• Method to Retrieve Data from Transcend Compact Flash Drive

    Transcend is the primary brand name in Memory cards. This Transcend manufactures a variety of quality and reliable CF cards compatible with many gadgets that include mobile, iPods, PSP etc. It is also possible to store any multimedia files on Transcend memory cards. This Transcend CF cards are comparatively more reliable and even works faster than other Memory cards. As a fact, there is no any Memory card that is free from corruption.

    Unfortunately, files stored on the Transcend CF cards can be lost because of some known or unknown reasons. But thanks to Transcend USB recovery software, you can easily carry the process of Transcend Compact Flash card recovery and retrieve all the files from Transcend CF card in few minutes. This program is capable of restoring all the lost/missing or inaccessible data from the Transcend CF card with ease. This program is effective and accurate to retrieve files from CF cards. This program is also available in a demo version. Now you can download, install, and run this Transcend USB recovery software to retrieve lost files due to formatting, deletion or any other issues. In this trial version, you can search for the lost files and also you can preview the restored files. But you will not be able to save the recovered files in this demo version. If you are satisfied with the result, you can purchase the complete version of this tool and recover lost files from Transcend CF card.

    Some of the common causes that lead to loss/deletion of files from Transcend CF card

    • Usage of same Transcend CF card on multiple storage devices or on non-compatible drives to save data can corrupt the card at any point of time and you end up with severe loss of files.
    • Storing crucial files on a newly purchased Transcend ultimate CF memory card without formatting will cause Card not formatted error. This instance causes forceful format of CF card leading to complete loss of data.
    • If you use Transcend CF card on virus-infected PC to perform data transfer will make way for harmful viruses, which in turn result in data loss.

    Other causes like, sometimes file system corruption because of logical errors, presence of bad sectors on storage memory of Transcend CF card, abrupt removal of Transcend CF card from gadgets or system during file transfer process will cause severe loss of data from Transcend ultimate CF card, on some occasions Transcend card showing 0 bytes data error, card not getting detected on any drives, etc. due to extreme damage to CF card can also induce loss of files preserved on it. But do not lose hope if you encounter any of the above instances. This is because still there is a way to restore files from Transcend CF memory card with the help of this reliable Transcend USB recovery program.

    Transcend USB recovery software helps you retrieve files USB drives, Memory sticks, MMC, SD cards, XD cards and other popular cards in few minutes. You can also restore files from hard drives such as SATA, SCSI, and IDE etc. Now it is also possible to recover data from Transcend Storejet with the support of this reliable Transcend USB recovery utility.

  • Software to Fix Damaged Outlook 2010 Data File

    Outlook is an application, which is popular to handle user data like emails, contacts, tasks and so forth. It is mainly utilized to handle user emails. Sometimes it is located out that the user becomes incompetent to gain access to Outlook attributes and in every effort faces a mistake message like unable to load PST file. In case you are facing this kind of error message and not in a position to access Outlook data on account of error then I need to make you ensure that it is on account of the corruption of PST file. It is computer file once it is corrupted or damaged then you definitely turn into incapable to gain access to Outlook data further. In this particular condition, there is no need to stress; it is simply because it is possible to get over out of this condition by the application of repair tool. When we speak of a highly effective data repair tool then Fix Outlook Inbox comes at the very top. You can make utilization of this topped tool for Outlook recovery. For additional detail, you can check out this link:

    Let us talk about some fact behind the corruption of PST file. Virus infection is among the major reasons for the corruption of PST file. When a PST file comes in contact with severe antivirus then there is often be a chance of PST corruption. It takes place whenever you connect the system to the internet without an up-to-date antivirus. Whenever you accomplish that without having updated antivirus protection then it may result in the transfer of virus into system. Once it is copied into the system then further it could damage system files or data files. Therefore, PST file could be corrupted in a way. Virus attack could also occur whenever you connect virus infected drive to a computer. It may also result in a transfer of virus into system and can damage system data or PST file.

    Another chief reason behind PST file corruption is inappropriate termination of the system when PST file is accessing for read/write operation. Sometimes it is located out that user terminate the system without closing the Outlook application. Whenever you accomplish that then there is a possibility of PST file corruption. PST file could possibly be corrupted whenever you close the Outlook application in an inappropriate manner. Everybody knows that every app has it is own method of closing. Unless you continue with the right way of termination then it may result in PST file corruption.

    Whatever be the factors behind PST file corruption there is no need to become worried. You need to use of tool named Fix Outlook Inbox for efficient restoration of Outlook account. If you are a person, who is having trouble while accessing Outlook account and having an error message while accessing Outlook app. Further, you are looking for a solution to an issue that is how to fix Outlook 2010 data file then this tool is complete suits to your need. You can make utilization of this tool and effectively bring back data in an efficient way.

  • Repair Photoshop Scratch Disk Error

    Adobe Photoshop is the multi-functional graphics editing application. Generally, it is used among tech savors to create amazing images. Also, there are many issues that bother you with Adobe Photoshop and one such thing is Scratch disk full error. This error spoils the use of PSD file in Adobe Photoshop. This scratch disk is nothing but the system hard drive or partition in which Adobe Photoshop carry out its tasks. It can be similar to system hard drive on which OS is installed. On the other hand, you can dedicate a separate partition or drive for Adobe Photoshop and such drive will be called as Photoshop Scratch Disk.

    Have you ever get this error message displaying like “Photoshop scratch disk is full” while using Photoshop? Well, if you are the regular user of PSD file then definitely you might have come across this type of error message with your PSD file. This error message surprises you because it will not allow you to do any more work until you fix it. This is very disheartening and painful to see that all your valuable files get locked up and damaged. This will be more frustrating for professionals who work daily in Photoshop. This article helps you a lot on how to resolve scratch disk full error on Photoshop with ease.

    You can resolve this scratch disk full error by deleting the temporary files that are left on the scratch disk. And if it still displays the same error message again then delete the unwanted files from the scratch disk or you can allocate the new scratch disk by setting some preference on Photoshop application which allows you to use multiple hard disks. Even after executing these methods if you are getting the same error message then defragment your scratch disk. Then also if you fail to fix scratch disk full error from your Photoshop then it is recommended to use a third-party application. Therefore, from now onwards you need not bother on how to resolve scratch disk error on PSD file because you can easily repair PSD file with the help of this reliable fix PSD software.

    Let us go through the reasons behind Photoshop scratch disk full error

    • If preferences for Scratch disk in Photoshop are not set correctly, this Photoshop scratch disk error might arise.
    • Adding extra temp files on scratch disk can sometimes gives the above-mentioned error.
    • Abrupt shut down of the system because of power failure while PSD file is being edited in Photoshop.
    • Other reasons include insufficient space on the scratch disk, bad sectors on the drive, viruses intrusion, improper closure of Photoshop, etc induce scratch disk full error.

    Important functionalities of fix PSD toolkit

    Fix PSD utility is crafted with advanced technology that helps you in fixing your entire corrupted PSD file without modifying your original file. With the aid of this application, you can repair PSD files and PSD image with depth of 1, 8, 16, 32 bits per channel. It elegantly fixes Photoshop file damaged because of network issue, software conflict, system crash, abrupt closure of PSD file, the presence of bad sectors or other issues.

  • Olympus XD Card Photo Recovery Application

    Olympus XD card is an ultra-compact removable memory card. It has large storage capacity and high transfer speed. Olympus XD card is widely used for a digital camera to store high-resolution images. However, sometimes you may run with the risk of losing precious photos while using XD card because of unintentional deletion, formatting XD card by mistake, card corruption, interruptions during file transfer, etc. If you come across lots of photos from Olympus XD card then how would you restore photos? Do you the method to recover lost photos from Olympus XD card? Do you know which software must be used to get back photos from Olympus XD card? If you are looking for the solution for all these queries then this article helps you a lot in restoring lost photos from Olympus XD card. You can easily carry out Olympus XD card photo recovery process with the help of this Olympus photo recovery utility within few minutes.

    Some of the common factors responsible for a loss of photos from Olympus XD card

    • Accidental deletion of photos from Olympus XD card, sometimes you might decide to delete unnecessary or redundant photos from XD card to free its space. While deleting you would choose the important photos and opt for the delete option and finally ends with the deletion of important photos from Olympus XD card.
    • Olympus XD card photo becomes inaccessible by the ways of card error, format error etc and shows no bytes that lead to loss of photos stored on it.
    • Corruption of XD card due to improper usage.
    • Olympus XD card gets infected with harmful viruses and all the photo file becomes the shortcut.
    • Photos lost from XD card while you are transferring from XD card to system due to sudden shut of the system.

    Olympus XD card photo recovery software supports jpg recovery, png recovery, bmp recovery, gif recovery, jpeg recovery, raw image recovery, etc with ease. This application supports the recovery of photos from Secure Digital SD card, SDHC, miniSD, Compact Flash card, Memory Stick, Multimedia card, MMC, Smart Media, XD card on Olympus digital camera. Supports recovery of photos on all memory device made by SanDisk, Kingston, Sony, Panasonic, Fujifilm, Samsung, Lexar, Toshiba, Canon, Transcend, etc with ease.

    More about Olympus photo recovery toolkit

    Olympus photo recovery is a very helpful program that helps in restoring lost or deleted photos from Olympus XD card within few minutes. You can execute Olympus digital camera photo recovery operation on different brands that include Olympus 3D, Olympus X915, Olympus FE-300, Olympus stylus Touch, Olympus TRIP 35 and Olympus FE cameras with this Olympus photo recovery tool.   This program is quite helpful in retrieving photos by following a few simple steps. You can rescue photos that are lost due to improper ejection of the XD card from Windows or Mac machine. If you have lost ORF files from your Olympus camera after XD card corruption then it is suggested to prefer this reliable Olympus photo recovery tool to get back XD card ORF files with ease.

  • Laptop Disk Recovery Program

    Loss of data from the Laptop will be the most frustrating scenario. These data can be stored on the Laptop hard drive which is the storage area of all the files. Sometimes due to some known or unknown reasons, data files which are stored on the laptop might be lost. When you are using Laptop for many years then there will be a possibility for loss of data files from the hard drive due to the occurrence of bad sectors. These bad sectors are the damaged part of the hard drive. If your laptop contains bad sectors then it affects valuable data stored on the laptop that increases the chances of system crash and it decreases the lifespan of the laptop hard drive.

    Importance of recovery of data from Laptop

    Laptops are the fast-growing segment of the PC business with many of the key reasons behind its trend. Mainly laptops are progressing very fast and it continues to improve as the years go on which has been created the concept of the desktop replacement. Unlike other hard drives, laptop hard drives are also prone to loss of data by various situations. As you stored many of the important official files and folders, then it will be necessary for you to recover all those files from the Laptop and doesn’t like to lose it at any cost. The tough conditions where you face the loss of crucial data from the laptop are due to the hard drive crash. When you face such type of instances when there is no need to be worried as you can easily recover data from crashed laptop hard drive by using the best laptop data recovery software.

    Some of the symptoms that you encounter after data loss from Laptop

    • The laptop takes much longer boot time and doesn’t start up quickly.
    • Some data becomes inaccessible due to its slow performance.
    • Inaccessibility of the drive/partition data due to a forgotten password.
    • Laptop hard drives making a grinding/clicking sound.

    Some of the causes due to which you lose data from Laptop hard drive

    • Failure of Laptop hard drive
    • Loss of data due to overwriting of files
    • Hardware or Software malfunctioning
    • Accidental deletion of files and folders
    • Infection of harmful viruses on the drive.
    • Corruption of hard drive due to Blue Screen of death

    No matter of the actual reason by which you lose data from Laptop hard drive, data recovery software effectively supports to get back all your crucial files. All you need to do is, prefer this professional data recovery software to restore data successfully. This software has the powerful scanning algorithms that scan the entire drive and get back lost data easily. It can also be used to recover lost, deleted, formatted, reformatted, corrupted hard drive partitions of SCSI, SATA, IDE hard drive types.

    Precautionary steps to avoid loss of data from Laptop hard drive

    When you are working on the laptop, in case you accidentally deleted the data from the drive then never install any data recovery software until and unless you know its read-only characteristics as it results in overwriting of data. Make sure, not to copy any files or folders on the drive where data recovery is desired. Turn off your Laptop and do not restart it as it minimizes the possibility of further damage.

  • Easily Undelete Deleted Items from Outlook 2013

    Microsoft Outlook 2013 is personal information manager and used mainly for email applications, along with this it also permits the user to perform several other tasks such as creating appointments, managing contacts, calendar items, etc. It has new features like attachment reminder, faster performance, quick switch between main Outlook elements, allows the user to preview messages in the message list, customize inbox and so on. Because of these advantages, nowadays many people prefer Outlook 2013. However because of some other reasons the items from Outlook 2013 may get deleted.

    Below mentioned are reasons for items deleted from Outlook 2013

    Most of the people generally use Shift+Delete command for permanently deleting any of the attributes of Outlook 2013. While deleting unimportant items, a user may accidentally delete some important items by using the Shift+Delete command. Whenever the user performs deleting by using the Shift+Delete command, the deleted item will not stores in Deleted Items Folder and become difficult to restore them.

    Sometimes the user may accidentally select “Empty Deleted Items folder before exit” option from Outlook 2013. It causes emptying of Deleted Items folder. If it becomes empty, you can’t recover them manually in a very easy way. This results in losing some important emails which were deleted accidentally.

    Sometimes we may lose Outlook 2013 PST files because of improper closing. If the Outlook 2013 PST files closed abruptly because of power variation, there may be a chance of header file of PST becomes corrupted. So that you can’t access it furthermore.

    Virus attack is another major reason for items getting delete from Outlook 2013. These viruses can perform harmful actions that cause Outlook files to become inaccessible. In such condition, you generally use antivirus software to get rid of viruses. But while scanning from antivirus software, heavy infected Outlook 2013 items will be deleted.

    However, don’t go Anxious if your any items deleted from your Outlook 2013. Now it is very easy to undelete deleted Outlook 2013 items. Make use of Undelete Email software to get back deleted items from Outlook 2013 in a very easiest way.

    What are the features of Undelete Email software?

    Undelete Email software is very simplest and popular software for recovering deleted items in very easy and safest way from Outlook 2013. This is user-friendly software that allows both professionals and new user to undelete deleted items from Outlook 2013 without much of complexity. By using Undelete Email Software you can restore folders, contacts, calendar items, meeting requests, appointments, tasks, journals, RSS feeds etc from Outlook 2013.

    In addition to using this software, you can easily recover deleted items from different MS Outlook versions such as MS Outlook 2010, 2003, 2007, 2000 and 2013. And it is also helpful in recovery of deleted items from Outlook 2013 on different windows versions such as Windows 7, Windows 8,  Windows 10, Windows XP, and Windows Vista. It provides a real-time preview of recovered items from Outlook 2013.

  • Best Way to Restore Pictures from Hard Drive

    Hard drives are meant for storing plenty of data, for example, word documents, presentation files, excel files, zip archives, etc. It can also store a wide variety of the media files such as images files, video files, audio files and many more of different formats. Each and every individual prefer to back up their treasured pictures as soon as they captured on digital cameras or mobile phones. Due to some abnormal scenarios, photos preserved on HD may get deleted permanently and leaves very bad experience for users.

    In case if you come across any data loss scenario that tends to deletion of your most precious photos, then it is a horrible situation. In case if you struggle to get back deleted or lost pictures, then make use of Photo Recovery tool. This tool can perform image recovery from hard disk, memory cards, USB drives, external hard drives, etc.

    Let us discuss some scenarios, which leads to deletion or loss of images.

    Deletion of files using Delete + Shift key combination: If you delete pictures using Shift + Delete keys in Windows system, then those files will bypass the Recycle Bin. Therefore, it is impossible to restore files.

    Unintentionally selecting/clicking Delete option:  Whenever your finger slips on the option “Delete All” option on digital cameras,  then it leads to permanent deletion of complete data saved on its storage space. You might accidentally select “Delete” option on the memory card that connected to the system also leads to permanent deletion of photos.

    Abrupt system shut down while transferring photos: Most of the individuals will transfer precious images that are recently captured on their Smart Phone or Digicam to Mac or Windows based Operating System. While transferring photos, if abrupt system shutdown occurs due to unexpected power loss, then you may lose those images. To retrieve all of them back, you can make use of Photo Recovery software.

    Formatting issues: In some scenarios, you may unintentionally remove or format the hard disk drive partition. Therefore, within a fraction of seconds, all data files stored will disappear along with precious photo files. Recovering erased pictures after formatting the storage device is possible using Photo Recovery application.

    Useful features of Photo Recovery software:

    • Photo Recovery Software is used to restore lost photos, it is robust, reliable and powerful recovery tool to retrieve back all deleted and lost photos from mobile phone’s SD card and other types of memory cards by scanning them rigorously.
    • It can perform Digital Picture Restoration efficiently with the help of built-in modules and algorithms. Therefore, most of the industry experts suggest using this best recovery application.
    • You can restore lost or deleted photo files on various version of the Window as well as Macintosh Operating system.
    • Retrieves picture files based on their unique signatures, file name, size, etc.
    • This software can save recovery session to avoid rescanning of the device again.
    • Restores missing photo files from hard drives like Buffalo, Seagate, Western Digital, Toshiba, Hitachi, Fujifilm, Samsung, HP, etc.

    It is advised to download and launch the free demo edition of the Photo Recovery tool, before using its original version. It can display a preview of deleted or lost image files, therefore you can verify its recovery results. If you feel it can be reliable, then purchase its licensed edition to save files on the desired memory location.

  • How to Fix Corrupted PSD File?

    I was working on Adobe Photoshop file on my system which as Adobe Photoshop version CS7. I was about to save the PSDimages file, but suddenly my system gets shut down. Once I restart my system and tried to open the Photoshop file. I was shocked to see that PSD file is opening, but I can see only a single layer on it. The sudden shutdown of the system has damaged or corrupted my Adobe Photoshop file, how to repair damaged PSD file on my Windows system?

    You feel very upset once your PSD file got damaged or corrupted. Don’t lose hope, you can still repair you’re damaged or corrupted Adobe Photoshop file no matter what the reasons behind the corruption of PSD file. Using a PSD Repair Software, you can easily fix corrupted PSD file with ease.

    Reasons behind damaged of PSD file:

    • PSD file may get damaged or corrupted when you accidentally try to open PSD file in incompatible Adobe Photoshop file.
    • PSD may get corrupted due to sudden shutdown of system or power failure when you are working on Adobe Photoshop file.
    • Due to software conflicts, your Adobe Photoshop file may get damaged or corrupted.
    • Harmful or malware threats infects the PSD file layers and other Adobe Photoshop file attributes.
    • Abruptly closing of Photoshop file, while you are working on it.
    • Due to a bad sector on the hard drive, your PSD file may get damaged or corrupted.
    • If you change the file extension of the Adobe Photoshop file, then in such case your PSD file may corrupt or damaged.
    • PSD file may get corrupted or damaged due to downloading error due to low internet connection or any interruption during the downloading process.
    • Improper update of Adobe Photoshop version.
    • Any sort of changes in Adobe Photoshop files layers
    • Improper compression of Adobe Photoshop file.
    • Power surge

    If your PSD file gets corrupted or damaged due to any of the above-mentioned then don’t get worried as you can opt PSD Repair Software which is capable of fixing PSD file with ease. This software comes with advanced scanning algorithm which scans your hard drive and repairs severely damaged or corrupted PSD file. Using this software, you can easily extract maximum data from damaged or corrupted Adobe Photoshop file.

    Precautionary Measures:

    • Use antivirus program on your system to prevent your essential PSD file.
    • Keep a backup of important Adobe Photoshop file on some storage device to avoid data loss.

    Features of PSD Repair Software:

    • PSD Repair Software is capable of repairing damaged or corrupted Adobe Photoshop file on various versions of Windows and Mac operating system.
    • It can repair damaged or corrupted Adobe Photoshop file without altering or changing its file structure.
    • It repairs various color modes such as Lab color, Indexed color, Gray-scale, RGB color, CMYK, Bitmap, etc.
    • This software can easily repair PSD file created on a various version of Adobe Photoshop apps such as Photoshop CS2, CS3, CS4, 5.5, 6.0, 7.0, CS, CS1, CS5, and CS6.
    • Using this software, you can preview the repaired Adobe Photoshop file before restoring it to the desired location.

    Steps to use PSD Repair Software:

    • Download and install PSD Repair Software on your Windows or Mac based system.
    • Launch the PSD Repair Software and follow onscreen instructions.
    • Click on “Browse” option to select required PSD file which needs to be repaired.
    • Now, click on “Repair” option to start the scanning process.
    • Once the scanning process is completed, you can see the fixed PSD file in the preview mode.
    • Finally, you can save the fixed PSD file to the desired location.
  • Efficient tool to recover .amr audio file

    AMR is an audio file format introduced by Ericson Corporation and commonly used in mobiles for speech coding. Most of the audio players do not support this audio file format, hence you might try to convert this audio file format to another audio file format such as WAV, MP3 etc for better compatibility. But sometimes, while converting the .amr file to another audio file format, if sudden any interruption occurs due to power surge then this can gobble your AMR file.  In case you need those lost or deleted AMR files back, then you can make use of efficient audio file recovery tool known as Recover Audio is one such tool which is specially designed to recover.amr files.

    Recover Audio is the best .amr audio file recovery software developed by many expert industrial professionals. In addition to .amr files, you can even restore other audio file formats such as MP4, MIDI, M4b, M4A, AIFF, AIF, AIFC, RA etc.

    Some of the most common scenarios which result in loss of AMR file are given below:

    • Many times users lose their AMR files due to accidental deletion. For instance Sometimes, while listening to music on your mobile phone you may find someone unwanted music files. So you may delete them, but after deletion, you might realize that you have done a big blunder by deleting the important .amr files along with the other unwanted music files.
    • You lose entire data including AMR file after formatting of the storage device. You can format the SD card through your mobile phone or when you are accessing it on a computer. In both cases, the result will be a complete loss of .amr file from the SD card.
    • Virus infection is another reason for losing audio files. Sometimes, while scanning your storage drive with l antivirus program, if any AMR audio files are infected then it deleted such audio files from the system and this leads to serious audio file loss.
    • AMR files are also lost as result of improper ‘Cut’ and ‘Paste’ operation. Sometimes, while you move your .amr filed from one drive to other by using Cut and Paste option. But if any interruption occurs during this process due to power failure. If you have no back of those files, you will lose all of them completely.

    Irrespective of reasons behind lose of .amr files you can easily get back those deleted or lost audio files by making use of this excellent tool. This software can be used to recover AMR files from various types of mobile manufacturing brands like Nokia, Samsung, and Sony etc. You can even use this software to retrieve back all the AMR audio files from various types of memory types like SD card, XD card, MMC card, SDHC card etc of different manufacturing brands of memory cards like Transcend, Kingston, SanDisk, HP etc.

    It can recover deleted or lost .amr file on Mac OSX and higher versions including Lion, Leopard, Mountain lion, Snow Leopard etc and Windows operating systems such as Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 7, and Windows 8 etc.  This utility can recover .amr files from all most types of storage devices such as hard drives, USB drive, flash memory card, iPods, FireWire drives etc.

  • Effortless Technique of Retrieving Photos

    Currently, in this modern era, everyone wishes to take photos of important and unforgettable events of life. Photos basically are classified as the best media that could maintain most lovable memories in them, everyone one of us will keep the captured photos for a long time. It’s a quite irritating factor if any of the photos that are essential get lost because one cannot recapture exactly the same photos yet again. Hence conserving important images safely is actually very important.

    Consider that you just go for an excursion along with your friends, and you take a number of photos of that visited place with your digital camera. After taking it, you save all those important photos on your computer. Assume that some days after saving those photos in your system, as a result of any mistake like unintended deletion or because of any technical issue you lose all those important images from that computer, then there’s no doubt you get disappointed by the very cause of it.

    But currently, you don’t need to get annoyed because you can now easily get back all those lost images within a short while. There exists an effective photo retrieval tool, which has the ability to get back lost or deleted photos with virtually no complexity. It’s a best picture recovery utility that could retrieve deleted photos with a great ease.

    Before commencing with photo retrieval software, let us have a brief discussion about the scenarios of losing photos.

    • Unintended deletion: consider that you are removing a few of the useless files out of your system, while removing, if you mistakenly select any of the important photos then obviously you’ll lose all those selected photos
    • File system corruption: If the file system of your computer in which you have saved your important pictures get damaged then you’ll definitely lose the access to all your files stored in that system, and therefore you will lose your photos

    Whatever could be the reason for losing photos, by taking the assistance photo retrieval tool it is possible to rescue photos that have been lost or deleted. For more details of photo, recovery log on to –

    Popular features of photo retrieval application

    It’s a fantastic photo retrieval application that’s been powered with a broad range of benefitting functions. Using this photo retrieval software it is possible to get back any kind of photo file including JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIF and so on. It will even recover RAW photo files generated by various digital cameras including Nikon, Canon, Sony, Fujifilm, and Olympus and so on. Not just photos this phenomenal utility can also get back various kinds of files which include document files, PDF files, music files, videos clips etc. This photo recovery application works with both Windows and Mac based computers. It’s a graphical user interface application that could be easily used without any assistance in any way. It’s a fastest restoration tool which recovers your photos within a couple of minutes.

    Download the trial edition of aforementioned photo retrieval application from the website, and install on your PC. Run the application. By following appropriate retrieval steps, retrieve your lost photos. After successful restoration, if you think the product is worthy then buy the paid edition of the similar application.

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