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  • Photo Recovery from CF Card

    Compact Flash cards are still used in many cameras and other electronic devices. But it is used widely in cameras that save photos in it. If you have deleted the photos yourself or due to system errors, then it means you are simply in trouble. You just need to restore the photos back using any file recovery tool. Of course, there are many photo recovery tool available in the market, you should use a reliable tool to restore photos otherwise all the files will be lost. This tutorial explains how to perform photo recovery from CF card using a photo recovery tool called Remo Recover. A video about this is available on YouTube and you can watch it below.

    If you want to download the software used in this demonstration, you will get the download link on the description of the above video. This makes sure that you download the correct version of Remo Recover software to restore photos on your computer. After downloading this, follow the below instructions to carry out recovery from compact flash cards.
    How to Recover Deleted Photos from CF Memory Card?

    • Download Remo Recover tool and execute it if you have not done it so far.
    • Connect your CF memory card using any card readers or inserted through the camera to the computer in which you have installed Remo Recover tool.
    • Follow the steps mentioned in the above video.
    • Get back the photos by following the steps and preview those photos.
    • Save the pictures on your desired disk drive after upgrading the tool to full version.

    Key Features of Remo Recover Tool

    • The tool has the ability to restore data and files from memory card types like microSD, SDXC, SDHC, CF cards, MMC cards, etc. In addition to that, it can also recover data from hard drives, SSD drives, and USB drives as well.
    • This utility has a simple graphical user interface which requires no technical things. All you need to do is to follow the simple software wizard and you are done with recovery. The entire process takes no more than a few minutes.
    • The tool has a preview option, sort option and users can even search for a deleted file by its name before saving it. Users can able to retrieve an unlimited number of data, there is no limitation in recovering files.
    • The tool has the option to save the recovery session which saves an enormous amount of time by letting the user use the recovery session to retrieve files. Users need not scan the same disk over and over again.

    Reasons behind Deletion of Photos from CF Memory Cards

    • Connecting the CF memory cards to the virus-infected computers not only harms the compact flash card but also deletes data from it.
    • Removing the CF memory card from mobile phones abruptly or removing it from the computer without safe removal option can cause data deletion.
    • Accidental deletion of photos from CF memory cards.
    • Corruption of CF memory cards may lead to deletion of data in it.

    Use a good photo recovery software like Remo Recover for carrying out deleted photos recovery from compact flash memory cards.

  • How to Recover Deleted Contacts from Microsoft Outlook?

    outlookMS Outlook is one of the most frequently used as an email client and also called as personal information manager that is available along with MS Office suite. Though, it is mainly used for sending and receiving email along with managing contact list, notes, journals, calendar, tasks, etc. Microsoft has already introduced many versions of Outlook such as Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016. Outlook 2016 is the latest versions of Microsoft Outlook. Outlook provides you a comprehensive information and time management facility. By using its features such as To-do bar and instant search, you can immediately locate the information you need at that particular time instant.

    Most of the users experience the contacts loss from their Outlook profile while operating on Microsoft Outlook application. If you are one of them, then you get back your deleted or lost Outlook contacts. But to recover deleted contacts from Outlook, you need a highly advanced third party tool like Outlook Recovery because there is no other way by which you can retrieve your deleted contacts from Outlook PST files. This ready to use app has enough power to perform Microsoft Outlook contacts recovery, which can be deleted or lost without any other difficulty.

    Reasons of Contacts Deletion or Loss from Outlook:

    Virus infection: It is one of the most common causes for inaccessibly of data on the system. In case of Outlook contacts loss, viruses are responsible too. Virus infection can cause logical damage to any Outlook data. To get rid of viruses, we need to employ anti-virus program. But during anti-virus checking process, antivirus deletes the Outlook data in which it finds logical damage that can’t be repaired. As a result, there is a possibility of contacts loss from Outlook.

    Improper Outlook Upgradation: The improper way of data backup while upgrading the Outlook from one version to other. Because the normal way of backup is not enough in case of Microsoft Outlook. All the templates, signatures, settings and other important things must be backed up properly to avoid MS Outlook data loss. During this process, Outlook contacts can be deleted or lost.

    Other Causes: Apart from above mentioned reasons, there are some other ways like improper system shutdown, Outlook PST file corruption, abrupt power failure and improper termination of Microsoft Outlook application can also lead to contact deletion or loss from Outlook data file.

    If you have lost your Outlook contacts, then you can take the help of use of Outlook Recovery application and easily get back your all deleted or lost contacts from Outlook data file. With the help of this hassle free approach, you can achieve Microsoft Outlook contacts recovery on all the latest versions of Windows based operating systems within few mouse clicks. Recover Outlook software has developed with advanced algorithms which supports Microsoft Outlook contacts recovery from all the latest versions Outlook such as Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 within few simple mouse clicks. Not only contacts, it has enough power to restore various Outlook attributes like folders, emails, tasks, and many others without any other difficulty.