Recover Drive


    Hi Guys! You probably don’t know that when you are computer dies your data aren’t lost & you can recover your data. The device maybe corrupted or damaged because of a software problem & your data aren’t accessible, but they are still there on your computer hard drive, safe and sound. Here are a few ways you can recover data from a dead Mac/Linux/Windows laptop.

    Turn your hard drive into an External Drive

    First, read instructions. Unplug your device, turn it off, and finally, remove it completely. After this, you can turn the device again. Notice how there are sections secured shut? One of them is for your hard drive. Check the pc model for a scheme that will show you which one of those sections is your computer hard drive, then remove that particular one. I suggest you get hold to make removal easier.

    Data Rescue

    Once you can mount a naked hard drive it in an external USB drive enclosure or “hard drive container”. Check your system manual or repair guide for the size, which will usually be 2.5in for a laptop or 3.5in for a desktop. You must also choose a hard drive enclosure that supports the hard drive you have removed. It will say on the drive whether it’s SATA or SATA II or III or PATA from a very old PC, IDE.

    Data Disposal

    When you have rescued all your personal information, you can erase all the data on the hard drive with a free utility such as Derik’s Boot and Nuke (DBAN). However, Hard wipe is easier to use, and it will hard-wipe hard drives and thumb drives. (It also won’t allow you to wipe your PC’s hard drive.) Secure wiping overwrites all the sectors of the hard drive multiple times to prevent data being recovered by “unease” software.

    Use the old hard drive within a PC

    By getting a hard drive enclosure, you can insert the dead hard drive coming from your computer directly into your computer configuration. Watch out for models, the adapter model needs to match the model of the hard drive from the pc.

    If you can, borrow desktop computer using the same platform as your dead pc, and use it to transfer the files from your old hard drive to dead device onto the new one. Make sure you have enough space or add an external drive for extra memory, than copy your files by connecting the two systems. It is best if you use two computers with the same operating system, but in lack of another option, know that other platforms can read Windows files.

  • Best Way to Revive Lost Drive

    Hard drive is among the most used data storage device from the people who use computers. Since, it is linked to the system. Hard disk is skilled enough of storing nearly all types of data including images, video and audio files. You can’t lose data from hard drive until any modification in system setting and deletion of files from hard disk drive happens. But however there are several uncertain situations where one can lose partitions of hard drive together with your vital data. When hard disk partition lost or inaccessible because of any reasons then you certainly cannot access the data stored into it. In this manner lastly it is possible to lose severe vital data from your system. But during this case don’t panic!!! As Lost Drive Recovery application is capable enough to rescue lost partition.

    During reinstallation of OS in case you have deleted the last partition and form a fresh partition. Sometimes during formation of fresh partition if any interruption occurs or you are creating a faulty partition table then loss in partition can happen and you will forfeit data stored on hard disk.

    In case your computer hard disk has some malicious virus infection then after sometime you might face situation where your hard disk partition can become inaccessible. These inaccessible partitions of the hard disk can’t be rolled back by system provided application, lastly you’ll lose data stored on that particular hard drive partitions. If you wish to get back lost drive which is lost within this scenario you will need proper recovery software.

    In case you have formatted hard disk drive partition without any backup of the data that is stored with that hard disk partition then loss in those partition data is definite. If formatted drive has several of your essential data then you can definitely lose your valuable data. If loss in those data is not bearable in your case then during these situation you experience frustration.

    Sometimes file system of the hard disk may corrupt because of any reasons. It results in inaccessible hard disk partition. Lastly you are going to lose your important data stored with that hard drive partition. One of the leading reasons for file system corruption happens, if you utilize an inadequate 3rd party tool for converting file system of the particular hard disk partition also it causes inaccessible partition.

    Mac based system also face loss in hard disk partition because of various reasons. Sometimes when Mac volume does not mount or journal file corrupted then you can face inaccessible hard disk partition. Partition loss in in this way causes severe loss in stored data from that Mac hard disk partition. In case you have lost your vital files from Mac hard drive partition in this phenomenon then get back drive on Mac is must needed.

    Lost Drive Recovery is an excellent application to rescue hard disk partition previously mentioned hard disk drive partition loss scenario. In case you have recently formatted your USB drives like pen drive then you can also rescue USB drive data by using this advanced featured application. Sometimes partition data become because of bad sector on the hard disk then you can certainly make use of this efficient tool to rescue data from bad sector. It makes disk image from bad sector and later you are able to retrieve data from this.