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  • Gear VR browser immerses you in the wonders of web

    samsung-virtual-reality-headsetSamsung has frequently working to provide our users with completely immersive mobile experience in the growing world of virtual reality. It designed and developed a device commonly known as Gear VR. It has many features like on screen keyboard, 3D video streaming, HTML5 videos supports, 3D video streaming, Gaze Mode, etc. which makes it most advanced. Gaze mode of Gear VR browser allow you to choose menu just simply looking at them. For selecting menu there is no need to tap on the touchpad or controller. With this Gear VT browser there is no need to touchpad, it simply performs actions based on your eye contact.

    Gear VR provides 360 degree rotations. Now the question arises in mind that is how does it works like that or is it possible to perform actions based on eye contact. Even as describe about the Gear VR browser, it simply reads the eye contact and perform actions. If you see the particular link for few seconds then it click on that particular link automatically. It automatically bookmark some specific site and keep the record of recent activity. As we discussed above it supports 360 degree features, this feature allows you to take the experience of YouTube videos in 360 degrees. To know more about Gear VR browser, check it out.

    Gear VR browser immerses you in the wonders of web with its advanced features. It supports 2D animations, videos and format them side-by-side for displaying in a movie theater format. In Gear VR browser more than one tab is on, then the inactive appears on the left. So for changing tab or switching tab will send you in a counter clockwise. Like as other electronic devices, voice recognition feature also added in it. By this voice recognition feature, there is no need to type anything because it simply type the web address in the browser.