• Review of Business Card Sized 2TB SSD of Samsung

    Whenever you open a box and see an external drive, you will see it is fixed neatly into the palm of your hand and the capacity offered will be in terabytes. Portable SSD T3 of Samsung is one among those devices. It has the storage space of around 2TB and at it has new USB 3.1 interface by which you can open the bandwidth floodgates.

    samsung-t1-ssd (1)In the generation of “T” line of portable SSD drives of Samsung the T3 takes second place. A year ago T1 drive was announced and 1TB of storage space was offered by it for the cost of $357, also it offered 250GB and 500GB capacities.

    The smaller capacities of storage to up to 2TB are offered by T3 for $850. The cost of 1TB model will be up to $430, the cost of the 500GB is $220, and for 250GB its $130.

    The size of the T3 is similar to the business card and the thickness is 3/8-in, and its measurement is around 2.9 x 2.3 in, you can easily keep it in the pocket of your shirt. When compared it with T1 the T3 is much heavier and slightly larger. The weight of T3 is 1.8 oz, whereas T1 is 1 oz.

    The reason behind the large weight is T3 is, it is more ruggedly built and the case is made up of a shock resistant metal case, whereas the T1 is made up of plastic case. According to the Samsung the internal frame can handle the force up to 1,500G and it will not get broken even if you drop it from about 6 feet.

    For the T3 a much larger USB cable is provided by the Samsung. The stingy T1 is 4.25 inch and T3 has 17.5 inch cable.

    The specifications of the T3 are highly impressive in performance and the speed is around 450Mbps which is the peak. In internal 2.5 inch its fastness is 100Mbps. SATA interface is used in this SSD. When the speed is compared with the external hard drive it is four times faster.

  • About Humax FVP-4000T

    The first Humax PVR is equipped with Freeview Play is referred as FVP-4000T. It is connected with a new service that combines live broadcasts and in a single electronic programme it can catch up TV. Catch-up content can be accessed from ITV Player, iPlayer, Demand 5 and All 4, by scrolling through the EPG.

    It is associated with a 500GB hard disk in order to store recordings; currently a version with 1TB is also available. It also has a built-in Wi-Fi that makes the network connection a cinch.

    Humax-FVP4000T-Freeview-Play-02_w670_h314Humax FVP-4000T – Design and Connections:

    Humax has done its best in designing FVP-4000T’s and two middle class sounding colour schemes are offered by it, one is Mocha and other is Cappuccino

    The Cappuccino is made with a gorgeous brown faux-leather at the top panel and with a white base and gold trim. Whereas Mocha is built with a black based, silver banded and dark-brown top. Around the top panel both of them has an attractive stitching and curvy side panels. By using the standards of PVR it was made remarkably stylish.

    The size of the FVP-4000T is compacted and it is built robustly. On the top panel the row of the buttons are enables you to change channels, built-in volume of the box can be controlled.

    On the rear side of the FVP-4000T has a set of connections which includes optical, HDMI, composite video outputs, analogue RCA, RF input/output and an Ethernet port. It contains two USB ports, one is present on the rear and other is on the side. These ports help you to play video, audio and also will display photos from flash drives.


    Features of FVP-4000T:

    The attention of the Freeview Play is more over here. It has a built-in Wi-Fi connection by which you can access most of the online apps, which is present in “On Demand” menu; it includes Dailymotion, YouTube, BBC Sport and BBC News and in this year there are chances of adding Netflix.

    Streaming of video, music and photo files can also be done from DLNA devices, but it should be done on the same network or you can play from USB flash drives. If can support many formats such as WMA, MP3, AAC, WAC, MP4, AVCHD, MOV, AVI, MKV and DivX, but FLAC, ALAC and MKV formats cannot be played in it.

    In 500GB storage capacity of FVP-4000T you can store the recording of 300 hours and in 1TB storage you can record up to 600 hours. With the help of three Freeview HD tuners recording of four channels can be done at the same time while watching fifth.

  • Review on Emtec Power Connect

    iPhone models have recently grown in size and to maintain a slender appearance, Apple have worked hard and the expense of battery life often. External battery packs are developed so that it should be capable of charging devices while on the go, a few other tricks can be done by one of them as well.

    Acumulator-extern-Power-Bank-5200mAh-Emtec-Power-Connect-U600-pic2Power in the pocket:

    It measures 78 x 70 x 23 mm and weighs a hair over five ounces. It is small so that it can be easily kept in the pocket and it looks like a block of dark grey plastic. The battery is 5200 mAh Lithium-ion and is capable of supplying 1 A output through a standard USB 2.0 port.

    The enough juice to power up the 1715 mAh battery for math-averse readers inside an iPhone 6s more than twice and it is plenty for a single charge with iPhone 6s Plus. Lightning cable should be supplied and a micro-USB cable should be induced, in just five hours it will charge up the U800. When it’s time to recharge a green LED power light on front turns red.

    The curved design for a shirt pockets glides nicely in to pants, taking up little space inside gadget bags or purses. The bottom left edge is noticed that the unit becomes quite warm when power is on and after short time, but doesn’t impact on the performance. The full sized USB port can also be used for connecting FAE32-formatted media like thumb sticks or portable hard drive. Including iOS device the content stored in a place can be copied and pasted elsewhere.

    Streaming blues:

    A 32GB microSD card with the U800 is included in Emtec and it can be swapped for other compatible NTFS-format, which also includes SDHC and SDXC. When it is used with the Emtec connect app for Android or iOS, the tablet or smartphone owners can back up the entire contacts and photo library in a couple of taps.

    Access to movie, music, photos or documents that are stored on memory card is provided by the app, which is supporting many file types of music, video, images and documents. If the files cannot be opened directly, then they can be opened in the other compatible third party apps like VLC player.

  • Steps Involve In Managing iCloud Storage on Your Device

    iCloud StorageIs your Storage plan exceeded? Unable to upload new videos, photos to the iCloud Photo Library? Don’t get panic as there is an easy way for managing iCloud storage. You just need to upgrade your iCloud storage plan and it can be done in a very few simple steps. You even backup to the iCloud with your device, if your device stop backing up to the iCloud.

    Why iCloud Service stop working?

    If you fail to update the apps then you can’t able to send or receive messages by using your iCloud email account. So it is much needed to upgrade iCloud apps so that it can work form the continuous flow of work of sending mails or receiving and uploading the images and videos in the iCloud service. Even you need to check up the availability of memory storage in the iCloud Drive at regular times and you can do it simply by following just few simple steps.

    iCloud Storage Can Be Known With Few Simple Steps?

    • Start the device which you are using either iPhone, iPad or iPod touch
    • If you have iOS 8 or later then go for setting and then opt for iCloud. Select storage and manage storage which is there in iCloud storage option.
    • Opt for setting and then click iCloud Storage and backup., if you have iOS
    • If you are having a Mac, go for Apple menu and select System Preferences and after that go for iCloud. You’ll find manage option there, go for it.
    • You can even manage this on your Computer device by just go for iCloud for Windows and then click manage.

    While managing the iCloud storage on your device, you may find some useless files. Before deleting the files, you would like to archive or manage by copying iCloud data. You can even backup data of the iCloud, so that it may be useful in the later time. So learn how to keep the backup of the iCloud files in an easy way. Follow few simple steps which are mentioned below, from which you can save the iCloud data.

    Backup of iCloud Data:

    When you opt for back up your iOS device to iCloud, then before this you should know this thing which may be important for you as when you plan to backup the data of iCloud storage, then you can automatically backup the important files and in addition to this, you can even documents, photos, and videos.

    Optimize iCloud Library:

    iCloud Library is used for storing the documents, photos and the videos files of your device. You can easily free up the storage of the iCloud Photo library in the setting and when you delete unwanted photos and video from your device it will get deleted from the iCloud library by using iCloud Photo library, from this you can reduce the size of iCloud memory storage of your device.

  • Design of iPad Pro Device and its Smart Features

    iPad ProiPad Pro is designed by the Apple Inc. and it is designed with great inbuilt features that we have never come across. It has incredible features which is similar to the Macbook as of same price range. This device has got a large screen with an improved resolution and many tricks are included that are combine with the Apple iOS. The size of this device is quite big when you hold this device then it will look a branded device, really it has been designed with impressive and improved technology.

    Design of iPad Pro Device:

    Even though it is huge in size and the screen is large, but it weight is not so more. It weighs 700 gm, a little heavy but with incredible features such as brilliant strong glass screen, powerful speakers which can bear high volume of the sound, and great accessory with supportive the environment.

    On the screen of this device, you can sketch the things with the help of smart pencil which is especially designed for this purpose only. You need not to worry about the scratches and breakable of the screen, as it is designed considering all the parameters.

    The fact that design of the iPad Pro is meant for style and fancy as not for the enterprise market as to earn the income with the sale of the device. This device is compelled with many features which surely cost slight heavier than the other devices of the top range tablet. Well this year, there is no news about iPad Air 2, so this would be top range tablet considering in the point of view of customer.

    Apple’s did again to run multiple taps on the background as many other fails to do this. The screen is designed with iOS 9 conceived for this iPad Pro device. You can even works on the Excel with the Apple Smart Pencil. Browsing is much faster in this device. Now let us have look on the features of the iPad Pro device.

    Smart Features of iPad Pro:

    ·         Large Screen with strong resolution

    ·         Secure mobile operating system

    ·         Apple Smart Pencil for writing on the screen of the device.

    ·         Smart keyboard

    ·          Stylish outlook design

    ·         Using powerful Chips

    ·         Variety of in-built apps

  • Gear VR browser immerses you in the wonders of web

    samsung-virtual-reality-headsetSamsung has frequently working to provide our users with completely immersive mobile experience in the growing world of virtual reality. It designed and developed a device commonly known as Gear VR. It has many features like on screen keyboard, 3D video streaming, HTML5 videos supports, 3D video streaming, Gaze Mode, etc. which makes it most advanced. Gaze mode of Gear VR browser allow you to choose menu just simply looking at them. For selecting menu there is no need to tap on the touchpad or controller. With this Gear VT browser there is no need to touchpad, it simply performs actions based on your eye contact.

    Gear VR provides 360 degree rotations. Now the question arises in mind that is how does it works like that or is it possible to perform actions based on eye contact. Even as describe about the Gear VR browser, it simply reads the eye contact and perform actions. If you see the particular link for few seconds then it click on that particular link automatically. It automatically bookmark some specific site and keep the record of recent activity. As we discussed above it supports 360 degree features, this feature allows you to take the experience of YouTube videos in 360 degrees. To know more about Gear VR browser, check it out.

    Gear VR browser immerses you in the wonders of web with its advanced features. It supports 2D animations, videos and format them side-by-side for displaying in a movie theater format. In Gear VR browser more than one tab is on, then the inactive appears on the left. So for changing tab or switching tab will send you in a counter clockwise. Like as other electronic devices, voice recognition feature also added in it. By this voice recognition feature, there is no need to type anything because it simply type the web address in the browser.

  • How To Connect HTML To Microsoft Access?

    HTML page is a data access page which has Office Web Component that is embedded to it. This Office Web Component stores all connection information of data Dynamic Content. This Dynamic Content is a primary thing that presents organizational information through internet. When MS Access is concerned, one can create dynamic information which is available by using some features. Among them Data Access Page is one.

    Using this Data Access Page, you can connect html Page to MS access easily to tables on Access database. In order to do this, first you should create new blank database, then you can create Data Access Page and can link database to HTML page. Once this database is created, you can create Data Access Page using below mentioned steps.

    Create New Data Access Page with Wizard

    • Open Microsoft Access and go to “Objects.” Then click “Pages,” after that double-click on “Create data access page using wizard” to open Page Wizard dialog box.
    • Select table to connect to web page from “Tables or Queries” to list them, then select required fields and click “Next” twice for bypass grouping and sorting.
    • After that enter name for HTML page and select your page theme. Then click “Open the Page” and select “Finish” to create data access page. Now connect it to Access database.

    Create Data Access Page by using Existing Page

    • Open Microsoft Access and click on “Objects.” select “Pages” then double-click on “Edit Web page existing already” to open Locate Web Page dialog box. Now locate the file to connect through Access and then click “Open” to load pages on Design view.
    • Find last line to display codes for your Web page, and then click at end of this line and click “Enter” to start new paragraph.
    • Now go to “Insert” menu and select “Hyperlink” to open Insert Hyperlink dialog box. And to add text to Web page, just enter it on “Text to Display” field. Then select HTML file to connect to Access database and select “OK.” Now click at end of the text created and click “Enter” to separate entry from rest of the HTML code. Now your database and page will be connected.

    For Verification, follow below mentioned steps to open your data access page:

    • Open Internet Explorer, from Documents folder, open file MyHTML.htm.
    • Test all your parts of pages.
    • Click on hyperlink to verify the links to Contacts.htm file.

    NOTE: Before publishing this data access page to Web server, just verify all parts are correct, and change hyperlinks to URLs.

    To change connection, follow below mentioned steps:

    • Go to Microsoft Access. In that go to data access page Design view, and open MyHTML.htm file.
    • If Field Listis not visible, then click on Field List on View  In Field List, select Page connection properties icon, which appears under title bar of Field List pane. Now Data Link Properties dialog box will appears.
    • Now verify the connection corresponding to correct path to database. If you scale your database till Microsoft SQL Server, you can verify OLEDB Provider is correct on Providertab, and click OK to complete connection property changes.

    To change a URL– Select friendly text for hyperlink. And Insert menu, select Hyperlink. You will find Edit Hyperlink dialog box. Type your URL in Address box, and click OK.