MOV File Repair

  • How to Repair MOV Video File?

    Recently recorded video file in MOV file format denies to play on video players! You would have come across this kind of situation many number of times. People often find it hard to perform MOV file repair as they don’t have access to right kind of tools. MOV file gets damaged or corrupted due to various reasons, but user’s eye ball is mostly in fixing MOV files not in understanding what has caused it.

    MOV file format is originally built to work with Mac operating system. It is the default file format of Quick Time Player, which also happened to be the default media player for Mac PC’s built by Apple Inc. Now MOV file format is widely used in all versions of Windows and Mac operating system. There are numerous camera brands available in market these days, which uses MOV file format to record videos.

    However, you cannot expect any video file including MOV to be error free every time. There may be situations where MOV file may get corrupt or damaged due to several reasons, the reasons are not always predictable. And due to this reason, MOV file denies to play in media players.

    The options available to make MOV file playable again

    Manual ways to perform MOV file repair is not available but at the same there are too many tools available in market that serves this purpose. However, trusting any of these tools to repair MOV file is not a wise decision. You will have to choose the tool wisely. Hand picking a tool without analyzing will lead you into an adverse situation most often.

    Our Analysis:

    We would recommend any person who wants to repair MOV file to make use of MOV File Repair software. We have analyzed most of the leading tools including MOV File Repair and the results clearly rate MOV File Repair on top above all other tools.

    However, you can easily avoid these situations, if you have backup of MOV video file that saves your time as well and in that case you don’t need to worry about corruption situations.

    Circumstances that makes the MOV file corrupt:

    MOV file may get corrupted due to various predicted and unpredicted causes few of the common situations are mentioned below:

    Header file corruption: If the header of the MOV file that contains sensitive information like beginning of the file, size of the file, modification details, etc. gets damaged then the MOV video file becomes unplayable on media players.

    External threats: Harmful viruses is always a major concern to the files stored inside the drive, as this will damage the structure of MOV file and thereby will make it unplayable.

    Other reasons: Interruption during transfer of MOV files, error while downloading, due to more number of bad sectors in the storage device, etc.

    MOV File Repair is adequate to repair MOV files that are damaged or corrupted due to any of these reasons. This software is rated really high and recommended by the tech experts. Application is error free and safe in repairing MOV files. It is a read only tool which ensures the safety of source MOV file.

    MOV File Repair is built to repair damaged MOV files on Mac and Windows PC’s. The audio and video of MOV file is separated out to repair MOV file and after repairing it adjoins both into single file back again. Another advantage of this tool is the user interface, you will not find any difficulty in using this tool to fix MOV files.

    This tool also has the potential to repair damaged MP4, AVI, FLV and other video file formats with ease. You can use this tool to fix MOV files saved on various storage devices like hard drive, USB drive, memory cards and many more.

  • Tool to Understand How to Play Corrupt MOV File

    Each computer or laptop is having some sort of media files which may includes movie files. Today MOV is one of the popular movie file format.  By making use of this MOV file format its really fantastic experience to enjoy videos or movies. This MOV file format is popular due to its clarity and advanced sound effects. Some users may also face MOV file corruption problem, once the MOV file corrupted then the media players will refuse to play such MOV file and will show some error messages.

    If this is the sort of problem you are facing then no need to worry because in order to solve this issue here in this technical content you will get one of the ultimate solutions. The software by name called MOV File Repair Tool will solve all your MOV file related issues and fix all the MOV file errors within less time. By making use of this renowned application you will get to know how to play corrupt mov effectively.

    The reasons due to which MOV file will get corrupt

    • The file header is one of the most important info for any file because the file header is having the information such as file creation date, file size, type of the file etc.
    • Sometimes the MOV file will get corrupt due to CRC errors these CRC errors will mainly cause due to incomplete file download. If the internet speed is slow then it will download partial MOV file and such files will be refused by the media players to play.
    • If you are connecting any virus infected files to your device which is having MOV files. Once the virus infected file enters your system then gradually it will corrupt other MOV file and convert it in to unplayable form.
    • Sometimes the MOV files can be compressed by making use of any third party compression tools in this compressing process if any errors arise then it will results in MOV file corruption.
    • If the media player is not able to play MOV file and showing some error message then don’t try to open the same file again and again in that media player because it will corrupt the file.

    Features which are associated MOV File Repair Tool

    • MOV File Repair Tool is well designed to repair any type of MOV file which is not playing due to MOV file corruption.
    • The User interface of this application is easy to function, by using this feature it can quite easy to accomplish MOV file problem within less time period.
    • This software is well designed to repair videos such as .mov, .mpeg, .mp4 and many other video files.
    • This application is equipped with “preview” option which allows the user to examine the repaired MOV files before purchasing the full version of software.
    • By making use of this advanced tool you can fix MOV file which is recorded by using different digital camcorders.
    • It can be easily used on Windows as well as Mac based system without any interruptions.
    • It can also be used to run on QuickTime player on Windows 7 OS. For more details visit this link: