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  • How to Repair Corrupted AVI Video Files

    “I have an AVI video that won’t play no matter what I do. Is there a way to fix this problem on my AVI video or is the video damaged beyond repair?”

    You can surely repair all your AVI videos on your computer by making use of an AVI repair tool.

    Regardless of what caused the AVI video to get corrupt, this software can fix corrupted AVI video files in the least amount of time and make your AVI video playable again.

    AVI videos have to be dealt with much care while they’re being repaired so a safe software is recommended to do the same. The above used software makes use of the latest techniques that are extremely safe and recommended for fixing issues on your AVI videos.

    AVI videos are regarded as one of the most widely used video formats. They play on all available video players that are available as of today. AVI videos require lesser space when in comparison to other video files such as MOV, MP4 and so on. However, an AVI video can go corrupt at any point in time which might then start to throw error messages every time you try to access it.

    The first thing    you need to do when you find your AVI videos showing you an error is to stop using them and get a repair software at the earliest and fix the same. There’s a high risk of your video going completely corrupt if you continue to use it rather than repairing it at the earliest.

    AVI videos which are of large sizes can easily go corrupt when they’re saved on SD cards, pen drives and so on. One cannot predict when an AVI video can go corrupt during its stay on any drive so having a backup copy of your healthy file can help one out when his AVI video goes corrupt.

    However, when you don’t carry a backup then the only way to repair your corrupt AVI video is by repairing it using a repair software. You can repair all your corrupt AVI videos regardless of the error message what you get while accessing them. All that you need is a safe repair software that will do the trick.

    The AVI repair software employed in the above video is just the software that you need when you discover any of your AVI video corrupt or not playing. As you can see in the video, it requires only a few mouse clicks to select your corrupt AVI video and then a few moments to fix the same.

    One striking feature of this application is that it never changes any aspect of your AVI video as its being repaired. It only reads your corrupt AVI video and produces a new copy of the same which is free from all errors and can be played on any player that’s available on your computer.

    Features of this AVI Repair Tool:

    • Comes with an interface that is easy to use and repair AVI videos.
    • Can repair AVI videos of any size.
    • The repair process ensures that all errors are fixed and the repaired video is free from all errors.
  • Perform Codec File Repair Utility

    Today MOV file has become one of the popular video file formats, MOV files are having excellent video clarity but sometime you will face problem while playing MOV files. One of the main issues related to MOV file is video codec. Mainly codec is responsible for coding and decoding of the video files and it will make video files to be accessible. Most common audio and video file formats are MP3, AVI, MPEG, MKV, FLV, MP4 etc.

    Codec files may get corrupt due to many reasons like improper installation of codec, improper updating of codec files etc. If codec files got corrupt then your media player behavior will change and it will not play your video, it will give some kind of errors like video freezing and inaccessible of video file etc. If you face this kind of problem then obviously you will think how to fix video codec problems. But here is the best solution for your problem, just make use of video repair tool which can easily fix codec related issues.

    Reasons for codec corruption

    Improper video file downloading: Often you may face video file downloading errors due to network related problems. Once you downloaded incomplete video file then media players will refuse to play such incomplete video files. The main reason behind this kind of problem is codec file corruption.

    Virus infection: If your system gets corrupted by severe virus then virus may infect your video file. Once it got infected then it will not be playable in any media player.

    Use of improper compression tool: By making use of unreliable compression tool sometimes users try to compress the video files. During this if any error occurs then it will cause the synchronization problem of audio and video such as audio lags behind the video and visa versa.

    Features of video repair tool

    • This application has been specially designed to fix the codec related problems and it will make the video file to play in media player once again.
    • Advanced scanning engine will help the user to fix the file corruption problems very quickly without any kind of interruptions.
    • This product has been designed with very simple user interface by which any novice user can perform fixing of codec problems.
    • The “Preview” option will help users to examine the recovery results before going to purchase the full version of software.
    • This software perfectly works on major Windows versions like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP etc.
    • Mac version of operating system will also perfectly support this recovery tool.

    Precautions to avoid codec corruption

    • Always it’s advisable to avoid changing the file extensions of video files frequently.
    • Avoid unreliable compression tools because it may corrupt your video files.
    • Try to prevent your system from virus infection by making use of updated anti-virus program.
    • If any video file refuses to play in particular media player then don’t try to open it forcefully in same media player because sometimes it will corrupt your video files.
  • Learn How to Repair Outlook PST File

    Do you have any issues with Outlook PST file? If yes then there’s simple way to take care of these issues with corrupted PST file. PST files gets corrupted because of various reasons and react in the negative events just like power failure, wrong network device, device failure, etc. To resolve all these issues try repair Scanpst.exe tool to repair corrupted Outlook PST file. 

    However there is also some situation where Scanpst repair software doesn’t repair corrupted PST files in the event the corruption issues are severe. Let us explain a few of the scenarios where your Scanpst repair doesn’t repair corrupted PST, Sometimes this Scanpst repair tool unable to fix the problem with the PST file, unable to recover messages which includes been deleted, report an errors from the file but your Outlook still complains, sometimes Scanpst may loss an excessive amount of data during your recovery process.

    Some of the common errors which occurs on damaged Outlook PST data are mentioned below,

    • File. pst isn’t a personal folder file
    • Errors has been detected from the file. pst
    • Scanpst repair tool does not recognize the file. pst
    • Scanpst repair software hangs endlessly and does not perform repair process
    • Occurrence of unforeseen errors has prevented usage of this file, try repair tool to check the disk for errors

    Because of most these situations Scanpst repair tool doesn’t recover corrupted PST data. Hence it is better to keep your backup copy, but you have to be thinking what to do understand if you do not have have the backup of important files which is need. Once you observe that Scanpst repair tool seriously isn’t responding then you can’t take advantage of this inbuilt tool any more. Every time you encounter the error messages, whenever you attempt to repair PST report by this Scanpst.exe repair tool.

    This Outlook PST repair tool is extremely powerful which helps you to fix all the issues with the damaged PST file when Scanpst not repairing PST file. Outlook PST repair tool is created with rich interface to help all needy end user and also allows you to preview all mended items before restoring them.

    Useful precautionary steps to be followed

    Do not save your Outlook PST file using a network drive or the server. Outlook PST file was designed to store on local computers. Never store it on the remote drive or the server as the environment cannot support dense access with the PST file and also causes corruption connected with PST file frequently. Always be careful with the Antivirus programs. If your Outlook PST file is large and has lot of e-mail, this Antivirus system will protect as well. Then the many of the operations with the emails on the PST file gets affected by that Antivirus program at the same time. If the system is slow then an operations also gets slowed down and it is reported that some Antivirus has damaged the PST file.

  • Instant Repairing of H264 MOV Files

    Is your H264 MOV file will not play on media player after attempting to play recurrently? In case your answer is yes, the there is a probability that the video file may get damaged. The H264 MOV file gets damage due to many reasons, you become unable to see your preferred video file. In this annoying scenario, you may lose hope of repairing your beloved H264 MOV file. In fact, the video file is repairable by using one of the wonderful tools.

    Are you receiving error messages like “H264 MOV file can’t be open” or “H264 MOV file is damage?” If so, then you may get fright and look at the significant utility to execute repairing of broken H264 MOV file. There are many tools you may find on internet which can do this process however, you may be in quandary in deciding the appropriate one. As a way to overcome this kind of quandary, worldwide users have recommended you to employ repair video Mac tool. It is a best tool to repair Mac video and make it playable on QuickTime and VLC media players. It can support Windows OS of all versions.

     Let us have a look at circumstances result in corruption of H264 MOV files:

    Defective firmware: It is the main reason behind corruption of H264 MOV file. The H264 MOV file gets damage as a result of defective firmware. In the event that file is essential to you then it is the main loss of H264 MOV file.
    Inappropriate removal of storage device during H264 MOV files transfer: At times, while transferring H264 MOV files from storage device to Mac PC, in case you remove the storage device without pursuing the message like safe remove hard drive then it may result in the scenario like damage of H264 MOV files.
    Playing a H264 MOV file in a broken media player: At times, you while installing the media player on Mac PC, in case you face the problem like unexpected power cut and then, restart the PC, you imagine that the media player has been effectively installed and play H264 MOV file on it. Due to imperfect installation of media player, there is a possibility that H264 MOV file gets damage.

    It is a well-liked tool, developed by team of experts and suggested by them to utilize it for repairing any kind of MOV and video clips. By using this easy to use and brilliant tool, you can easily fix H264 MOV, MP4 and AVI files. Being a precautionary measure, it suggested you to have a backup of your preferred MOV files. If you are a non technical user then also you can utilize this inimitable application effortlessly. It is suitable for all versions of Mac OS including Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard and Mountain Lion. It splits both audio and video data streams and then attaches them to make a relevant playable video. It has the ability of repairing video and audio codecs like raw, mp4a, mjpeg, avc1, mp4v, etc.  For additional info about fixing of H264 MOV file recorded H264 video using digital camera models such as Olympus, Canon and Contour.