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  • Fantastic Tool for Recovering Data after Reinstalling Windows 7

    Hi, I have a computer, which runs on Windows 7. Recently it happened that the operating system of my PC got corrupt, so I reinstalled the OS. After reinstalling Windows 7, I lost all essential data from my computer. There were few important files, which contained vital business data, I lost them as well. Is it possible to recover data after reinstalling Windows OS, can anyone please let me know how fix this issue?

    Are you too have caught in a problem as described above? If so, then do not get worried about it. Currently there exists a data recovery tool to help you, if you make use of that recovery software then you could effortlessly get back the lost data after reinstalling Windows 7 OS. The data recovery software is a most powerful tool, and is been included with huge number of benefiting features. In a very effective way, the software recovers each and every file that was lost while reinstalling Windows 7 operating system.

    Let’s discuss some important reasons on account of which you may reinstall Windows 7 OS:

    • OS crashes: If the operating system that’s been installed on your PC gets crashed then unless you reinstall the OS you cannot work on the system, and while reinstalling OS the data stored in C drive of hard drive gets lost.
    • Virus attack: When Windows 7 operating system gets severely infected by harmful computer viruses then it gets corrupt, once Windows 7 gets corrupt many of the supporting files may not work properly, therefore under this circumstance Windows 7 needs to be reinstalled. But with the help of data recovery software you can easily recover data after reinstalling Windows 7 OS.
    • Other reasons: there are several other reasons like MBR corruption, software conflicts, upgrading to new version etc.

    If any important data gets lost while reinstalling Windows 7 OS, then use data recovery app and bring back entire lost data in just few clicks of computer mouse.

    Features of data recovery utility are mentioned below:    

    • The software is highly effective and can recover data on various versions of Windows OS including Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7 etc.
    • It can be used to recover data from various secondary storage devices like memory cards, FireWire drives, external hard disks, memory sticks, USB flash drives etc.
    • This application has the capability of recovering deleted, lost and even formatted data.
    • It has been included with smartest scanning engine, which recovers more than 300 types of files.
    • In a very limited time frame, the software recovers entire data, which was lost while reinstalling Windows 7 OS.
    • Recovered files can be saved to any storage device including CD or DVD, and also after recovering files, they can be sorted on the basis of creation date, file type, file size etc.

    Try the demo version of this utility, it’s there on web. If you feel the product is beneficial then buy its licensed version.

  • How to Recover Data from Iomega External Hard Drive?

    “I use a 2TB Iomega external drive that has started to act quite strange lately. It has nearly all of my personal along with another set of office files which I don’t wish to lose under any conditions. It worked fine when I connected it to my laptop yesterday evening but today I discovered that all data has just vanished without warning. Can something be done to find the files that have gone missing from my external hard drive? ”

    The only possible solution to recover data from your drive is to utilize a recovery software which is specifically intended for external hard drives. One such app is shown here in the below video that has the potential to recover just about every file that is deleted, lost or missing from your Iomega external hard drive.

    Iomega external hard drives are notable for their high toughness and response time while accessing data. External hard drives are available in various storage options letting you save countless variety of data on them. The fact that they come in smaller sizes and large space for storage makes them essentially the most preferred device intended for saving data by users everywhere over the world. All you should do is just hook up the external hard disk to your system and you may get access to your data saved on it. But about the same time, you should realize that the data saved on external hard disks are not secured or sustain longer given the different threats which data faces on it. So the most suggested approach to eliminate data loss scenarios is usually to carry a back up copy for all data which is saved on it.

    Reasons for data loss from Iomega External hard disk:

    1. Abruptly removing the external hard disk from system while it’s still being used by the system.

    2. By connecting the hard disk to different devices, you increase the probability of it getting corrupted simply by viruses. This can yet again lead to data loss from your external hard disks.

    3. By formatting your external drive unintentionally or by not getting a backup for your data that is present on it while formatting.

    Why this software to retrieve data from Iomega external hard disk?

    This software possesses an advanced recovery algorithm which is specifically designed to extract data from external hard disks and has a successful history retrieving data from external hard disks. You are guaranteed of recovering data from your external hard drive provided you utilize this recovery software at the earliest. You also see that the interface employed by this application is built to make it easier so that you can recover data with only a few mouse clicks and requires only a few moments to get the lost data back again.

  • Application to Repair Broken AVI File

    AVI file is a multimedia container format that is introduced by Microsoft. AVI file supports multiple audio and video formats. It is the derivative of Resource Interchange File Format and is uses .avi file extension. Most of you likes to play this AVI file on Mac machine. While playing this AVI file on Mac, you may encounter some issues and leads to unplayable. This is the nothing but because of broken AVI file. When this AVI file is broken, you might be scared and become panic as you observe some indications like, image frozen up suddenly but sound displays on, video could not be played or fast forwarded, divided or equally colored blocks of pixels contorted the image for time being, etc.

    Broken AVI file on Mac are your worst nightmare. Nobody likes to watch a video and find its broken and not working anymore. Hence it is mandatory to repair such broken AVI file. If you are the one who is looking for the methods to repair such broken AVI file on Mac then here is the solution. Repair AVI Mac tool is considered as an ultimate solution on how to repair broken AVI file with utmost ease. This repair AVI Mac application has in built algorithm and it is one of the great application to repair broken AVI files on Mac. Repair AVI Mac utility has simple user friendly interface that gives a complete guidance on repairing broken AVI files by following easy step by step procedure.

    Some of the causes that lead to broken AVI file on Mac are mentioned below

    • When audio and video streams are not synchronized properly then it may raise incompatibility issues and leads to broken AVI files.
    • AVI files on Mac can be broken when it is stored over bad sectors of infected from deadly viruses.
    • While you are playing AVI file, if the media player gets crashed or if your Mac computer shuts down unexpectedly then it often leads to broken AVI file.
    • AVI files on Mac can get broken because of the interrupted file compression or decompression process.
    • If AVI file is not downloaded completely on Mac machine then it is also considered as the cause for rendering broken AVI file.
    • Usage of inappropriate media player for playing AVI files in your Mac computer can sometimes results in broken AVI file due to which they become unplayable.

    Repair AVI Mac is the most advantageous and useful application that helps you to repair broken AVI file from the above mentioned scenarios or the others within a fraction of minutes. This tool is designed by many of the industrial experts. This tool separates out audio and video streams to repair broken AVI file and then later combines them together to make a playable video file. Repair AVI Mac toolkit has simple user interface that effectively helps you to know how to repair broken AVI video files in step by step procedure. Broken AVI file fails to play videos from it and throws some error messages. If you are annoyed on how to fix AVI video problems then you can prefer this repair AVI Mac utility to solve your problem.

  • Know How to Repair Partial MP4 File

    MOV file has been introduced by the Apple The apple company Inc, for its components later they’ve modified it to support the Windows. MOV is the type of file which is using the majority of the Apple computers and laptops. MOV file has become popular nowadays due to the video clarity and sound effects. Most of the time it’s been seen that your MOV file won’t play in your Quick Time Player by displaying the error message that video file format not supported; sometimes video is lagging behind the audio and visa versa.

    On the other hand, if you are facing such error messages or problems then it’s clear that the move file is corrupted. But no need to worry because, by using MOV file repair tool it is simple to fix your problem with minimum efforts and maximum results. This advanced repair utility also assists you to repair partially downloaded or recorded MP4 file within few clicks of mouse.

    Few common MOV file corruption scenarios

    Virus Infection: If you download a MOV file from untrusted websites then there might be a possibility of MOV file corruption because of virus. Once the MOV file gets corrupted then it’ll reject to play inside your Quick Time Player through showing error message such as video file is corrupted.

    MOV File Transfer: When users try to go MOV video files from computer to other removable device and in transfer process if any type of interruptions encounters like improper ejection of removable device or unexpected system turn off occurs, then there might be a chance of MOV file header corruption which leads to MOV file damage.

    Incompatible Media Player: Generally it has been noticed that usually users try to play MOV files in unsupported media players; this may sometimes corrupt the MOV file leading to inaccessible of MOV file.

    Features of MOV file repair

    • MOV file repair tool is smartly designed to fix any type of MOV file which has become inaccessible due to corruption.
    • User interface of this software is simple to operate, by utilizing this feature you are able to accomplish repair process within short time period.
    • This application is capable to repair videos which have file extensions like. mov,. mpeg,. mp4 etc.
    • This utility may be equipped with “preview” option that allows a user to check out the repaired data before purchasing the program.
    • This tool has capacity to fix MOV file which has been recorded using various digital camcorders. To know more in detail click here:
    • This advanced repair utility also assists you to repair partially downloaded or recorded MP4 file within few clicks of mouse.
    • This software efficiently operates on different versions of Windows operating like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, as well as Windows 8.
    • This restore tool perfectly performs repair operation on Mac versions of OS.

    Precautions to prevent MOV file corruption

    • Try to make use of UPS for your system that will avoid sudden system turn off problems.
    • Try to stay away from third party compression tool, which may damage your MOV file.
    • Before likely to download any MOV file make an effort to check for network connections etc.
    • Avoid improper ejection of removable device while MOV progress.
  • Perform Codec File Repair Utility

    Today MOV file has become one of the popular video file formats, MOV files are having excellent video clarity but sometime you will face problem while playing MOV files. One of the main issues related to MOV file is video codec. Mainly codec is responsible for coding and decoding of the video files and it will make video files to be accessible. Most common audio and video file formats are MP3, AVI, MPEG, MKV, FLV, MP4 etc.

    Codec files may get corrupt due to many reasons like improper installation of codec, improper updating of codec files etc. If codec files got corrupt then your media player behavior will change and it will not play your video, it will give some kind of errors like video freezing and inaccessible of video file etc. If you face this kind of problem then obviously you will think how to fix video codec problems. But here is the best solution for your problem, just make use of video repair tool which can easily fix codec related issues.

    Reasons for codec corruption

    Improper video file downloading: Often you may face video file downloading errors due to network related problems. Once you downloaded incomplete video file then media players will refuse to play such incomplete video files. The main reason behind this kind of problem is codec file corruption.

    Virus infection: If your system gets corrupted by severe virus then virus may infect your video file. Once it got infected then it will not be playable in any media player.

    Use of improper compression tool: By making use of unreliable compression tool sometimes users try to compress the video files. During this if any error occurs then it will cause the synchronization problem of audio and video such as audio lags behind the video and visa versa.

    Features of video repair tool

    • This application has been specially designed to fix the codec related problems and it will make the video file to play in media player once again.
    • Advanced scanning engine will help the user to fix the file corruption problems very quickly without any kind of interruptions.
    • This product has been designed with very simple user interface by which any novice user can perform fixing of codec problems.
    • The “Preview” option will help users to examine the recovery results before going to purchase the full version of software.
    • This software perfectly works on major Windows versions like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP etc.
    • Mac version of operating system will also perfectly support this recovery tool.

    Precautions to avoid codec corruption

    • Always it’s advisable to avoid changing the file extensions of video files frequently.
    • Avoid unreliable compression tools because it may corrupt your video files.
    • Try to prevent your system from virus infection by making use of updated anti-virus program.
    • If any video file refuses to play in particular media player then don’t try to open it forcefully in same media player because sometimes it will corrupt your video files.
  • Ultimate Tool to Recover Photos from SD card

    Photos are the most valuable things because photos can hold your memories. Today most of the digital devices are available to capture photos and save it on storage space that may be internal or external. Some of the digital devices like cell phones, digital cameras, camcorders are used to click photos. Some of the most common photo formats are JPG, JPEG, JIF, PNG, Bitmap etc.

    Samsung SD cards have become most basic storage medium for many digital devices. After clicking photos through digital devices the photos will get saved on Samsung SD card. Due to many reasons photos may get lost from the Samsung SD cards. Once you lose the photos from Samsung SD card then its tough to recover the data. But no need to worry now because by making use of SD card photo recovery it’s possible to recover photos from Samsung SD card.

    Photo loss scenarios of Samsung SD card

    Interruption during Photo Transfer: While transferring photos from Samsung SD card to the system, if any interruption takes place such as abrupt ejection of Samsung SD card, sudden system shutdown and many other reasons may leads to loss of photos from SD card.

    Accidental Deletion: If your Samsung SD card is running short of memory, then you may delete some unwanted photos from it. But while deleting unwanted photos, there are chances that you may accidentally select and delete some precious photos from your Samsung SD card.

    Virus Attack: Due to many reasons Samsung SD cards may get infected by virus; when an infected Samsung SD cards is connected to system and a virus scanning is performed by making use of any third party antivirus program. During this process some infected photos may get deleted without any kind of notice.

    Features of SD card photo recovery

    • SD card photo recovery software has strong scanning algorithm which helps the user to recover lost photos from Samsung SD card within short period of time.
    • This product has been well designed to recover any type of file like text file, PPT file, image file, audio file, video file etc.
    • This software has a capability to recover data from corrupted SD card.
    • SD card photo recovery software has capable to recover photos from formatted SD cards.
    • This utility has capacity to recover deleted photos from different SD card brands like Sony, SanDisk, and Transcend etc.
    • This application is capable to recover photos from external hard drives, USB drives etc.
    • Once deleted photos have been recovered from Samsung SD card then it will provide the facility to “Preview” recovered photos before going to purchase full version of software.
    • This tool perfectly runs on Windows Operating system as well as Mac OS versions like Mac Lion, Mac Leopard, and Mac Leopard. For more details click this link:

    Precautions to avoid photo loss

    • While photo transfer takes place avoid abrupt ejection of Samsung SD card.
    • Always use trusted anti-virus program to scan your Samsung SD card to prevent it from virus.
    • Use UPS for system which help you from sudden system shutdown which will prevent it from power failure problems.