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  • Know How to Recover Lexar CF Card

    sd-recovery“Are you worried about how to recover Lexar CF card? And have you lost or deleted photos from Lexar CF card? If yes, then no need to worry because there is a possibility to get back all your necessary photos and other media files by utilizing Lexar Photo Recovery application.”

    Lexar Photo Recovery software comes with ultimate and powerful scanning algorithm so that entire Lexar CF card will be scanned in few minutes to recover the lost /deleted data from the Lexar memory card. This recovery software provides you to check the list of recovered files and folders by using “Preview” option prior storing them into any secondary data storage gadgets. Recovers the videos files, images, audio clips and many other files stored in Lexar CF card. This Lexar CF card recovery allows to retrieve lost or deleted files from Windows and Macintosh operating system including Windows 8, Windows 10, Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Windows Vista, Yosemite, Lion, Windows 7, Windows XP and Snow Leopard.

    Scenarios that leads to deletion or erase of images from Lexar CF card:

    • At times, you may unintentionally select “Delete All” option while previewing images from your mobile/digital camera which leads to missing of entire data from Lexar CF memory card.
    • As Lexar CF memory card is the portable so there is more possibility of virus attack to card in order to get rid of dangerous viruses you need to format the Lexar card. In a hurry you formatted the Lexar card without taking the backup of crucial pics stored in it.
    • If you want to share your fully loaded Lexar CF card with family members or colleagues at work place, then you need to go for permanently deletion of files in such situation if you delete files without having the proper backup then it leads to deletion of pictures and other files.
    • To share or move files from Lexar CF memory card to your computer or vice versa during the transfer process if you unintentional plug out your Lexar card then you might face severe data loss.
    • Suppose, if you try to capture more pictures when your digital camera indicates low battery then it results to loss of previously saved media files from Lexar memory card.

    Why Lexar Photo Recovery Tool?

    With assistance of this photo recovery utility you can easily get back loss or deleted files from CF card as well as other memory cards like xD card, SDXC card, SD card, SDHC card, microSD, miniSD, MMC card, and so on. This application helps in recovering deleted/lost images and other media files from various popular brands of CF memory cards are Samsung, SanDisk, PNY, Transcend, Toshiba, HP, Sony, Kingston, etc. Recovers all deleted/missing file extensions such as JPEG, GIF, BNP, DOCX, TIF, MPEG, MP3, PPTX, 3GP, MOV, AVI, AIFF, PST, PSD, PNG, HTML, and many more.

    After completion of recovery process you can check the list of recovered files by utilizing “File Type View” or “Data Type View” option. Allows you to regain the lost files on different file systems including FAT16, NTFS, HFS+, HFS, FAT32, NTFS5, ExFAT, and HFSX volumes. Supports different brands of camcorders and digital cameras including Panasonic, Samsung, Nikon, Fujifilm, Sony, Olympus, Kodak, Canon, etc. Suppose, if you find any issues in recovery process then contact the technical team to get the assistance to recover files in an effective way.

    Precautionary steps to be taken:

    • Always keep updated antivirus to scan memory card before using it.
    • Eject the Lexar CF card by using “Safe Remove Hardware” method.
    • Keep a backup of important files from Lexar memory card.
  • How To Connect HTML To Microsoft Access?

    HTML page is a data access page which has Office Web Component that is embedded to it. This Office Web Component stores all connection information of data Dynamic Content. This Dynamic Content is a primary thing that presents organizational information through internet. When MS Access is concerned, one can create dynamic information which is available by using some features. Among them Data Access Page is one.

    Using this Data Access Page, you can connect html Page to MS access easily to tables on Access database. In order to do this, first you should create new blank database, then you can create Data Access Page and can link database to HTML page. Once this database is created, you can create Data Access Page using below mentioned steps.

    Create New Data Access Page with Wizard

    • Open Microsoft Access and go to “Objects.” Then click “Pages,” after that double-click on “Create data access page using wizard” to open Page Wizard dialog box.
    • Select table to connect to web page from “Tables or Queries” to list them, then select required fields and click “Next” twice for bypass grouping and sorting.
    • After that enter name for HTML page and select your page theme. Then click “Open the Page” and select “Finish” to create data access page. Now connect it to Access database.

    Create Data Access Page by using Existing Page

    • Open Microsoft Access and click on “Objects.” select “Pages” then double-click on “Edit Web page existing already” to open Locate Web Page dialog box. Now locate the file to connect through Access and then click “Open” to load pages on Design view.
    • Find last line to display codes for your Web page, and then click at end of this line and click “Enter” to start new paragraph.
    • Now go to “Insert” menu and select “Hyperlink” to open Insert Hyperlink dialog box. And to add text to Web page, just enter it on “Text to Display” field. Then select HTML file to connect to Access database and select “OK.” Now click at end of the text created and click “Enter” to separate entry from rest of the HTML code. Now your database and page will be connected.

    For Verification, follow below mentioned steps to open your data access page:

    • Open Internet Explorer, from Documents folder, open file MyHTML.htm.
    • Test all your parts of pages.
    • Click on hyperlink to verify the links to Contacts.htm file.

    NOTE: Before publishing this data access page to Web server, just verify all parts are correct, and change hyperlinks to URLs.

    To change connection, follow below mentioned steps:

    • Go to Microsoft Access. In that go to data access page Design view, and open MyHTML.htm file.
    • If Field Listis not visible, then click on Field List on View  In Field List, select Page connection properties icon, which appears under title bar of Field List pane. Now Data Link Properties dialog box will appears.
    • Now verify the connection corresponding to correct path to database. If you scale your database till Microsoft SQL Server, you can verify OLEDB Provider is correct on Providertab, and click OK to complete connection property changes.

    To change a URL– Select friendly text for hyperlink. And Insert menu, select Hyperlink. You will find Edit Hyperlink dialog box. Type your URL in Address box, and click OK.