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  • Olympus XD Card Photo Recovery Application

    Olympus XD card is an ultra-compact removable memory card. It has large storage capacity and high transfer speed. Olympus XD card is widely used for a digital camera to store high-resolution images. However, sometimes you may run with the risk of losing precious photos while using XD card because of unintentional deletion, formatting XD card by mistake, card corruption, interruptions during file transfer, etc. If you come across lots of photos from Olympus XD card then how would you restore photos? Do you the method to recover lost photos from Olympus XD card? Do you know which software must be used to get back photos from Olympus XD card? If you are looking for the solution for all these queries then this article helps you a lot in restoring lost photos from Olympus XD card. You can easily carry out Olympus XD card photo recovery process with the help of this Olympus photo recovery utility within few minutes.

    Some of the common factors responsible for a loss of photos from Olympus XD card

    • Accidental deletion of photos from Olympus XD card, sometimes you might decide to delete unnecessary or redundant photos from XD card to free its space. While deleting you would choose the important photos and opt for the delete option and finally ends with the deletion of important photos from Olympus XD card.
    • Olympus XD card photo becomes inaccessible by the ways of card error, format error etc and shows no bytes that lead to loss of photos stored on it.
    • Corruption of XD card due to improper usage.
    • Olympus XD card gets infected with harmful viruses and all the photo file becomes the shortcut.
    • Photos lost from XD card while you are transferring from XD card to system due to sudden shut of the system.

    Olympus XD card photo recovery software supports jpg recovery, png recovery, bmp recovery, gif recovery, jpeg recovery, raw image recovery, etc with ease. This application supports the recovery of photos from Secure Digital SD card, SDHC, miniSD, Compact Flash card, Memory Stick, Multimedia card, MMC, Smart Media, XD card on Olympus digital camera. Supports recovery of photos on all memory device made by SanDisk, Kingston, Sony, Panasonic, Fujifilm, Samsung, Lexar, Toshiba, Canon, Transcend, etc with ease.

    More about Olympus photo recovery toolkit

    Olympus photo recovery is a very helpful program that helps in restoring lost or deleted photos from Olympus XD card within few minutes. You can execute Olympus digital camera photo recovery operation on different brands that include Olympus 3D, Olympus X915, Olympus FE-300, Olympus stylus Touch, Olympus TRIP 35 and Olympus FE cameras with this Olympus photo recovery tool.   This program is quite helpful in retrieving photos by following a few simple steps. You can rescue photos that are lost due to improper ejection of the XD card from Windows or Mac machine. If you have lost ORF files from your Olympus camera after XD card corruption then it is suggested to prefer this reliable Olympus photo recovery tool to get back XD card ORF files with ease.

  • Effortless Technique of Retrieving Photos

    Currently, in this modern era, everyone wishes to take photos of important and unforgettable events of life. Photos basically are classified as the best media that could maintain most lovable memories in them, everyone one of us will keep the captured photos for a long time. It’s a quite irritating factor if any of the photos that are essential get lost because one cannot recapture exactly the same photos yet again. Hence conserving important images safely is actually very important.

    Consider that you just go for an excursion along with your friends, and you take a number of photos of that visited place with your digital camera. After taking it, you save all those important photos on your computer. Assume that some days after saving those photos in your system, as a result of any mistake like unintended deletion or because of any technical issue you lose all those important images from that computer, then there’s no doubt you get disappointed by the very cause of it.

    But currently, you don’t need to get annoyed because you can now easily get back all those lost images within a short while. There exists an effective photo retrieval tool, which has the ability to get back lost or deleted photos with virtually no complexity. It’s a best picture recovery utility that could retrieve deleted photos with a great ease.

    Before commencing with photo retrieval software, let us have a brief discussion about the scenarios of losing photos.

    • Unintended deletion: consider that you are removing a few of the useless files out of your system, while removing, if you mistakenly select any of the important photos then obviously you’ll lose all those selected photos
    • File system corruption: If the file system of your computer in which you have saved your important pictures get damaged then you’ll definitely lose the access to all your files stored in that system, and therefore you will lose your photos

    Whatever could be the reason for losing photos, by taking the assistance photo retrieval tool it is possible to rescue photos that have been lost or deleted. For more details of photo, recovery log on to –

    Popular features of photo retrieval application

    It’s a fantastic photo retrieval application that’s been powered with a broad range of benefitting functions. Using this photo retrieval software it is possible to get back any kind of photo file including JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIF and so on. It will even recover RAW photo files generated by various digital cameras including Nikon, Canon, Sony, Fujifilm, and Olympus and so on. Not just photos this phenomenal utility can also get back various kinds of files which include document files, PDF files, music files, videos clips etc. This photo recovery application works with both Windows and Mac based computers. It’s a graphical user interface application that could be easily used without any assistance in any way. It’s a fastest restoration tool which recovers your photos within a couple of minutes.

    Download the trial edition of aforementioned photo retrieval application from the website, and install on your PC. Run the application. By following appropriate retrieval steps, retrieve your lost photos. After successful restoration, if you think the product is worthy then buy the paid edition of the similar application.

  • Eminent Tool to Restore Digital Photos

    You went for a holiday trip along with your friends and captured many photos of beautiful scenery’s with the digital camera. When you start to transfer those digital photos to the system, your digital camera responds with an error message informing that it is unable to read the memory card. It is one of the nightmare situations when you discover that the priceless digital photos are not found on the camera. Or sometimes you accidentally pressed Delete All option when you mean to erase a single photo or formatted the SD card thinking that you have already saved the snapshots of important photos on your computer and finally ends up with loss of crucial digital photos.

    If some of your inimitable digital photos seem to be lost then don’t be upset! This is because unless and until the medium on which digital photos are stored has been physically damaged, there is very good chance to restore photos with the help of the reliable third party software.  On the other hand, if the digital photos are stored on the rewritable medium such as hard drive or the memory card then it is suggested not to store any new files to avoid overwriting.

    How to restore digital photos?

    Digital photo restoration utility is an ultimate solution to restore digital photos which are lost, deleted, formatted on the hard drive, USB drive, memory card or on any storage devices. If you have met with the error of media not formatted, would you need to format now? Digital photo recovery tool will save the day! Do not lose such great shots of special moments! With the help of this program, you can easily restore digital photos from formatted drive with few mouse clicks. Digital photo restoration toolkit can be applied to restore files in various formats like pictures (jpeg, jpg, png, bmp, gif, etc), digital camera raw images of (cr2, sr2, dng, nef, etc), videos files of (mp4, 3gp, wmv, etc), audio files of (mp3, wma, amr, wav, etc) and many others.

    Some of the other cases where this photo restoration wizard is helpful

    • Corruption of memory cards by shooting the photos with low battery or by ejecting the memory card while the camera was still saving the image on it.
    • Formatting the system hard drive accidentally instead of formatting SD card connected to the system.
    • Accidental deletion of digital photos from memory cards or other storage devices.
    • Loss of digital photos due to the corruption of file system.
    • The intrusion of viruses on the drive where you stored precious digital photos.
    • Lost important photos due to the corrupt card reader.

    There is also the possibility of losing photos from Mac PC because of different causes like crashed iPhoto Library, faulty transfer issues while moving photos from Mac to another storage device, etc. No worries, as long as you prefer photo restoration utility, you can easily restore all the digital photos on Mac in few minutes.  This toolkit has an ability to retrieve lost or deleted image files from FAT 16, HFS+, HFSX and FAT 32 volumes with ease.

  • Safe Tips to Recover Lost Image from iPhoto

    Hello, guys! “I am using my Mac system for two years and now for the first time I came across this worst situation. Today morning, while editing my favorite photos using iPhoto application, due to some unexpected errors my Mac system get shutdown suddenly. After some time, I restarted my system to continue the further editing process but I didn’t found my photo. I searched a lot in the iPhoto library but no result. I don’t know what the reason behind this. If you guys have any idea about this then please suggest me how to recover my lost photo”.Recover lost pictures from iPhoto

    Have you ever come across such type of worst situation? If yes, then no need to worry about loss of your precious photo. You can perform lost photo recovery operation and can easily recover lost pictures from iPhoto with the help of most reliable, 100% safe secured software called Image Recovery Mac software. This application has advanced scanning algorithm which has the capacity to retrieve all lost images from the iPhoto library with ease manner.

    Reasons behind the loss of photos from iPhoto:

    • If the iPhoto application gets corrupted or damaged due to any reasons then it results in the loss of photo from iPhoto library.
    • File system is used to store the file details like file name, file size, file creation in an organized way, if it gets corrupted then it results in the loss of photos from iPhoto
    • While resizing the Mac partition by using any unreliable third party tool if any sort of interruption occurs then it results in the loss of photos from that partition where iPhoto installed.
    • While editing the image using an iPhoto applications if any interruption occurs like abrupt system shutdown, the forceful closing of iPhoto application, etc. then you have to suffer photo lost problems.
    • Apart from above scenarios, there are some other reasons which are responsible for the loss of photo from iPhoto like virus attacks, bad sectors on hard drive, formatting the Mac volume, iPhoto application crash, hard drive failure, etc.

    Unique Features of Image Recovery Mac Software:

    • This application is used to recover lost images from iPhoto on various Mac versions like Lion, Mountain Lion, Snow leopard, and Mavericks, etc.
    • This software has advanced scanning algorithm which helps to scan the entire iPhoto library and retrieve the lost photo within few minutes.
    • It is used to restore images of various file formats like PNG, TIFF, JPG, PSD, etc.
    • By using this application, you can also retrieve lost photos from various storage drives like memory cards, flash drives, USB drive, pen drive, formatted and corrupted external hard drives.
    • This application also supports Macbook Pro recovery and Macbook Air photo recovery and it graphical user interface helps the user to recover the lost photo within short span of time.
    • It consists of preview option which helps to preview the recovered photos before going to restore them to any desired location.
  • How to Recover Deleted Photos from Nikon D5100

    “I recently deleted all the photos from my Nikon D5100 and I now want some of the photos back. Is it possible to recover photos from Nikon d5100 or from its SD card in any way?”

    Yes, all the photos from Nikon D5100 can be easily recovered by making use of a photo recover software for Nikon D5100 on your computer. A Nikon d5100 photo recovery can be performed on any computer if you have a photo recover software to recover photos from Nikon D5100.

    Nikon D5100 is a middle range DSLR camera used by professional as well as amateur photographers for photography. This camera comes with some of the latest and powerful features which make it the best mid-range DSLR camera as of today.

    This camera supports to save all the photos on a SD card. An SD card on the other hand is highly unpredictable. Everyone knows about losing data from SD card is on the rise and one wouldn’t wish to lose his precious photos clicked on his camera to be lost due to various reasons from his Nikon D5100. You might sometimes have over 500 photos in your camera and losing all the photos together is something you wouldn’t be ready to face unless you have a backup for the lost photos from your Nikon D5100.

    Of course, it is not possible to create a backup for the photos you click on your Nikon D5100 then and there. With that said, your photos that are saved on your camera are always under threat so the chances of you losing photos from Nikon D5100 are also high. Also, SD card errors such as ‘you need to format the SD card before use’ can cause you to lose all the photos because you are forced to format the card in order to access it.

    If you are a victim of these above mentioned scenarios, then you can rely on the Nikon d5100 photo recovery software used in the above tutorial and recover photos from Nikon d5100 in a safe and efficient manner. Whenever you end up deleting or losing photos from the SD card of your Nikon D5100, there is one important thing which has to be followed by you. After losing or deleting photos, you aren’t supposed to write any new data(photos) onto the SD card. This usually overwrites the deleted/lost photos which can still be found in the memory of the SD card even after they are deleted/lost. When the photos get overwritten in the memory, you cannot get them back again so the chances of you being able to recover back the photos are hampered if you continue to use the SD card after losing/deleting photos from it.

    A few more features of this photo recovery tool to recover photos from Nikon d5100:

    • This software comes with the most powerful recovery algorithm that is tested and approved for SD cards of all brands and storage sizes. It can recover each and every photo off your SD card regardless of what caused the photos to go missing from the card.
    • You can able to recover photos of all types such as JPEG, RAW and so on.
    • It uses a unique interface that lets you perform the photo recovery on your Nikon D5100 in an easy and straightforward approach.
    • You can recover, decide which photos you’d like to restore(you can also restore the entire list of recovered photos) and then select any folder on your computer to save the recovered photos from your Nikon D5100.
    • This software can be used to recover deleted, lost as well as photo lost due to formatting of SD card on Nikon D5100.

    All these features make it the best and most recommended software to perform Nikon d5100 deleted photo recovery. This software can be installed on your Mac or Windows OS.

  • How to Recover Deleted Photos from HTC One X

    “I accidentally deleted an entire photo album from my HTC One X smartphone while browsing through its gallery. The deleted photos were on my phones SD card so is there a way to recover back the deleted photos from the SD card of my HTC One X?”

    Of course, one can certainly recover photos from his HTC One X phone but to do the same he/she requires a SD card photo recovery software which will scan the SD card to retrieve the deleted photos from it.

    If you’re still wondering how do I recover deleted pictures from my HTC One X, then here’s a video which shows you how to recover deleted photos from HTC One X by making use of a HTC One X photo recovery software.

    The above used HTC One X recovery software is the best SD card recovery software that you can rely on when you discover that your photos have gone missing from your phones SD card.

    Like you know, SD cards are always prone to lose data from it and are highly responsive to outside factors that cause the data on it to go missing. SD cards when mounted on a phone are exclusively used to save photos, videos, songs or anything that arises from the phone that is required by it on later stages. The data saved on a phones SD card can be accessed at any time and all the user has to do is just mount the SD card to his phone.

    However, the problems with SD cards are always persistent. Regardless of where they’re used, they can always end up losing data on it. Also, on your HTC One X, you might find that photos from your phones SD card might go missing out of the blue. During such scenarios, you can practically do nothing about it besides using a SD card recovery software to retrieve the photos from it. It doesn’t matter what caused the photos from your HTC One X SD card to go missing but with the HTC One X recovery software used in the above video, you can be guaranteed to recover all your photos back in no time.

    Another way of losing photos from your HTC One X is by deleting the photos accidentally while viewing them. One might end up deleting all his photos from his SD card accidentally and the lost photos may not be backed up in which case you need to make use of a recovery software to get them back again.

    The deleted or lost photos from your HTC One X phone’s SD card will still remain on its memory even after the photo deletion. You can successfully recover back all your deleted/lost photos by employing a recovery software which will get the deleted photo from the SD cards memory. This is only possible if your photos are not overwritten by new data after they were deleted/lost. So, after the photo deletion you need to make sure that your deleted photos in the memory are not overwritten, so the best way to prevent data overwrite on your SD card is to not use your SD card after the photo deletion. This way you can be assured of recovering back all your photos without losing them.

    Features of this HTC One X Photo Recovery Software:

    • Can recover photos of all sizes that were either clicked on your phones camera or were transferred to the SD card from an external source. This software supports to recover JPEG, PNG, GIF and all other leading photo extensions.
    • You get the best interface to retrieve the deleted photos from your phone making it a lot easier to get the software underway.
    • Requires lesser navigation and less time to recover the photos.
  • How to Restore Photos from Formatted External Hard Drive

    Nowadays, you can find nearly millions of users who use external hard drive to transfer, store and backup important files. And as you know that this external hard drive is one of the best way to store massive files, because the external hard drive has good features like large volume, portability, etc. And also it is easy to connect an external drive to your system, laptop, and even Apple iPad, what you need is only a USB cable. Therefore you can also share your photos, video and files with your friends, colleagues or family members using this external hard drive. But unfortunately, it is also possible that you would meet some issues with this external hard drive, that is, the files might be deleted due to format.

    For better understanding, let us assume one of the scenario like you have accidentally formatted external hard drive. It has some plenty of personal photo files. Are you worried on how to recover photos from formatted external hard drive? Most of them claim that it is possible to recover photo files from a formatted external hard drive. But it is not the fact. It is possible to rescue photos from formatted external hard drive with the aid of reliable third party application that is known as recover media files.

    Do you want to know more details about this recover medial files software? Well, this recover media files is an easy to use application that comes with brilliant file recovery features and facilitates you to restore photos in clicks. Other than photos, you can also apply this program to retrieve videos, songs, Word, PDF, PPT and all other type files from formatted external hard disk. It has an ability to restore files from variety of external hard drive brands like Seagate, Toshiba, Western Digital, Lacie, Transcend, etc. In order to execute the recovery process, just you need to plug in external hard drive to the system and follow the instructions given by this software. It will search the files which you have lost or deleted and then displays it for you. Then you can select the files that you want to recover and ignore rest of them. You can also preview the files to know whether you have selected right one to recover. You can also apply this tool to recover deleted media files from Windows 7 with ease. Go through this page- to learn how to restore deleted media files from Windows 7.

    Some of the situations where this recover media files toolkit is helpful

    • Sometimes, you might select and format external hard drive instead of formatting system hard drive and lose valuable photos from formatted drive.
    • Usage of unreliable third party program to create new partitions on external hard drive will also have an adverse effect on its data as they may get formatted unknowingly.
    • If there are plenty of useless files or duplicate items, then you may format it to free up drive space and when you realize that few important files were also there then you search for a solution to restore files from external hard drive formatting.
    • In some cases, formatting of external hard drive or its partition is necessary to overcome issues like corruption, formatting errors, virus infections, etc and to reuse hard drive for saving new files.
  • Software to Recover Images from Canon Camera

    Nowadays a lot of people are using Cannon cameras to record their memorable instances like their young children birthday photos and different anniversary celebration pictures for future representation. Canon camera sustains CR2 and CRW form of images. Generally all of these are stored in single memory which is utilized in Canon digital camera. Sometimes due into known or unknown errors or caused by technical problem images contained in the Canon camera gets loss then it can be huge loss connected with memorable images. In that case people don’t understand what direction to go and they can get tense. If such form of situation occurs do not get tense simply employ Lexar Image Rescue software so as to recover deleted photos from phone.

    Scenarios that causes the loss of images from Canon digital camera:

    • Accidental deletion is just about the major problems in Canon cameras this occurs if you are previewing photos inside your Canon camera if you press the Erase all button unconsciously or deleting essential images while erasing unwanted images.
    • The Canon digital camera card may get corrupted caused by capturing of pictures when camera managing on low battery, then camera gets let down suddenly. Due to quick turn off there will probably be a chances to get corruption of memory.
    • While shifting images between laptop or computer and Canon digital camera card if quick power loss occurs then you will have chance of getting loss in images from Canon digital camera.
    • If you take out the memory greeting card from Canon digital camera abruptly it may bring about loss of facts.

    With the utilization of Lexar Image Rescue software you possibly can effectively recover facts from Canon digital camera. Apart from above mentioned scenarios there are several other scenarios that cause the loss or deleted images for example corruption of flash memory and virus infections etc. However data could be recovered by making use of this software.

    Lexar Image Rescue software is an effective user interfaces to handle Canon digital camera image recovery in a simple way, is really a one click way to undelete photos via Canon camera. Any of you can employ this software for impression recovery from Canon digital camera on any Windows or Mac operating system. This tool supports to recover images from just about all versions of Windows along with MAC. This software supports to recover pictures from Canon digital camera in the exact same format as it had been before. It supports recuperate pictures from various types storage devices just like memory cards, SD greeting cards, XD cards, Micro SD cards that are used in Cano cameras. This software has built in deep checking algorithm and a whole drive can be scanned with in little bit. With the utilization of this software you possibly can recover files just like CR2, CRW. This software has built in preview substitute for view recovered pictures. Recovered images could be sorted on such basis as name, date, measurement and file type.


    • Don’t utilize your Canon digital camera to capture or maybe store any new photograph after impression loss has happened.
    • Use an ups gadget to manipulate sudden power discontent. Because of this we are able to control image burning.
    • Back up ones vital photograph files before performing rub out or formatting.
  • Recovering Data from Sony Flash Drive

    “I have a Sony flash drive from which all my data has gone missing today. I’ve never formatted or deleted the files off my flash drive as far as the data the loss is concerned so there’s no way this could have happened by me. What I’m more worried about is the lost data from my drive which has no backup and I’m desperately looking to recover this data back. Is it even possible to get back lost data from a flash drive? Please help me out.”

    You can easily recover back all your data from a flash drive by making use of a recovery software. Here’s how it’s done. The recovery software used in this video has the ability to recover back your deleted, lost or missing data in the shortest possible time. It is one of the only recovery application which can recover back all your images, videos, songs, word files, PowerPoint files, RAW images and various other files off from your SD card, pen drives, external hard drives, internal hard drives and so on.

    Sony flash drives are one of the most widely used storage devices as of today. They come in various storage sizes and at the same time letting you to save countless number of files on it as well. However, data loss on flash drives can occur at any point of time causing a user to lose significant amount of data from his drive. This can however be prevented by creating a backup at regular intervals of time for the data present on the drive. However, you can still manage to get all your lost, missing or deleted data back even though the lost data had no backup created. This is made possible by the recovery software available at the link given above. Here are a few causes for data loss from flash drives:

    • By removing the flash drive abruptly from the host system to which it was connected to, there is a high chance of losing data from the said flash drive.
    • Unintentional format or deletion of files from the drive by the user.
    • Interruptions such as power surge and so on can incur data loss during file transfer from or to the flash drive.

    Features of this Recovery Software for Flash Drives:

    • Has the most powerful recovery algorithm for recovering each and every file from a flash drive.
    • Features an interface that is simple and straightforward that requires just a few mouse clicks to get the software recover your files.
    • Once the recovery process is complete, it lets you save the recovered files to a safe folder other than on the drive from which it was just recovered from, to avoid data overwrite.
    • Supports flash drives of all sizes and brands and has the ability to identify and recover files of all types.
  • Motorola Droid Photo Recovery Program

    Motorola Droid Smartphone are designed and featured to be fast, high quality view and well built with many advanced features and functionalities. Most of the users just love this Motorola Droid phones due to its durability and performance. It offers high pixel camera capacity and you can use it to capture memorable photos. But it is the fact that Motorola Droid also prone to loss of photo. Such critical circumstances arise when your device comes under that attack of virus, Trojan attacks, etc. Well, you can find other reasons that results in loss of photos from Motorola Droid and you can read those scenarios in this article.

    Don’t worry, whatever might be the reasons, you ultimately lose your precious videos from the device. Well, now there is no need to further get disappointed or irritated as you have got the effective solution to recover photos from the Motorola Droid Smartphone. If you need to restore photos from Motorola Droid Smartphone then the very first thing you to know is to stop using your device to shoot pictures at the moment when you found photo loss from Motorola Smartphone. This is very important because lost photos from Motorola Smartphone are not really gone forever. Only the place they have occupied is marked as reusable for new files. As a result it is very easy to recover photos from Motorola Droid with the help of efficient third party tool.

    Well, now you need the best recovery tool. Still you don’t have any idea? Don’t fret it is strongly recommended to use this professional Android photo recovery tool. Android photo recovery is one of the most popular program come to fruition to provide easy and powerful solution to execute Motorola droid photo recovery process with utmost ease. This application is designed to recover photos with different file formats such as JPG, JPEG, TIFF, WEBP, BMP, PSD, PNG, GIF, TIF, IMG, EXIF, etc.

    Factors that is responsible for loss of photos from Motorola Droid

    • Forget to save backup of all the essential photos before formatting Motorola Droid Smartphone and ends up with loss of all pictures and other files preserved on it.
    • Resetting Motorola Droid Smartphone to the factory settings erases entire data including photos from phone memory in few minutes.
    • Erroneous or interrupted compilation of Operating System upgrade in Motorola Droid Smartphone also cause loss of photos.
    • Sometimes in a hurry, you may tap on Delete option after selecting particular photo file on the Motorola Droid Smartphone and experience accidental deletion of photos.

    Photo recovery on Motorola Droid Smartphone is possible with the assistance of this reliable Android photo recovery tool that effectively scans your device and restores photos in few minutes. This program supports all kind of removal storage media such as memory card, SD card, CF card, SDXC card, SDHC card, Micro XD card etc. You can recover photos from Android devices that are enabled with all popular Android Operating System versions that include Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean and others. Go through this page- to get more details on photo recovery on Android. Moreover now you can apply this wizard to restore photos from other branded Smartphone produced by HTC, Sony, Lenovo, Acer, Dell, LG, Google Nexus, etc.

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