Data recovery after reinstalling Windows

  • How to Recover Lost Files from PC

    “I had a folder on my desktop which had all my assignments saved in it. This morning I woke up to find the same folder missing from my computer and I don’t recall deleting it either. I searched for the folder in the recycle bin and it wasn’t present there either. is there a way to find lost files on my pc?”

    You can certainly recover lost files from computer with the help of a recovery software. Here’s a video showing you how to recover lost files from your computer by employing a recovery software for the same.

    The recovery software employed in the above video has the potential to scan and successfully recover back the lost files from your computer regardless of what caused the files to be lost. It can get you back your videos, photos, Word files, powerpoint files, documents and other files that you might have lost from your PC.

    A user might have hundreds or thousands of files on his PC and the file count might grow indefinitely over the years. The files saved on a user’s computer are of immense importance and the user wouldn’t wish to lose them to any anomaly. With that said, he might have backup for all the data that is saved on his computer so that noting is compromised during times of crises. However, due to various factors a user might end up losing files off his system and at such times one can go back to this backup and restore all his data in a convenient way without losing any hope of losing his data. but, if you happen to not have a prior backup for your lost data then there’s nothing you can do besides using a lost file recovery software for your system.

    With lost file recovery software, you’ll be assured of getting all your lost data back on your PC and it looks as simple as shown in the above video. it requires a few minutes for the software to scan and retrieve all your lost files back on your PC unlike other third party apps which might corrupt your entire file system by doing so. To make a successful lost file recovery on your PC, it’s advised to use a professional recovery software for your Windows OS, one such app is used in the above video.

    When you discover that you’ve lost a file from your PC, it’s highly recommended to stop using your PC for any write operation thereafter. The lost file is still present on your drive even after the file loss and can be retrieved with a recovery tool but is you continue to use your drive you overwrite these lost files with new data causing them to be deleted forever. Once you overwrite your file, it’s as good as saying that you’ve permanently lost it from your drive.

    One might lose GB’s of data off his drive and during such situations it’s strongly recommended to not use your drive. Losing data off your drives is nothing new since data loss is quite an inevitable disaster just waiting to happen in the field of data storage. When you end up losing GB’s of files off your drive and looking to successfully recover each and every one of them, then relying on a recovery application with a powerful and inexhaustible recovery algorithm is just the right thing to do.

    Features of this Lost file Recovery Software:

    • Comes with the best interface that requires only a few mouse clicks to get your lost files back from your PC.
    • Identifies and recovers files of all sizes from hard drives of all types and brands.
    • Works on all versions of Windows OS making it the most sought after data recovery application for Windows OS.
    • The recovered files are ready to be once again used by you after the recovery is complete.
    • Easy to install, recover and save your lost files.
  • Fantastic Tool for Recovering Data after Reinstalling Windows 7

    Hi, I have a computer, which runs on Windows 7. Recently it happened that the operating system of my PC got corrupt, so I reinstalled the OS. After reinstalling Windows 7, I lost all essential data from my computer. There were few important files, which contained vital business data, I lost them as well. Is it possible to recover data after reinstalling Windows OS, can anyone please let me know how fix this issue?

    Are you too have caught in a problem as described above? If so, then do not get worried about it. Currently there exists a data recovery tool to help you, if you make use of that recovery software then you could effortlessly get back the lost data after reinstalling Windows 7 OS. The data recovery software is a most powerful tool, and is been included with huge number of benefiting features. In a very effective way, the software recovers each and every file that was lost while reinstalling Windows 7 operating system.

    Let’s discuss some important reasons on account of which you may reinstall Windows 7 OS:

    • OS crashes: If the operating system that’s been installed on your PC gets crashed then unless you reinstall the OS you cannot work on the system, and while reinstalling OS the data stored in C drive of hard drive gets lost.
    • Virus attack: When Windows 7 operating system gets severely infected by harmful computer viruses then it gets corrupt, once Windows 7 gets corrupt many of the supporting files may not work properly, therefore under this circumstance Windows 7 needs to be reinstalled. But with the help of data recovery software you can easily recover data after reinstalling Windows 7 OS.
    • Other reasons: there are several other reasons like MBR corruption, software conflicts, upgrading to new version etc.

    If any important data gets lost while reinstalling Windows 7 OS, then use data recovery app and bring back entire lost data in just few clicks of computer mouse.

    Features of data recovery utility are mentioned below:    

    • The software is highly effective and can recover data on various versions of Windows OS including Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7 etc.
    • It can be used to recover data from various secondary storage devices like memory cards, FireWire drives, external hard disks, memory sticks, USB flash drives etc.
    • This application has the capability of recovering deleted, lost and even formatted data.
    • It has been included with smartest scanning engine, which recovers more than 300 types of files.
    • In a very limited time frame, the software recovers entire data, which was lost while reinstalling Windows 7 OS.
    • Recovered files can be saved to any storage device including CD or DVD, and also after recovering files, they can be sorted on the basis of creation date, file type, file size etc.

    Try the demo version of this utility, it’s there on web. If you feel the product is beneficial then buy its licensed version.