Why to protect data?

    You may often save the essential data into personal computer. Protecting the files becomes very important, if the stored data is extremely sensitive. Just assume that the computer at your office has some sensitive files which you don’t want to share with anyone, if you are the only user of that computer then no problem. If the computer is used by a number of users then protecting private folders is often a best option.

    How encrypting tool is effective?

    Data encrypting tool is an extremely helpful program. It will assist you in many ways, using this software you can easily encrypt folders in a simple approach. When any folder is encrypted employing this software, it will ask a secret password, which is to be set. After setting a password to a folder, nobody can access the files saved into it, unless a right password is offered. Hence one can just visualize how helpful this tool is going to be for protecting crucial files.

    Some of the excellent features of encrypting tool are stated below:

    • It’s a potent data encrypting tool which has the capacity of safeguarding sensitive data so that no one could access confidential files except the proper user
    • This amazing software can protect sensitive folders on various types of external storage devices such as USB drives, external hard disks, memory cards and so on
    • It is a complimentary tool that is absolutely cost free, and hence you shouldn’t have to pay anything for employing it
    • By using this application it’s possible to safeguard the sensitive folders in just few clicks of mouse
    • This helpful application is a user friendly and very convenient to use
    • By taking the help of this application it is possible to encrypt various types of files including audio files, videos, images, document files, PDF files etc
    • It is an award winning utility in the field of encryption of files that takes only few minutes to encrypt crucial files and folders
    • This application could be installed on various types of operating systems including Windows, Mac, iOS, and android
    • Using this fantastic tool one can easily password lock folders in iPhone

    Go to the website and download the above told software from there. Install, and run the downloaded software on your PC. By following proper screen steps encrypt your sensitive folders that you want to.