Lexar recovery

  • How to Recover Deleted Photos from Nikon D5100

    “I recently deleted all the photos from my Nikon D5100 and I now want some of the photos back. Is it possible to recover photos from Nikon d5100 or from its SD card in any way?”

    Yes, all the photos from Nikon D5100 can be easily recovered by making use of a photo recover software for Nikon D5100 on your computer. A Nikon d5100 photo recovery can be performed on any computer if you have a photo recover software to recover photos from Nikon D5100.

    Nikon D5100 is a middle range DSLR camera used by professional as well as amateur photographers for photography. This camera comes with some of the latest and powerful features which make it the best mid-range DSLR camera as of today.

    This camera supports to save all the photos on a SD card. An SD card on the other hand is highly unpredictable. Everyone knows about losing data from SD card is on the rise and one wouldn’t wish to lose his precious photos clicked on his camera to be lost due to various reasons from his Nikon D5100. You might sometimes have over 500 photos in your camera and losing all the photos together is something you wouldn’t be ready to face unless you have a backup for the lost photos from your Nikon D5100.

    Of course, it is not possible to create a backup for the photos you click on your Nikon D5100 then and there. With that said, your photos that are saved on your camera are always under threat so the chances of you losing photos from Nikon D5100 are also high. Also, SD card errors such as ‘you need to format the SD card before use’ can cause you to lose all the photos because you are forced to format the card in order to access it.

    If you are a victim of these above mentioned scenarios, then you can rely on the Nikon d5100 photo recovery software used in the above tutorial and recover photos from Nikon d5100 in a safe and efficient manner. Whenever you end up deleting or losing photos from the SD card of your Nikon D5100, there is one important thing which has to be followed by you. After losing or deleting photos, you aren’t supposed to write any new data(photos) onto the SD card. This usually overwrites the deleted/lost photos which can still be found in the memory of the SD card even after they are deleted/lost. When the photos get overwritten in the memory, you cannot get them back again so the chances of you being able to recover back the photos are hampered if you continue to use the SD card after losing/deleting photos from it.

    A few more features of this photo recovery tool to recover photos from Nikon d5100:

    • This software comes with the most powerful recovery algorithm that is tested and approved for SD cards of all brands and storage sizes. It can recover each and every photo off your SD card regardless of what caused the photos to go missing from the card.
    • You can able to recover photos of all types such as JPEG, RAW and so on.
    • It uses a unique interface that lets you perform the photo recovery on your Nikon D5100 in an easy and straightforward approach.
    • You can recover, decide which photos you’d like to restore(you can also restore the entire list of recovered photos) and then select any folder on your computer to save the recovered photos from your Nikon D5100.
    • This software can be used to recover deleted, lost as well as photo lost due to formatting of SD card on Nikon D5100.

    All these features make it the best and most recommended software to perform Nikon d5100 deleted photo recovery. This software can be installed on your Mac or Windows OS.

  • Popular way to recover images from Lexar card

    Lexar is one of the most widely used brands for the USB Universal series bus, memory cards as well as memory storage goods. Lexar is the leader within the production of the USB and SD cards of various sizes and design to satisfy the various requirements of the users. Professional photographers choose Lexar memory cards in order to capture and store high resolution pictures on their professional camera.

    Think about, a situation wherein you’re using a lexar memory card in your camera and captured enormous amount of photos. After a while you thought of transferring the pictures on your laptop. As you turned on your laptop and started copying the file, unfortunately the actual transfer was interrupted by a power failure this results in lack of photos. Sometimes you pull out the SD card while transferring the files from system to SD card or vice versa. Whenever the transferring process isn’t completed, picture documents may get corrupt. This may result in loss of your own precious photos from your album. You will be surprised for losing your own valuable files. Do you want know how to restore photos from formatted sd card? If you’re facing this type of situation then here is the best remedy for you. Lexar picture recovery is the best tool to recover or obtain the lost pictures from the formatted SD card.

    Some of the major photo loss scenarios are listed below:

    Accidental formatting: Unintentional formatting is one of the premiere factors behind the photo loss. Let us consider a scenario, suppose you are trying in order to format logical hard drive partition. But you accidentally choose memory card. This may lead to photograph loss.

    Battery low in camera: If you are attempting to capture pictures once the camera’s battery is extremely minimal then this might cause photograph corruption from memory card.

    Third party Tools: Photos may get corrupted and lost by the action of third party tools. Consider a circumstance; if you scan your SD card which is formerly affected by the viruses, then there may be a chance of antivirus deleting any corrupted file without any warning. This causes the photo files loss which is present in the SD card.

    Virus Invasion: Sometimes you may not know your PC is attacked by the malwares & you unintentionally connect the SD card through card reader to the infected system. This virus may come in to SD card and corrupt the files within the SD card which leads to format. This in turn results in photo loss.

    Prominent popular features of Lexar image recovery:

    This tool carries effective encoding algorithm and retrieves the actual corrupted photos within few minutes.

    • This application is capable of doing formatted and corrupted files recovery very easily and efficiently.
    • It is actually capable to restore photographs from all kind of memory devices such as SD card, XD, SDHC, SDXC MMC and thumb drive.
    • This software well-suited for existing operating system including almost versions of Windows and Mac
    • This software can retrieve RAW image files such as PSD, CR2, CRW, NEF, ARW and KDC.
    • It is the efficient tool to restore files from NTFS, NTFS5, FAT16, FAT32, HFS+ and HFSX partitions.