Memory Stick Recovery

  • The Simplest Method to Recover Data from Formatted Memory Stick

    Have you by mistake formatted the Sony memory stick? Do you want to get back its data? Then no need to worry, you are at the appropriate place. Have you heard of memory stick restoration tool? If your answer is no, then just go through this informative article which includes entire details of formatted memory data recovery.

    Now you are able to recover data from formatted Sony memory stick, for which you should take the support of memory stick recovery software. Using this memory stick recovery utility it is possible to get back formatted data of Sony memory stick, not solely formatted data, using this tool it is also possible to restore lost or deleted data on Sony memory stick.

    Before getting into the features of memory stick restoration software, let us have a discussion on the scenarios that will make you format memory stick.

    • Virus infection: If any hazardous virus enters the Sony memory stick then it will infect the files stored in it. Sometimes to remove virus you might format the memory stick, which results in loss of essential data
    • Accidental formatting: Sometimes it happens that you could connect a memory stick to the computer in order to transfer or access the data stored in it if you by mistake select format option on the computer then you will definitely lose all its data

    Besides of these, there are several other reasons on account of which you will format your Sony memory stick. Whatever may be the reason you need not fret about the formatted data because memory stick recovery software knows how to restore data from Sony memory stick effectively

    Some of the special features of the memory stick retrieval software are outlined below:

    • The memory stick recovery utility has been powered with the capability of restoring files from Sony memory stick which has been formatted
    • It could bring back almost any type of files including photo files, audio files, and video files from memory stick
    • This useful software could be easily installed on both Windows and Mac based computers
    • It’s the safest restoration application which is free from all kinds of viruses and also other spiteful programs
    • It is an award-winning memory stick recovery software and is preferred by many industrial experts
    • It has preview option that will help in checking out the recovered files right before restoration
    • It is able to recover files from different types of a memory stick, for instance, Duo, Pro Duo and many others
    • This potent memory stick recovery tool has been included with effective scanning engine that scans entire memory stick and brings back each file very appropriately

    Along with these, there are a number of other supportive features this fantastic software possesses.

    Download the demo edition above mentioned discussed memory stick recovery software from the website, and install on your laptop. Run the application, and connect the Sony memory stick to the computer. By following appropriate screen steps recover your files from formatted Sony memory stick. In case you really feel the product is useful then purchase its paid edition.

  • How to Recover Files from Pen Drive

    “I have a 4GB pen drive that is not showing up any of the data which is saved on it. I had almost all my data saved on it and this morning nothing is coming up. I’m now more concerned about the data that is lost from it, how do go about getting it back from my pen drive? Is it gone forever or can it be obtained back? Also, I haven’t used my pen drive after I’ve lost data from it.”

    You can certainly recover data from a pen drive but only with the use of a recovery software. If you’re wondering how it’s done, then here’s a tutorial regarding the same. The recovery software used in the tutorial is the best application that one can find to recover deleted, lost or maybe missing files from his pen drives.

    Pen drives come in various storage sizes such as 1GB, 2GB and so on up to 128GB as well. They let you save countless amounts of files on them which probably makes them the most preferred device for data storage. To access the data saved on it, you just have to hook it up to a computer. However, this has its own downsides. By using the same drive on various systems or so, you increase the ossibility of it getting infected by viruses. This however increases the chances of you losing files from it. To overcome this, a backup or keeping a duplicate copy for your data is always recommended. But it so happens that the user sometimes neglects creating a backup for his data which might result in permanent loss of data if his source data is lost. During such instances, you might have to make use of a recovery tool that will scan and recover all files from your drive.

    Causes for Data Loss from Pen Drive:

    • Accidental deletion of files while browsing through the drive.
    • Accidental format can also lead to loss of data if you had no prior backup created.
    • Abrupt or unsafe removal of drive from the system to which it was hooked on to can also potentially lead to data loss.
    • Unorthodox usage of cut-copy-paste operation can lead to loss of files.

    Features of this Software:

    • Lets you recover images, videos, songs, word documents, PowerPoint files and so on in just a matter of minutes.
    • After the software completes the recovery, the recovered files can be saved to any folder of your choice
    • It also lets you to preview the recovered files after the recovery is completed.
  • Software to Bring Back Memory Stick Data

    In this present lifestyle, all of us own an electronic gadget that comes with memory stick in order to save different media files. Because of the portability feature of memory sticks, it can hold media files like songs, video files, pictures as well as other data files. Memory sticks are quicker and hold wide range of data so they are also employed in mobile phones. Memory sticks are handiest storage devices to save lots of data in ordered manner and information can be easily available from it.

    In spite of knowing its good features, you might lose data from memory sticks. There are several circumstances due to which data is lost from memory sticks. The most common circumstance is that you lose your valuable data from memory stick due to indecent ejection. As soon as you finish accessing data from memory stick, you just remove it from computer without using “Safely Remove” wizard. Your stored digital media files like audio recordings, videos, images, etc on memory stick might be lost as a result of improper ejection of memory stick. Let’s know more causes of how memory stick data is lost.

    Causes due to which memory stick data is lost

    • Power surge: While copying media files from memory stick to computer, any sort of power failure during this process may lose your precious data from it.
    • Virus infection: Due to practice of memory stick in various gadgets and devices, viruses could be transferred onto memory stick. Without knowing, you open those virus infected files and they erase or corrupt memory stick data.
    • Accidental Deletion: During deletion of needless files from memory stick when attached to system, you happen to unintentionally delete some vital files using Shift + Delete keys then selected files are deleted forever.

    In case you face one of the mentioned situations, don’t worry. As Recover Memory Stick software is among the efficient utility, which walks you how to restore memory stick data securely without missing any.

    Unique characteristics of Recover Memory Stick Software

    This software is created by software specialists in order to recover data from memory sticks. You are able to retrieve media files like images, videos, audio tracks, etc from memory sticks. Even files which get erased using Shift + Delete key combination or erased from Recycle Bin folder could be recovered employing this recovery application. This handy utility can recover image formats like JPG, TIFF, JPEG GIF, BMP, PNG, etc from memory sticks within short span of time. It is trustworthy software to bring back lost data from memory sticks. You can restore various video file extensions like RM, AVI, MOV, MP4, 3GP, etc from memory sticks. You are able to preview your recovered files before saving to desired location. In addition to memory stick recovery, other storage devices like thumb drives, hard disk drives, external drives, etc data could be recovered.