AVI repair on Mac

  • Tactics to Fix Video Problems in AVI File

    Recently I had been on an excursion with my spouse and enjoyed a lot over there. I captured many videos using my camcorder; the captured video files were in AVI file format. When I returned to the home, I played those AVI video files on my Mac computer. I don’t know what went wrong, the video did not play well, I was able to hear the playback audio, but the video was not in line with audio. I really got very much annoyed after seeing this. At any cost I want to repair those AVI files, can please anyone tells me how to repair AVI files on Mac?

    Are you to have encountered an issue as stated above? If so, then do not get bothered about it. Your AVI file might have been corrupted. Just repair that corrupted AVI file, and tackle the issue.

    In order to repair corrupted AVI files on Mac computer, a powerful AVI repair tool is essential. With the help of AVI repair application corrupted AVI files can be easily repaired, once you repair corrupted AVI files them you can easily play them, and you won’t find any problem in video.

    How AVI files get corrupt?

    There are lots of reasons behind an AVI file to get corrupt; some of them are discussed below:

    • Camcorder faults: If the camcorder, which is been utilized to capture videos contains low battery then captured AVI video file may get damaged.
    • Virus attack: Suppose a harmful virus enters the storage device and infects AVI file, then infected AVI file gets corrupt.
    • Oversized AVI file: AVI files a have a fixed size limit of around 2GB. In case any of AVI file exceeds this size limit then it gets corrupt, and finally becomes inaccessible.

    As a result of these above-mentioned reasons, AVI files often get corrupt, after which they won’t play properly. But with the help of AVI repair software, corrupted AVI files can be repaired very easily.

    Some of the outstanding features of AVI repair software are discussed below:

    • It’s a best AVI repair utility, which has gained a reputation in the entire world.
    • This amazing tool supports AVI file repair on all major versions of Mac OS, including Mavericks, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion, and Lion etc.
    • With the help of this AVI repair utility, you can repair corrupted AVI files on various types of secondary storage devices including USB drives, external hard drives, memory sticks, memory cards etc.
    • In a very limited time frame, this software will repair AVI video file errors.
    • The AVI files that have been repaired using this tool, can be saved any destination location of a hard drive that’s accessible for host OS.
    • It’s a reliable AVI repair application that’s absolutely free from al form of harmful viruses and malevolent programs.
    • It’s an effective app that’s been developed by highly skilled software developers.

    Try the demo edition of this AVI repair software, if you get satisfied with it then buy its licensed version.

  • Application to Repair Broken AVI File

    AVI file is a multimedia container format that is introduced by Microsoft. AVI file supports multiple audio and video formats. It is the derivative of Resource Interchange File Format and is uses .avi file extension. Most of you likes to play this AVI file on Mac machine. While playing this AVI file on Mac, you may encounter some issues and leads to unplayable. This is the nothing but because of broken AVI file. When this AVI file is broken, you might be scared and become panic as you observe some indications like, image frozen up suddenly but sound displays on, video could not be played or fast forwarded, divided or equally colored blocks of pixels contorted the image for time being, etc.

    Broken AVI file on Mac are your worst nightmare. Nobody likes to watch a video and find its broken and not working anymore. Hence it is mandatory to repair such broken AVI file. If you are the one who is looking for the methods to repair such broken AVI file on Mac then here is the solution. Repair AVI Mac tool is considered as an ultimate solution on how to repair broken AVI file with utmost ease. This repair AVI Mac application has in built algorithm and it is one of the great application to repair broken AVI files on Mac. Repair AVI Mac utility has simple user friendly interface that gives a complete guidance on repairing broken AVI files by following easy step by step procedure.

    Some of the causes that lead to broken AVI file on Mac are mentioned below

    • When audio and video streams are not synchronized properly then it may raise incompatibility issues and leads to broken AVI files.
    • AVI files on Mac can be broken when it is stored over bad sectors of infected from deadly viruses.
    • While you are playing AVI file, if the media player gets crashed or if your Mac computer shuts down unexpectedly then it often leads to broken AVI file.
    • AVI files on Mac can get broken because of the interrupted file compression or decompression process.
    • If AVI file is not downloaded completely on Mac machine then it is also considered as the cause for rendering broken AVI file.
    • Usage of inappropriate media player for playing AVI files in your Mac computer can sometimes results in broken AVI file due to which they become unplayable.

    Repair AVI Mac is the most advantageous and useful application that helps you to repair broken AVI file from the above mentioned scenarios or the others within a fraction of minutes. This tool is designed by many of the industrial experts. This tool separates out audio and video streams to repair broken AVI file and then later combines them together to make a playable video file. Repair AVI Mac toolkit has simple user interface that effectively helps you to know how to repair broken AVI video files in step by step procedure. Broken AVI file fails to play videos from it and throws some error messages. If you are annoyed on how to fix AVI video problems then you can prefer this repair AVI Mac utility to solve your problem.