external hard disk recovery

  • Data Recovery Software to Recover Files from a Bad External Hard Drive?

    ultra-970-80Nowadays many manufacturer shows their interest in developing external HDD. The external hard drive is a storage space used to keep or preserve essential files. It is a portable device that can carry large amount of files anywhere. It provides user an easy way to transfer files with an outstanding speed. Meanwhile, these external hard drive sometimes get corrupted or damaged due to which data is lost from external hard drive.

    USB Hard Drive tool is an essential tool to recover data from a bad external hard drive. This tool enables user to recover deleted or lost data from bad sector. You can restore files from several brands of external hard drive such as Samsung, Western Digital, Toshiba, SanDisk, etc. It recovers data bad sector USB flash drive. Using this tool, you are capable of recovering data from external hard drive as well as SD card, SSD card, memory card, pen drive, etc. In order to purchase this software, you need to go online and then recover missing files from bad USB drive. To know more about this tool, refer this link: http://usbharddriverecovery.net/bad.html

    Reasons due to which external hard drive having bad sectors:

    • When user is continuously using external hard drives for hours then there is possibility that hard drive get damaged due to overheating and finally results in bad sector
    • If system is terminated due to sudden power fluctuation or power surge while using external hard disk drive then it causes bad sector in hard drive
    • Harmful malware or virus programs somehow damaged the external hard drive. In such case user is unable to access the external hard drive.
    • Some other circumstances are ageing of external HD, read write header crash, etc cause the formation of the bad sectors

    Features of USB Hard Drive Tool

    Supported System: This software can be installed easily on Windows and Mac system. Few versions on which this software is employed are Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Lion Mountain, Snow Leopard, Mavericks, etc.

    File Formats: You can recover different file formats from bad sectors of external hard drive. Some of the file formats are JPG, JPEG, PDF, PSD, MOV, MP4, AVI, DOC, XLX, etc.

    Save Recovery Session: The save recovery session of this application allow user to pause the recovery session from bad external hard drive. It should always be taken into consideration that never disconnect external drive until you have recovered all data.

    Find Option: You can easily find a particular recovered file from huge list of files. You can find the files according to file signatures. This option is useful enough for users in order to sort out files from the list.

    Demo Version: You can download this software for free in order to perform data recovery from bad external hard drive. The full version of this software is available on website to recover and save the recovered files in simple steps.

  • How to Recover Lost Files from PC

    “I had a folder on my desktop which had all my assignments saved in it. This morning I woke up to find the same folder missing from my computer and I don’t recall deleting it either. I searched for the folder in the recycle bin and it wasn’t present there either. is there a way to find lost files on my pc?”

    You can certainly recover lost files from computer with the help of a recovery software. Here’s a video showing you how to recover lost files from your computer by employing a recovery software for the same.

    The recovery software employed in the above video has the potential to scan and successfully recover back the lost files from your computer regardless of what caused the files to be lost. It can get you back your videos, photos, Word files, powerpoint files, documents and other files that you might have lost from your PC.

    A user might have hundreds or thousands of files on his PC and the file count might grow indefinitely over the years. The files saved on a user’s computer are of immense importance and the user wouldn’t wish to lose them to any anomaly. With that said, he might have backup for all the data that is saved on his computer so that noting is compromised during times of crises. However, due to various factors a user might end up losing files off his system and at such times one can go back to this backup and restore all his data in a convenient way without losing any hope of losing his data. but, if you happen to not have a prior backup for your lost data then there’s nothing you can do besides using a lost file recovery software for your system.

    With lost file recovery software, you’ll be assured of getting all your lost data back on your PC and it looks as simple as shown in the above video. it requires a few minutes for the software to scan and retrieve all your lost files back on your PC unlike other third party apps which might corrupt your entire file system by doing so. To make a successful lost file recovery on your PC, it’s advised to use a professional recovery software for your Windows OS, one such app is used in the above video.

    When you discover that you’ve lost a file from your PC, it’s highly recommended to stop using your PC for any write operation thereafter. The lost file is still present on your drive even after the file loss and can be retrieved with a recovery tool but is you continue to use your drive you overwrite these lost files with new data causing them to be deleted forever. Once you overwrite your file, it’s as good as saying that you’ve permanently lost it from your drive.

    One might lose GB’s of data off his drive and during such situations it’s strongly recommended to not use your drive. Losing data off your drives is nothing new since data loss is quite an inevitable disaster just waiting to happen in the field of data storage. When you end up losing GB’s of files off your drive and looking to successfully recover each and every one of them, then relying on a recovery application with a powerful and inexhaustible recovery algorithm is just the right thing to do.

    Features of this Lost file Recovery Software:

    • Comes with the best interface that requires only a few mouse clicks to get your lost files back from your PC.
    • Identifies and recovers files of all sizes from hard drives of all types and brands.
    • Works on all versions of Windows OS making it the most sought after data recovery application for Windows OS.
    • The recovered files are ready to be once again used by you after the recovery is complete.
    • Easy to install, recover and save your lost files.
  • How to Recover Data from Iomega External Hard Drive?

    “I use a 2TB Iomega external drive that has started to act quite strange lately. It has nearly all of my personal along with another set of office files which I don’t wish to lose under any conditions. It worked fine when I connected it to my laptop yesterday evening but today I discovered that all data has just vanished without warning. Can something be done to find the files that have gone missing from my external hard drive? ”

    The only possible solution to recover data from your drive is to utilize a recovery software which is specifically intended for external hard drives. One such app is shown here in the below video that has the potential to recover just about every file that is deleted, lost or missing from your Iomega external hard drive.

    Iomega external hard drives are notable for their high toughness and response time while accessing data. External hard drives are available in various storage options letting you save countless variety of data on them. The fact that they come in smaller sizes and large space for storage makes them essentially the most preferred device intended for saving data by users everywhere over the world. All you should do is just hook up the external hard disk to your system and you may get access to your data saved on it. But about the same time, you should realize that the data saved on external hard disks are not secured or sustain longer given the different threats which data faces on it. So the most suggested approach to eliminate data loss scenarios is usually to carry a back up copy for all data which is saved on it.

    Reasons for data loss from Iomega External hard disk:

    1. Abruptly removing the external hard disk from system while it’s still being used by the system.

    2. By connecting the hard disk to different devices, you increase the probability of it getting corrupted simply by viruses. This can yet again lead to data loss from your external hard disks.

    3. By formatting your external drive unintentionally or by not getting a backup for your data that is present on it while formatting.

    Why this software to retrieve data from Iomega external hard disk?

    This software possesses an advanced recovery algorithm which is specifically designed to extract data from external hard disks and has a successful history retrieving data from external hard disks. You are guaranteed of recovering data from your external hard drive provided you utilize this recovery software at the earliest. You also see that the interface employed by this application is built to make it easier so that you can recover data with only a few mouse clicks and requires only a few moments to get the lost data back again.