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  • Review of Business Card Sized 2TB SSD of Samsung

    Whenever you open a box and see an external drive, you will see it is fixed neatly into the palm of your hand and the capacity offered will be in terabytes. Portable SSD T3 of Samsung is one among those devices. It has the storage space of around 2TB and at it has new USB 3.1 interface by which you can open the bandwidth floodgates.

    samsung-t1-ssd (1)In the generation of “T” line of portable SSD drives of Samsung the T3 takes second place. A year ago T1 drive was announced and 1TB of storage space was offered by it for the cost of $357, also it offered 250GB and 500GB capacities.

    The smaller capacities of storage to up to 2TB are offered by T3 for $850. The cost of 1TB model will be up to $430, the cost of the 500GB is $220, and for 250GB its $130.

    The size of the T3 is similar to the business card and the thickness is 3/8-in, and its measurement is around 2.9 x 2.3 in, you can easily keep it in the pocket of your shirt. When compared it with T1 the T3 is much heavier and slightly larger. The weight of T3 is 1.8 oz, whereas T1 is 1 oz.

    The reason behind the large weight is T3 is, it is more ruggedly built and the case is made up of a shock resistant metal case, whereas the T1 is made up of plastic case. According to the Samsung the internal frame can handle the force up to 1,500G and it will not get broken even if you drop it from about 6 feet.

    For the T3 a much larger USB cable is provided by the Samsung. The stingy T1 is 4.25 inch and T3 has 17.5 inch cable.

    The specifications of the T3 are highly impressive in performance and the speed is around 450Mbps which is the peak. In internal 2.5 inch its fastness is 100Mbps. SATA interface is used in this SSD. When the speed is compared with the external hard drive it is four times faster.