Partition recovery

  • Disk Partition Recovery Software Free Download

    “Yesterday evening, while going to format the unwanted partition from my system’s hard drive I accidentally select another partition and hit format button. Due to this, I end up with partition lost problem. The deleted partition contains so much important data such as images, audio, videos, spreadsheets, documents, RAR files, Zip files, office files, and some important folders and files. From that time onwards I am surfing the internet to find a best recovery tool to recover the deleted or lost partition.”
    Partitions recovery

    Have you ever faced such type of similar scenarios? If so, stop searching for a reliable recovery tool, you can resolve this issue with the help of Partitions Recovery Software. This software has been designed by Professional experts and helps in recovering the deleted or lost partitions very effectively. To get detailed Information regarding to software you can download its free demo version by visiting this page:

    Reasons responsible for the deletion or loss of partition:

    • Sometimes while upgrading the operating system older version to latest version there may be chances of selecting wrong partition unintentionally and hit format option. This results in the deletion of important partition.
    • Interruptions that occur at the time of file system conversion also results in the deletion or loss of important partition.
    • If the hard drive partition is severely infected with virus attacks and bad sectors then it needs to be formatted which quite results in the deletion of important partition.

    Some other factors file like system corruption, hard drive crash, partition table corruption, error while creating a new partition, etc. are also responsible for the deletion or loss of partitions.

    Features of Partitions Recovery Software:

    This software helps to performs partitions recovery on various versions of Windows and Mac operating systems and recovers the deleted or lost partition without any difficulties. It is used for recovering more than 300 file types like images, audio, video, documents, RAW data, etc. This application is also used to retrieve lost or deleted partitions from various hard drives types SATA, IDE, and SCSI. Besides partition recovery this software also helps to get back files from different external Storage drives like external hard drives, USB flash drives, pen drives, and memory cards, etc. This software also has the potential to recover files from formatted, damaged and corrupted hard drive partitions. It easily recovers data from various hard drive brands such as Seagate, Toshiba, WD, Hitachi, etc.

  • Restore Formatted Partition

    Hello, I am using Windows 7 based Toshiba laptop since from 24 months which consists of 3 partitions and helpful to store various types of files inside it. I came to realize that one partition is greatly affected with virus infection therefore I decided to format it. While carrying out formatting, I actually formatted the top partition assuming that i was formatting unwanted partition which made me to shed some essential data from using it. The files which lost are made with much struggle and yes it can’t be re-created again thus I am here to know the replacement solution to recover my formatted partition. Please let me know, if there is often a best method to obtain lost partition. I am waiting eagerly for positive response!

    Well! I can understand your current chaos situation but don’t fret since the lost or deleted partition could be recovered very effectively. Yes! With the usage regarding Formatted Partition Recovery Software you can actually retrieve data from your deleted or lost partition in the simple and perfect method.

    Features of Formatted Partition Recovery Software:

    • This is the appropriate tool to recover your deleted or inaccessible partition plus the special built-in scanning available in this software lets you retrieve any types of files like MP3 albums, videos, photography, office documents, graphical presentations, etc.
    • By using this prominent software you can easily retrieve inaccessible data through RAID0, RAID1 and RAID5 partitions which are actually formatted or removed.
    • Find option available in this utility lets you find retrieved data by name, file size, time and file location.
    • With the help of this reliable utility, you’ll be able to restore partitions from various brands like Seagate, Toshiba, Sony, Samsung, WD, Dell and others.
    • It has the chance to support recovery of information from file system like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 along with ExFAT. To recover deleted as well as lost NTFS partition you can employ this prominent software. To know more about how to recuperate data from NTFS partition inside specific.
    • You can resume the recovery process by making use of “Save Recovery Session” which ensures that you not scan the recoverable files again.
    • Also, you’ll be able to preview the restored data before saving into virtually any desired location.
    • This software could be installed and performed properly in major versions regarding Windows Main system such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003 and 2008.

    Where this software can be utilized?

    Re-formatting Failure: You might re-format the partition by making use of third party utility. While performing this task, if any disruption occurs like sudden system shutdown because of power failure or system reboot may result in data loss from partition.

    Deliberate Formatting: When you try to access the data on disk drive, system might force that you format the drive. Thus, if you format the partition then this available data will find inaccessible or unreadable through respective partition.

    These are common reasons behind formatted partition and therefore to overcome from this issue you need to use Formatted Partition Recovery Software to recuperate lost data from partition in an affordable way.

  • Study How to Rescue Partition on Windows 7

    Windows 7 is one of the renowned Operating system that is used by many of the people across the world. This Windows 7 has the storage device named as hard drive. This hard drive can be divided into several partitions to store files in more efficient manner. Usually, this partitions on Windows 7 is something necessary while operating system and storing files on it. It is just like the database for saving, transferring files on the Windows 7. However, sometimes files on the Windows 7 partitions might be lost or cannot be recognized when you operate the system or mistakenly deleted a file or formatted the partition, etc.

    Whether your partition on Windows 7 can be recognized by system or not depends on the partition table. If partition table is corrupted by malwares or other issue, you will not see the partition you need. But fortunately, the partition on Windows 7 is not actually lost. Still there is a possibility to rescue partition Windows 7 with the help of the reliable third party application that is named as rescue partition tool.

    How this rescue partition software works?

    Rescue partition application guides you through the whole recovery process through an easy to use interface. The program starts the partition recovery process by searching for all partitions types and performs the deep scan on the whole hard drive to locate all valid partitions of Windows 7 system. This tool is read only application, as such you need not to be worried about your original file. Also this is a virus free application.

    Some of the factors that leads to loss of partitions from Windows 7

    • Loss of files from Windows 7 partition when OS fails to boot due to boot sector or MBR corruption, corrupted boot loader, invalid device drive update etc.
    • Windows 7 OS may crash at any time either because of severe file system corruption, application malfunction and hardware conflicts
    • Formatting Windows 7 hard drive partition while re-installing OS or re-partitioning hard disk can result in loss of files as formatting erases all files from hard drive partition and creates new file system.

    Other reasons like, infection of Windows 7 partition with computer viruses and worms, damage of partition structure, sudden power surges while accessing files, etc can result in loss of valuable data. All these issues can be resolved with the help of this rescue partition program.

    Important features of rescue partition toolkit

    Rescue partition wizard supports recovery of files from Windows 7 partition having bad sectors by creating disk images. This application supports partition recovery from hard drive on Windows 7 to easily recover FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExFAT formatted partitions. This program comes in handy when you want to recover files from partitions that are accidentally formatted, re-formatted or partitioned. It supports recovery of different file formats that includes PDF, JPEG, JPG, MP3, AVI, DOC, ARW, SR2, AIFF, 3GP, VSD, CR2, CRW, MP4, ZIP, DOCX, ORF, M4B, MOV, ZIPX and more. Now there is no need to even if you have lost files from RAW partition. This is because you can employ this rescue partition tool to recover lost files from RAW partition in a matter of minutes.

  • RAW Partition Data Recovery

    Are you troubled with RAW partition drive? Don’t know how to overcome RAW partition problem? Need a recovery tool to overcome RAW partition issue? If your answer is yes then here is the solution. Well, this post offers you an absolution remedy on RAW partition data recovery with simple steps.

    The property of the drive often shows zero byte when there are important files stored there and you did not delete them nor formatted the drive and the files are not accessible. Partitions are widely-used in indigenous mode and without having the file system existed, it is termed as RAW. As there isn’t any file system about it, you may encounter the error message that the partition must format when you click on it. When that partition gets RAW you then find it extremely tough in being able to access data from it. Therefore you start in search of an app that supports to extract data from RAW partition.

    How will you decide that hard drive has become RAW? Below stated are some of the symptoms that you encounter with the RAW partition,

    • File system is displayed as RAW
    • File names contain weird characters
    • “Sector not found” error messages
    • chkdsk is not available for RAW drives
    • Wanted to format the drive before use
    • chkdsk thinks that FAT is RAW
    • Unable to run chkdsk.exe

    Some of the causes that makes the partition RAW

    RAW partition due to reformatting, at the time you feel a need to change the present file system to its new version or to different version, by this you can carry out reformatting. But regrettably operation gets terminated by displaying error message and this will be the reason for a partition to become RAW. Corruption of partition table also result in RAW partition. You can find plenty of reasons due to which partition table get corrupt and when you double click on the drive your Windows OS that displays the message like “Can’t access and load X:..”, which is RAW partition error. Partition becomes RAW due to harmful viruses, reinstallation of operating system, etc.

    How to recover RAW partition?

    This is the normal situation while you meet the above cases and have to format the RAW partition for reuse the drive again. But once you format the partition then all the data on it will be gone and it will be almost impossible to get those files back. Therefore it is suggested to prefer this RAW partition recovery wizard as an ideal solution for recovering RAW partition data and reuse the partition again. You need to worry more on recovery of formatted partition as this application successfully supports on recovery formatted partition with ease.


    • Do not add any new data to RAW partition , which may result in overwriting of original data
    • Remove harmful viruses by using a powerful antivirus program
    • It is suggested to make use a UPS device to prevent data loss due to power surge
    • After performing format operation on partition avoid reformatting again as this makes recovery very difficult