Memory Card Recovery

  • How to Recover Deleted Photos from Nikon D5100

    “I recently deleted all the photos from my Nikon D5100 and I now want some of the photos back. Is it possible to recover photos from Nikon d5100 or from its SD card in any way?”

    Yes, all the photos from Nikon D5100 can be easily recovered by making use of a photo recover software for Nikon D5100 on your computer. A Nikon d5100 photo recovery can be performed on any computer if you have a photo recover software to recover photos from Nikon D5100.

    Nikon D5100 is a middle range DSLR camera used by professional as well as amateur photographers for photography. This camera comes with some of the latest and powerful features which make it the best mid-range DSLR camera as of today.

    This camera supports to save all the photos on a SD card. An SD card on the other hand is highly unpredictable. Everyone knows about losing data from SD card is on the rise and one wouldn’t wish to lose his precious photos clicked on his camera to be lost due to various reasons from his Nikon D5100. You might sometimes have over 500 photos in your camera and losing all the photos together is something you wouldn’t be ready to face unless you have a backup for the lost photos from your Nikon D5100.

    Of course, it is not possible to create a backup for the photos you click on your Nikon D5100 then and there. With that said, your photos that are saved on your camera are always under threat so the chances of you losing photos from Nikon D5100 are also high. Also, SD card errors such as ‘you need to format the SD card before use’ can cause you to lose all the photos because you are forced to format the card in order to access it.

    If you are a victim of these above mentioned scenarios, then you can rely on the Nikon d5100 photo recovery software used in the above tutorial and recover photos from Nikon d5100 in a safe and efficient manner. Whenever you end up deleting or losing photos from the SD card of your Nikon D5100, there is one important thing which has to be followed by you. After losing or deleting photos, you aren’t supposed to write any new data(photos) onto the SD card. This usually overwrites the deleted/lost photos which can still be found in the memory of the SD card even after they are deleted/lost. When the photos get overwritten in the memory, you cannot get them back again so the chances of you being able to recover back the photos are hampered if you continue to use the SD card after losing/deleting photos from it.

    A few more features of this photo recovery tool to recover photos from Nikon d5100:

    • This software comes with the most powerful recovery algorithm that is tested and approved for SD cards of all brands and storage sizes. It can recover each and every photo off your SD card regardless of what caused the photos to go missing from the card.
    • You can able to recover photos of all types such as JPEG, RAW and so on.
    • It uses a unique interface that lets you perform the photo recovery on your Nikon D5100 in an easy and straightforward approach.
    • You can recover, decide which photos you’d like to restore(you can also restore the entire list of recovered photos) and then select any folder on your computer to save the recovered photos from your Nikon D5100.
    • This software can be used to recover deleted, lost as well as photo lost due to formatting of SD card on Nikon D5100.

    All these features make it the best and most recommended software to perform Nikon d5100 deleted photo recovery. This software can be installed on your Mac or Windows OS.

  • Software to Restore Video Files from Samsung Galaxy S3 Smartphone

    Currently Samsung Galaxy phones are one of the most popular and widely used Smartphone around the globe. They are so famous because of their performance, design and reliable cost for the right configuration. As per the Wikipedia survey the Samsung mobile company is ranked #1 when it comes to high end smart devices. Different kinds of Samsung Smartphone are available depending upon the price range and configuration. Among the these Smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the most preferred Smartphone due to its high quality camera and super display which allows you to watch HD videos up to 1280 X 720 resolutions and snap stunning photos which other mobile devices fail to provide such good features.

    Most of the people use the galaxy s3 Smartphone to record their daily life moments i.e. by making videos or clicking photos so that they can replay it whenever they want. But sometimes due to unwanted reasons and unavoidable circumstances the precious data which is stored in the device may get deleted. Most of the time user may get panic and confused about whether he can recover those important videos or not. Don’t worry, no matter how much data you have deleted you can still recover videos from Samsung galaxy s3 by using some good recovery software like Samsung Card Recovery as the Recovery of the videos from Samsung Galaxy is possible because the files are never deleted only the reference pointer of these files are deleted.

    Some Scenarios for the data deletion in the Android Smartphone

    • Data may get deleted when the user accidently format the phone memory or SD card.
    • The video files may also get deleted when user is trying to delete some unwanted video but ends up in hitting the “Delete All” option resulting in entire deletion of data.
    • Sometimes due to sudden removal of the SD card i.e. without using the “Safely Remove” option while transferring data to or from SD card, the data may get lost.
    • When the user accidently uses the “Factory Data Reset” the data will get deleted as the “Factory Data Reset” option will clear the entire phone as well as external memory.
    • Data loss may happen when the user upgrades the Operating System, for example the user may upgrade from Android ice cream Sandwich to Android jelly bean OS.

    Why Samsung Card Recovery?

    Samsung Card Recovery is one of the best tools available in the market for video file recovery from Samsung Galaxy S3  as it is equipped with powerful scanning algorithms that will scan both the internal and external memories of the phone. Its provided with a very easy to use interface so that user can easily perform video recovery from samsung galaxy s3. The software is a read-only i.e. it will not modify or delete any existing data during recovery process. You can easily restore videos from samsung galaxy s3 into another folder on your system. The tool is digitally signed as it is completely virus free and secures to use for recovering all types of videos such as 3GP, MP4, AVI, etc. The software is available for all versions of Windows i.e. Windows 2003, 2008, XP, 7 and 8.


    • Do not store new data to the Smartphone from which you want to recover data, storing new data may overwrite deleted data and thus may get permanently deleted.
    • Don’t try to record any videos or capture photos from the Smartphone until you recover the video files as this also may result in permanent deletion of the video files.
  • How to Recover Deleted Photos from HTC One X

    “I accidentally deleted an entire photo album from my HTC One X smartphone while browsing through its gallery. The deleted photos were on my phones SD card so is there a way to recover back the deleted photos from the SD card of my HTC One X?”

    Of course, one can certainly recover photos from his HTC One X phone but to do the same he/she requires a SD card photo recovery software which will scan the SD card to retrieve the deleted photos from it.

    If you’re still wondering how do I recover deleted pictures from my HTC One X, then here’s a video which shows you how to recover deleted photos from HTC One X by making use of a HTC One X photo recovery software.

    The above used HTC One X recovery software is the best SD card recovery software that you can rely on when you discover that your photos have gone missing from your phones SD card.

    Like you know, SD cards are always prone to lose data from it and are highly responsive to outside factors that cause the data on it to go missing. SD cards when mounted on a phone are exclusively used to save photos, videos, songs or anything that arises from the phone that is required by it on later stages. The data saved on a phones SD card can be accessed at any time and all the user has to do is just mount the SD card to his phone.

    However, the problems with SD cards are always persistent. Regardless of where they’re used, they can always end up losing data on it. Also, on your HTC One X, you might find that photos from your phones SD card might go missing out of the blue. During such scenarios, you can practically do nothing about it besides using a SD card recovery software to retrieve the photos from it. It doesn’t matter what caused the photos from your HTC One X SD card to go missing but with the HTC One X recovery software used in the above video, you can be guaranteed to recover all your photos back in no time.

    Another way of losing photos from your HTC One X is by deleting the photos accidentally while viewing them. One might end up deleting all his photos from his SD card accidentally and the lost photos may not be backed up in which case you need to make use of a recovery software to get them back again.

    The deleted or lost photos from your HTC One X phone’s SD card will still remain on its memory even after the photo deletion. You can successfully recover back all your deleted/lost photos by employing a recovery software which will get the deleted photo from the SD cards memory. This is only possible if your photos are not overwritten by new data after they were deleted/lost. So, after the photo deletion you need to make sure that your deleted photos in the memory are not overwritten, so the best way to prevent data overwrite on your SD card is to not use your SD card after the photo deletion. This way you can be assured of recovering back all your photos without losing them.

    Features of this HTC One X Photo Recovery Software:

    • Can recover photos of all sizes that were either clicked on your phones camera or were transferred to the SD card from an external source. This software supports to recover JPEG, PNG, GIF and all other leading photo extensions.
    • You get the best interface to retrieve the deleted photos from your phone making it a lot easier to get the software underway.
    • Requires lesser navigation and less time to recover the photos.
  • Software to Bring Back Memory Stick Data

    In this present lifestyle, all of us own an electronic gadget that comes with memory stick in order to save different media files. Because of the portability feature of memory sticks, it can hold media files like songs, video files, pictures as well as other data files. Memory sticks are quicker and hold wide range of data so they are also employed in mobile phones. Memory sticks are handiest storage devices to save lots of data in ordered manner and information can be easily available from it.

    In spite of knowing its good features, you might lose data from memory sticks. There are several circumstances due to which data is lost from memory sticks. The most common circumstance is that you lose your valuable data from memory stick due to indecent ejection. As soon as you finish accessing data from memory stick, you just remove it from computer without using “Safely Remove” wizard. Your stored digital media files like audio recordings, videos, images, etc on memory stick might be lost as a result of improper ejection of memory stick. Let’s know more causes of how memory stick data is lost.

    Causes due to which memory stick data is lost

    • Power surge: While copying media files from memory stick to computer, any sort of power failure during this process may lose your precious data from it.
    • Virus infection: Due to practice of memory stick in various gadgets and devices, viruses could be transferred onto memory stick. Without knowing, you open those virus infected files and they erase or corrupt memory stick data.
    • Accidental Deletion: During deletion of needless files from memory stick when attached to system, you happen to unintentionally delete some vital files using Shift + Delete keys then selected files are deleted forever.

    In case you face one of the mentioned situations, don’t worry. As Recover Memory Stick software is among the efficient utility, which walks you how to restore memory stick data securely without missing any.

    Unique characteristics of Recover Memory Stick Software

    This software is created by software specialists in order to recover data from memory sticks. You are able to retrieve media files like images, videos, audio tracks, etc from memory sticks. Even files which get erased using Shift + Delete key combination or erased from Recycle Bin folder could be recovered employing this recovery application. This handy utility can recover image formats like JPG, TIFF, JPEG GIF, BMP, PNG, etc from memory sticks within short span of time. It is trustworthy software to bring back lost data from memory sticks. You can restore various video file extensions like RM, AVI, MOV, MP4, 3GP, etc from memory sticks. You are able to preview your recovered files before saving to desired location. In addition to memory stick recovery, other storage devices like thumb drives, hard disk drives, external drives, etc data could be recovered.