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  • Efficient tool to recover .amr audio file

    AMR is an audio file format introduced by Ericson Corporation and commonly used in mobiles for speech coding. Most of the audio players do not support this audio file format, hence you might try to convert this audio file format to another audio file format such as WAV, MP3 etc for better compatibility. But sometimes, while converting the .amr file to another audio file format, if sudden any interruption occurs due to power surge then this can gobble your AMR file.  In case you need those lost or deleted AMR files back, then you can make use of efficient audio file recovery tool known as Recover Audio is one such tool which is specially designed to recover.amr files.

    Recover Audio is the best .amr audio file recovery software developed by many expert industrial professionals. In addition to .amr files, you can even restore other audio file formats such as MP4, MIDI, M4b, M4A, AIFF, AIF, AIFC, RA etc.

    Some of the most common scenarios which result in loss of AMR file are given below:

    • Many times users lose their AMR files due to accidental deletion. For instance Sometimes, while listening to music on your mobile phone you may find someone unwanted music files. So you may delete them, but after deletion, you might realize that you have done a big blunder by deleting the important .amr files along with the other unwanted music files.
    • You lose entire data including AMR file after formatting of the storage device. You can format the SD card through your mobile phone or when you are accessing it on a computer. In both cases, the result will be a complete loss of .amr file from the SD card.
    • Virus infection is another reason for losing audio files. Sometimes, while scanning your storage drive with l antivirus program, if any AMR audio files are infected then it deleted such audio files from the system and this leads to serious audio file loss.
    • AMR files are also lost as result of improper ‘Cut’ and ‘Paste’ operation. Sometimes, while you move your .amr filed from one drive to other by using Cut and Paste option. But if any interruption occurs during this process due to power failure. If you have no back of those files, you will lose all of them completely.

    Irrespective of reasons behind lose of .amr files you can easily get back those deleted or lost audio files by making use of this excellent tool. This software can be used to recover AMR files from various types of mobile manufacturing brands like Nokia, Samsung, and Sony etc. You can even use this software to retrieve back all the AMR audio files from various types of memory types like SD card, XD card, MMC card, SDHC card etc of different manufacturing brands of memory cards like Transcend, Kingston, SanDisk, HP etc.

    It can recover deleted or lost .amr file on Mac OSX and higher versions including Lion, Leopard, Mountain lion, Snow Leopard etc and Windows operating systems such as Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 7, and Windows 8 etc.  This utility can recover .amr files from all most types of storage devices such as hard drives, USB drive, flash memory card, iPods, FireWire drives etc.

  • How to Recover Lost Files from PC

    “I had a folder on my desktop which had all my assignments saved in it. This morning I woke up to find the same folder missing from my computer and I don’t recall deleting it either. I searched for the folder in the recycle bin and it wasn’t present there either. is there a way to find lost files on my pc?”

    You can certainly recover lost files from computer with the help of a recovery software. Here’s a video showing you how to recover lost files from your computer by employing a recovery software for the same.

    The recovery software employed in the above video has the potential to scan and successfully recover back the lost files from your computer regardless of what caused the files to be lost. It can get you back your videos, photos, Word files, powerpoint files, documents and other files that you might have lost from your PC.

    A user might have hundreds or thousands of files on his PC and the file count might grow indefinitely over the years. The files saved on a user’s computer are of immense importance and the user wouldn’t wish to lose them to any anomaly. With that said, he might have backup for all the data that is saved on his computer so that noting is compromised during times of crises. However, due to various factors a user might end up losing files off his system and at such times one can go back to this backup and restore all his data in a convenient way without losing any hope of losing his data. but, if you happen to not have a prior backup for your lost data then there’s nothing you can do besides using a lost file recovery software for your system.

    With lost file recovery software, you’ll be assured of getting all your lost data back on your PC and it looks as simple as shown in the above video. it requires a few minutes for the software to scan and retrieve all your lost files back on your PC unlike other third party apps which might corrupt your entire file system by doing so. To make a successful lost file recovery on your PC, it’s advised to use a professional recovery software for your Windows OS, one such app is used in the above video.

    When you discover that you’ve lost a file from your PC, it’s highly recommended to stop using your PC for any write operation thereafter. The lost file is still present on your drive even after the file loss and can be retrieved with a recovery tool but is you continue to use your drive you overwrite these lost files with new data causing them to be deleted forever. Once you overwrite your file, it’s as good as saying that you’ve permanently lost it from your drive.

    One might lose GB’s of data off his drive and during such situations it’s strongly recommended to not use your drive. Losing data off your drives is nothing new since data loss is quite an inevitable disaster just waiting to happen in the field of data storage. When you end up losing GB’s of files off your drive and looking to successfully recover each and every one of them, then relying on a recovery application with a powerful and inexhaustible recovery algorithm is just the right thing to do.

    Features of this Lost file Recovery Software:

    • Comes with the best interface that requires only a few mouse clicks to get your lost files back from your PC.
    • Identifies and recovers files of all sizes from hard drives of all types and brands.
    • Works on all versions of Windows OS making it the most sought after data recovery application for Windows OS.
    • The recovered files are ready to be once again used by you after the recovery is complete.
    • Easy to install, recover and save your lost files.
  • Recovering Data from Sony Flash Drive

    “I have a Sony flash drive from which all my data has gone missing today. I’ve never formatted or deleted the files off my flash drive as far as the data the loss is concerned so there’s no way this could have happened by me. What I’m more worried about is the lost data from my drive which has no backup and I’m desperately looking to recover this data back. Is it even possible to get back lost data from a flash drive? Please help me out.”

    You can easily recover back all your data from a flash drive by making use of a recovery software. Here’s how it’s done. The recovery software used in this video has the ability to recover back your deleted, lost or missing data in the shortest possible time. It is one of the only recovery application which can recover back all your images, videos, songs, word files, PowerPoint files, RAW images and various other files off from your SD card, pen drives, external hard drives, internal hard drives and so on.

    Sony flash drives are one of the most widely used storage devices as of today. They come in various storage sizes and at the same time letting you to save countless number of files on it as well. However, data loss on flash drives can occur at any point of time causing a user to lose significant amount of data from his drive. This can however be prevented by creating a backup at regular intervals of time for the data present on the drive. However, you can still manage to get all your lost, missing or deleted data back even though the lost data had no backup created. This is made possible by the recovery software available at the link given above. Here are a few causes for data loss from flash drives:

    • By removing the flash drive abruptly from the host system to which it was connected to, there is a high chance of losing data from the said flash drive.
    • Unintentional format or deletion of files from the drive by the user.
    • Interruptions such as power surge and so on can incur data loss during file transfer from or to the flash drive.

    Features of this Recovery Software for Flash Drives:

    • Has the most powerful recovery algorithm for recovering each and every file from a flash drive.
    • Features an interface that is simple and straightforward that requires just a few mouse clicks to get the software recover your files.
    • Once the recovery process is complete, it lets you save the recovered files to a safe folder other than on the drive from which it was just recovered from, to avoid data overwrite.
    • Supports flash drives of all sizes and brands and has the ability to identify and recover files of all types.
  • How to Recover Files from Pen Drive

    “I have a 4GB pen drive that is not showing up any of the data which is saved on it. I had almost all my data saved on it and this morning nothing is coming up. I’m now more concerned about the data that is lost from it, how do go about getting it back from my pen drive? Is it gone forever or can it be obtained back? Also, I haven’t used my pen drive after I’ve lost data from it.”

    You can certainly recover data from a pen drive but only with the use of a recovery software. If you’re wondering how it’s done, then here’s a tutorial regarding the same. The recovery software used in the tutorial is the best application that one can find to recover deleted, lost or maybe missing files from his pen drives.

    Pen drives come in various storage sizes such as 1GB, 2GB and so on up to 128GB as well. They let you save countless amounts of files on them which probably makes them the most preferred device for data storage. To access the data saved on it, you just have to hook it up to a computer. However, this has its own downsides. By using the same drive on various systems or so, you increase the ossibility of it getting infected by viruses. This however increases the chances of you losing files from it. To overcome this, a backup or keeping a duplicate copy for your data is always recommended. But it so happens that the user sometimes neglects creating a backup for his data which might result in permanent loss of data if his source data is lost. During such instances, you might have to make use of a recovery tool that will scan and recover all files from your drive.

    Causes for Data Loss from Pen Drive:

    • Accidental deletion of files while browsing through the drive.
    • Accidental format can also lead to loss of data if you had no prior backup created.
    • Abrupt or unsafe removal of drive from the system to which it was hooked on to can also potentially lead to data loss.
    • Unorthodox usage of cut-copy-paste operation can lead to loss of files.

    Features of this Software:

    • Lets you recover images, videos, songs, word documents, PowerPoint files and so on in just a matter of minutes.
    • After the software completes the recovery, the recovered files can be saved to any folder of your choice
    • It also lets you to preview the recovered files after the recovery is completed.
  • How to Recover Data from Iomega External Hard Drive?

    “I use a 2TB Iomega external drive that has started to act quite strange lately. It has nearly all of my personal along with another set of office files which I don’t wish to lose under any conditions. It worked fine when I connected it to my laptop yesterday evening but today I discovered that all data has just vanished without warning. Can something be done to find the files that have gone missing from my external hard drive? ”

    The only possible solution to recover data from your drive is to utilize a recovery software which is specifically intended for external hard drives. One such app is shown here in the below video that has the potential to recover just about every file that is deleted, lost or missing from your Iomega external hard drive.

    Iomega external hard drives are notable for their high toughness and response time while accessing data. External hard drives are available in various storage options letting you save countless variety of data on them. The fact that they come in smaller sizes and large space for storage makes them essentially the most preferred device intended for saving data by users everywhere over the world. All you should do is just hook up the external hard disk to your system and you may get access to your data saved on it. But about the same time, you should realize that the data saved on external hard disks are not secured or sustain longer given the different threats which data faces on it. So the most suggested approach to eliminate data loss scenarios is usually to carry a back up copy for all data which is saved on it.

    Reasons for data loss from Iomega External hard disk:

    1. Abruptly removing the external hard disk from system while it’s still being used by the system.

    2. By connecting the hard disk to different devices, you increase the probability of it getting corrupted simply by viruses. This can yet again lead to data loss from your external hard disks.

    3. By formatting your external drive unintentionally or by not getting a backup for your data that is present on it while formatting.

    Why this software to retrieve data from Iomega external hard disk?

    This software possesses an advanced recovery algorithm which is specifically designed to extract data from external hard disks and has a successful history retrieving data from external hard disks. You are guaranteed of recovering data from your external hard drive provided you utilize this recovery software at the earliest. You also see that the interface employed by this application is built to make it easier so that you can recover data with only a few mouse clicks and requires only a few moments to get the lost data back again.

  • Best Software to Recover Lost Files

    Have you lost important files? Formatted the drive accidentally rather than formatting other drive? Are you searching for the software to recover lost files? Confused on which software to be used for the file recovery? If you are disturbed with all these problems then no need to get more tensed on how to solve these issues. This tutorial offers you an ultimate solution on how to recover lost files from any storage devices within a span of few minutes.

    Loss of files takes because of many factors. It may happen when you are working on your PC sudden power surge may happen due to which your system, shuts down abruptly. You can also find other reasons for file loss scenarios. Some of them are mentioned below

    There are numerous reason due to which you encounter loss of files. Among them formatting the drive accidentally is the most common factor that leads to loss of files. Data will also be lost if you continue to capture pictures on the camera in low battery. Crucial data on the USB drive or other external drives are lost when the drive is ejected improperly from the host device.  If you’re the Windows user then you’ll be aware of the fact that operating system may invites many number of bugs on account of which the file stored within the system is  lost. When you’re using any kind of files over sophisticated softwares, if any kind of interruption then it can lead to loss of data.

    How to recover lost files

    With the help of this lost file recovery software you can absolutely recover lost files by your own. This lost file recovery software provides a hassle free recovery solution. Within a couple of few click you can easily get back lost files from the help of this file recovery application. Don’t worry, just go ahead and download this lost file recovery software from the internet and recover all of the files which can be lost from different causes. Read more- to get more details on how to restore lost files with the help of this file recovery software.

    Lost file recovery application is simple to use and strong file recovery program. Almost any sort of lost files might be recovered with ease. Lost file recovery application supports file recovery with both Windows and Mac OS for recovering lost photos, documents, videos and other files from hard disk, SD cards, USB drives and many other hard drives. If you lost files due to formatting drive and looking for the solution on how to restore files from formatted drive then you can use this formatted hard drive lost file recovery software to recover files with ease. Lost file recovery program quickly scans the entire drive within a few moments to recover lost files.

    Useful tips which will help you to prevent loss of files

    • Strongly suggested to maintain a proper and an updated backup of all the important files on multiple storage devices
    • Install a good antivirus software on your PC to prevent harmful viruses entering on your system
  • Best Method to recover Deleted Files

    Mistake happened- Sometimes you might have cleared the folder by deleting all the files assuming that those files are not needed or you deleted the important files such as your favorite pictures accidentally or the report which you were working on for the months together or the important business documents, etc or you didn’t mean to delete but happened due to virus attack or from the unauthorized antivirus program or other accident. Whether those files are work document or precious photo memories, losing something by deletion so valuable is never a fun. When you come across these situations then you will be thinking in different method to know how do I recover deleted files from the drive where the files are deleted.

    It is suggested to follow some precautionary steps mentioned below after you delete a file from the drive

    • Close all the applications and turn off your system.
    • Never write any of the files on the drive from which the files are deleted.
    • Do not download any of the application to the drive with deleted files.
    • Do not panic, and install this deleted file recovery software on your system. This tool will scan the specific drive and restores your deleted file successfully.

     Other causes that lead to the deletion of files are mentioned below

    When the defragmentation process gets struck at the middle because of any kind of interruption then the chances for the deletion of the files from your drive will be more. Usually this defrag failure take place due to system malfunctioning that results in deletion of files stored on the drive. All the deleted files will be stored on the system Recycle Bin but when you empty the Recycle Bin folder without keeping the backup of all the important files then the stored files from the Recycle Bin gets deleted with all the unwanted files.

    Once you clear the Recycle Bin folder then the deleted files are only removed from the listings on your system. But the fact is that the files actually stay on your hard drive until it is overwritten by other data. Sooner you use the file recovery software, better the chances of getting back your deleted files. Therefore, now it is very much possible to recover delete files from Recycle Bin and it is no more a myth.

    About deleted file recovery software

    You can use this tool to recover deleted files from the system installed with Windows operating system and if you are a Mac use then for you Mac version of this tool is also available to get back your deleted files on Mac systems. By using this deleted file recovery software you can recover deleted files from

    • Accidentally deleted files from your system or any other storage drives.
    • Files deleted by viruses.
    • Too large files to fit in the Recycle Bin folder.
    • Files deleted on Windows network shares.
    • Deletion by shift+ delete keys, improper cut and paste operation, created and deleted by other third party applications etc.
  • File Recovery from My Documents Folder

    My Documents is often a default folder root directory of active partition, where OS has installed. Sometimes users lost their files out of this folder because of any misconception or through any error. Actually it’s same like other folders that contains some subfolders like music files, picture files and few others. Users stored their data either on these sub folders or normally within My Documents folder. In case you have lost any important files out of this folder then you can face critical situations when you are unable to restore those data by utilizing some of the system provided tools. However in nowadays of technological advancement it is possible to rescue lost files from My Documents folder with the help a sophisticated tool named Folder Recovery application with mere couple of minutes. This utility entitles you to definitely obtain back your several types of data including images, music files, videos and document files.

    Losing data from My Documents folder is normal and happen because of several types of reasons. Among the frequently happened scenarios is loss of data after reinstallation of OS. In common situations, users stored their vital files in My Documents folder and end up forgetting to make backup of those data and reinstall the OS. After reinstalling or upgrading the operating system you’re not in a position to restore your saved data with this folder. In this manner you’re going to lose data from My Documents folder.

    Virus infection on hard disk partition is usual. As nowadays viruses can enters within your system from various known and unknown sources. After they get entered they might spread all through the memory block of hard disk drive. It might result in inaccessibility of files or even a hard disk of system. In this situation lastly you have to format the inaccessible hard disk partition, in case you have formatted the hard disk partition, where My Documents folder resides then you’ll not able to access this folder. It results in loss of your vital files. If you wish to recover lost files then you can definitely} utilize the application discussed above. In case you are facing any difficulties when using this utility to rescue data, you’ll be able to educate yourself on the process of recovery of the tool by watching a relevant video clip demonstrated over YouTube to understand how to recover lost files from My Documents folder. Want to watch click here

    Folder Recovery application is probably the popular and trusted tool to rescue data from My Documents folder. After recovery of files it is possible to preview the file before saving. If you wish to keep recovered files in almost any of the desired storage location then it’s possible by making use of this application.

  • Software to Recover Data from Dead Hard Drive

    Data recovery from dead hard drive is not an easy task. Initially we need to know the scenarios where hard drive becomes dead and try to avoid such situations. Once the hard disk becomes dead, you are not able to access any of your data stored on that particular hard drive. There are certain known and unknown reasons of making the horrible situation of dead hard drive. Losing data in such a way is quite frustrating, but even during such situations you are able to bring back your vital data. You just need to make use of the proper recovery tool; Recover My Hard Drive is an efficient application in this category to rescue lost data due to dead hard disk. With the aid of this utility it is easy to get back any kind of data such as images, documents, music files, videos and different others from dead hard disk drive.

    Many computer users encountered dead hard drive issue because of several reasons, among them virus infection is most frequent. Sometimes virus enters inside the memory space of hard drive from various known and unknown sources. Once it get enters it may replicates itself throughout the memory block of hard disk drive. Eventually after reaching the entire memory block it may corrupt the stored data or creates some bad sector. Also it may lead to make the hard drive inaccessible or dead. Lastly you are going to lose your vital data stored over that hard drive.

    Hard drive can be dead when repeated system reboot happens. Many times due to uncertain reasons your system starts rebooting when you attempt to open your computer. During this tenure there might have chance that system hard drive may get corrupted or even dead. In such situations you are going to lose all your data stored over hard drive. If you want to recover data from dead hard drive then you just have to install the above mentioned application to another system and attach the dead hard drive to that system and follow some simple instructions. In case you wish to learn the recovery process of this utility then you can watch the YouTube video.

    Apart from all above, hard drive may also become dead when file system corruption happens; due to software conflicts and many other scenarios are there for corrupting hard drive. By making use of above discussed application, it is possible to rescue your vital data from dead hard disk drive.

    Recover My Hard Drive is an advanced featured tool to bring back all your important data from dead hard disk. This tool is skilled enough to rescue data on various latest versions of Windows as well as Mac based system. Preview of recovered data is possible with the demo version of this utility.

  • Simple Tool to Rescue Deleted Files

    In today’s era of digitalization nearly every individuals store their data in several storage devices digitally. It’s convenient to carry digital data, but there are several scenarios, where one can lose your vital data in single stance. Data deletion is among the means of losing data from computer hard disk. Sometimes people who use computers accidentally delete variety of their important data by utilizing combination keys like delete or shift + delete. Such type of loss of data generally happens, whenever you find several unwanted files on the system hard disk and wish to free some disk space. For this specific purpose in case you have shift deleted various files together with few vital files then situation becomes crucial for you. Since, there isn’t any system provided tools that can enable you to recover shift deleted data, you have to utilize tool like Remo Recover application to rescue your vital data.

    Windows based system gives you a facility that, in case you delete any files with this system normally ,it will resides inside Bin folder, in which it is possible to restore these deleted data. Sometimes whenever you delete any essential files accidentally and before restoring of it, you’ve emptied Bin folder, then you’re surely in the tough situation, in which you cannot restore these files simply.

    Bin bypass is yet another reason file deletion. In case you have deleted several needless data along with several important files just by pressing delete key on Windows computer. It travels to Bin folder. Sometimes whenever you delete files when Bin folder has reached its size limit plus there is a possibility of Bin folder bypass. Previously present data within that folder can bypass the folder and when it is vital one then you definitely cannot find any method to revive. In this situation you can use Remo Recover application which is skilled enough to rescue files even though Bin bypass. You can watch a relevant video tutorial associated with this recovery application here


    Remo Recover application is among the best tools to bring back deleted data on Windows based system. After recovery of deleted files it facilitates you to definitely preview the data rescue of the desired data with demo version of this application. It performs advanced drive scanning for fast recovery of deleted files. It can restore data from bad sector of hard disk by creating disk image. Later you are able to restore files from disk image. In addition to deleted files it is possible to restore lost files with the assistance of this efficient tool.

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