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  • Recover Hard Drive Data

    Storing important information/data in the Hard drive is the safest place to store data instead of flash drives. However, nowadays hard drives are also prone to various reasons of data loss.
    Worried? About your important documents being lost due to Hard drive error and all of the documents are corrupt or inaccessible. Recovering these files is very easy and a novice can also perform this recovery task successfully. Then, you are at the correct destination.
    I was also in the same situation a few months back but after multiple unsuccessful attempt I finally downloaded the Recover Windows Pro .The Recover Windows Pro recovers over 300 different file types including word, PPT, PDF files etc.

    How files get corrupted?

    When the user unintentionally deletes using the” DEL” or “SHFT+DEL”, the file systems go the recycle bin or rather bypass the recycle bin. This abstracts the user that the file is not present in the system, but whereas the memory allocation or the tag (displaying all the correct information regarding that data) has only been removed. The same data was stored on the same location but as the memory allocation had been removed the files appear as deleted. The data does not get deleted until and unless new data is written on the same location.
    Virus and malwares adds to their woes. Nowadays security had become very high but the virus which are program segments that when executed can replicate itself and damage the system files. System containing malicious content should not be transacted with. Downloading/upgrading from third-party utilities can come in contact with some malicious content causing the system unexpected behavior.
    Unintentionally deleting the important one rather than the non-important one, unwillingly formatting of the hard disk can also cause the loss of data.

    About Software:

    Recover Windows Pro uses an advanced search algorithm to recover more than 300 types of files including all popular formats of hard drive ,partition data, Office Documents(.ppt, .doc,.xls etc) , videos(avi,Mpeg-4,etc) and audio(mp3, mp4,etc) files. It also recovers RAW image files.
    It recovers corrupted data from RAID(RAID0, RAID1,RAID5) or deleted partitions ,USB, Flash Drives and file types including FAT16, ExFAT,FAF32,NTFS,NTFS5 etc).
    It allows the user to view the recovered files before the recovery process is complete with the “Preview” option.
    The “Find” option allows you to search for a specific data type thus reducing the search area and also curbs time. The searched results are displayed in a sorted format according to their name, date and size.

    Why Recover(Windows) Pro ?

    “Save Recovery Session” allows the user to pause at that moment of time and save the instant in order to continue from thereon which reduces repeated work.
    “Open Recovery Session” allow the user to continue from the point he/she left off in order to reduce the time required.
    “First try then Buy”: this allows the user to firstly download the free version available readily on the internet, and on satisfying with the service provided the user can upgrade to the “Pro” version. The Pro version allows recovered data to be saved to the desired location.