PSD Repair

  • Repair Photoshop Scratch Disk Error

    Adobe Photoshop is the multi-functional graphics editing application. Generally, it is used among tech savors to create amazing images. Also, there are many issues that bother you with Adobe Photoshop and one such thing is Scratch disk full error. This error spoils the use of PSD file in Adobe Photoshop. This scratch disk is nothing but the system hard drive or partition in which Adobe Photoshop carry out its tasks. It can be similar to system hard drive on which OS is installed. On the other hand, you can dedicate a separate partition or drive for Adobe Photoshop and such drive will be called as Photoshop Scratch Disk.

    Have you ever get this error message displaying like “Photoshop scratch disk is full” while using Photoshop? Well, if you are the regular user of PSD file then definitely you might have come across this type of error message with your PSD file. This error message surprises you because it will not allow you to do any more work until you fix it. This is very disheartening and painful to see that all your valuable files get locked up and damaged. This will be more frustrating for professionals who work daily in Photoshop. This article helps you a lot on how to resolve scratch disk full error on Photoshop with ease.

    You can resolve this scratch disk full error by deleting the temporary files that are left on the scratch disk. And if it still displays the same error message again then delete the unwanted files from the scratch disk or you can allocate the new scratch disk by setting some preference on Photoshop application which allows you to use multiple hard disks. Even after executing these methods if you are getting the same error message then defragment your scratch disk. Then also if you fail to fix scratch disk full error from your Photoshop then it is recommended to use a third-party application. Therefore, from now onwards you need not bother on how to resolve scratch disk error on PSD file because you can easily repair PSD file with the help of this reliable fix PSD software.

    Let us go through the reasons behind Photoshop scratch disk full error

    • If preferences for Scratch disk in Photoshop are not set correctly, this Photoshop scratch disk error might arise.
    • Adding extra temp files on scratch disk can sometimes gives the above-mentioned error.
    • Abrupt shut down of the system because of power failure while PSD file is being edited in Photoshop.
    • Other reasons include insufficient space on the scratch disk, bad sectors on the drive, viruses intrusion, improper closure of Photoshop, etc induce scratch disk full error.

    Important functionalities of fix PSD toolkit

    Fix PSD utility is crafted with advanced technology that helps you in fixing your entire corrupted PSD file without modifying your original file. With the aid of this application, you can repair PSD files and PSD image with depth of 1, 8, 16, 32 bits per channel. It elegantly fixes Photoshop file damaged because of network issue, software conflict, system crash, abrupt closure of PSD file, the presence of bad sectors or other issues.

  • How to Fix Corrupted PSD File?

    I was working on Adobe Photoshop file on my system which as Adobe Photoshop version CS7. I was about to save the PSDimages file, but suddenly my system gets shut down. Once I restart my system and tried to open the Photoshop file. I was shocked to see that PSD file is opening, but I can see only a single layer on it. The sudden shutdown of the system has damaged or corrupted my Adobe Photoshop file, how to repair damaged PSD file on my Windows system?

    You feel very upset once your PSD file got damaged or corrupted. Don’t lose hope, you can still repair you’re damaged or corrupted Adobe Photoshop file no matter what the reasons behind the corruption of PSD file. Using a PSD Repair Software, you can easily fix corrupted PSD file with ease.

    Reasons behind damaged of PSD file:

    • PSD file may get damaged or corrupted when you accidentally try to open PSD file in incompatible Adobe Photoshop file.
    • PSD may get corrupted due to sudden shutdown of system or power failure when you are working on Adobe Photoshop file.
    • Due to software conflicts, your Adobe Photoshop file may get damaged or corrupted.
    • Harmful or malware threats infects the PSD file layers and other Adobe Photoshop file attributes.
    • Abruptly closing of Photoshop file, while you are working on it.
    • Due to a bad sector on the hard drive, your PSD file may get damaged or corrupted.
    • If you change the file extension of the Adobe Photoshop file, then in such case your PSD file may corrupt or damaged.
    • PSD file may get corrupted or damaged due to downloading error due to low internet connection or any interruption during the downloading process.
    • Improper update of Adobe Photoshop version.
    • Any sort of changes in Adobe Photoshop files layers
    • Improper compression of Adobe Photoshop file.
    • Power surge

    If your PSD file gets corrupted or damaged due to any of the above-mentioned then don’t get worried as you can opt PSD Repair Software which is capable of fixing PSD file with ease. This software comes with advanced scanning algorithm which scans your hard drive and repairs severely damaged or corrupted PSD file. Using this software, you can easily extract maximum data from damaged or corrupted Adobe Photoshop file.

    Precautionary Measures:

    • Use antivirus program on your system to prevent your essential PSD file.
    • Keep a backup of important Adobe Photoshop file on some storage device to avoid data loss.

    Features of PSD Repair Software:

    • PSD Repair Software is capable of repairing damaged or corrupted Adobe Photoshop file on various versions of Windows and Mac operating system.
    • It can repair damaged or corrupted Adobe Photoshop file without altering or changing its file structure.
    • It repairs various color modes such as Lab color, Indexed color, Gray-scale, RGB color, CMYK, Bitmap, etc.
    • This software can easily repair PSD file created on a various version of Adobe Photoshop apps such as Photoshop CS2, CS3, CS4, 5.5, 6.0, 7.0, CS, CS1, CS5, and CS6.
    • Using this software, you can preview the repaired Adobe Photoshop file before restoring it to the desired location.

    Steps to use PSD Repair Software:

    • Download and install PSD Repair Software on your Windows or Mac based system.
    • Launch the PSD Repair Software and follow onscreen instructions.
    • Click on “Browse” option to select required PSD file which needs to be repaired.
    • Now, click on “Repair” option to start the scanning process.
    • Once the scanning process is completed, you can see the fixed PSD file in the preview mode.
    • Finally, you can save the fixed PSD file to the desired location.
  • Reliable Way of Repairing PSD files

    What does PSD file mean?

    PSD file is actually a document that is created on a software called Photoshop. This Photoshop software is generally used for editing or creating picture files and is the most preferred appliccation around the globe; the picture files which are edited or developed on Photoshop application takes extension as (.psd).

    Is a PSD file gets corrupt?

    Yes, obviously these PSD files frequently get corrupt and there are many reasons that are responsible for PSD file corruption. Just do read this informative article fully, to know the reasons behind PSD file corruption.

    Is there any way to repair corrupt PSD files?

    Yes there exists an easiest way to repair corrupted PSD files; a PSD repair tool is there which can easily repair corrupted PSD files with a great ease. All you must do is just install that PSD repair software on your computer and repair the corrupted PSD files by following proper screen steps. It’s a right tool for you, if you don’t know how to fix damaged Photoshop file.

    Below mentioned are some important scenarios because of which PSD files get corrupt:

    • Photoshop application freezing: At times the Photoshop application will get freeze, suppose while working on a PSD file, if Photoshop software freezes then PSD file may get corrupt.
    • Virus attack: You might know about the damaging computer viruses, they never leave any of the data when they get into the computer, they damage computer files in such a way that damaged files turn into inaccessible. Similarly they also damage the PSD files that are stored in your computer hard disk. Once PSD files get damage you cannot access them.
    • Header corruption: One more factor that influences PSD file corruption is header corruption; header of PSD file preserves all the essential info of it. If this header becomes damaged then PSD file could get inaccessible.

    However you don’t have to worry in any respect, because PSD repair software will repair the corrupted PSD files in a very easiest manner.

    Highlighting features of PSD repair tool are discussed below here:

    • PSD repair tool is a highly effective software, which will easily fix corrupted PSD files on all latest versions of Windows operating system, including Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows Vista etc.
    • Not just on Windows PC, this remarkable tool can even support PSD file repair on different versions of Mac OS, such as Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Snow Leopard, and Leopard etc.
    • In a very short span of time this application repairs highly corrupted Photoshop files.
    • If a PSD file gets corrupt due to virus attack or any other reason, then using this software it can be easily repaired.
    • This potent PSD repair application can fix damaged PSD files, which are created on all available versions of Photoshop software.
    • In addition to PSD files, this tool will even repair corrupted PDD files easily.
    • This amazing PSD repair tool is been developed by professional software developers.

    Once check out the trial edition of above discussed PSD repair tool that is available on net, if you feel satisfied with it then obtain its licensed edition to avail additional benefits.

  • Software to Fix PSD Files

    Adobe Photoshop is commonly used to edit the pictures and to create graphics and web designing as well. This image editing app is existing in various versions with different attributes. This Photoshop is used by web designers and professional photographers, usually Photoshop files are stored in .psd extension. As it contains all your creative create ideas and very important data, but sometimes you could fail to open it or some error messages may hold you from accessing it because of some corruption this could be caused by corrupt PSD file. In this situation suppose any crucial or edited or animated images or other pages are there then you could lose very important files. Suppose you are at the threat of losing files then you must need a help of Photoshop PSD file Repair Software, it can repair and retrieve information from Photoshop PSD files which are corrupted or damaged because of below listed steps.

    This PSD repair app can be used under below listed scenarios:

    • Virus attack: Adobe Photoshop PSD files may be corrupted or damaged on account of the any hazardous virus. When PSD file is stored on virus infected hard drive or in some external situation factors could spread virus due to which the PSD files may be broken and be converted into inaccessible.
    • Compatibility issues: Suppose Photoshop PSD files are functioning on any unsupportive version or median then those files could face compatibility issues and might be corrupted.
    • Some internet issues: When the Photoshop PSD files are stored or downloaded from any insecure network connections then there is possibility of corruption of these PSD files. So it is extremely suggested not to lay up the files over network.
    • Bad sectors on hard drives: When you lay up crucial PSD files on a hard drive with logical bad sectors may be out of business and be converted into inaccessible to the users.

    Once you are not capable to open or access the PSD files then have to bring this app into play, you need to exploit it to fix the PSD files it is relevant and reliable PSD repair app designed by professionals. This app is extremely sophisticated with classy technology and scan machine to fix corrupted and persistently out of order PSD files in few easy steps. Its screen shots will guide you how to repair corrupt PSD files. Adobe Photoshop PSD files are fixed then its complete information from those files such as its index, bitmap, lab, clips, RGB, CMYK , images, arts, grayscale and animation videos of files can be brought back that you can access it naturally. It is well-matched perform repair actions on both PSD and PDD files of 1, 8, 16, 32 depths of bits per each channel.

    It has the skill to repair Photoshop PSD files which are spoiled by cause of any issues which are recognized above and also comes over the concerns such as inaptness and compressed and even RLE compressed PSD files issues. It supports dissimilar Adobe Photoshop versions such as CS1 to CS6. You can fix .psd files having size of 2 GBs. You can look into its fixing results with the help of demo version or go to full version.