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  • Download Software to Recover SD Card Files

    images-1SD Card is a reliable storage media device which supports externally to store Files such as photos, videos, audios, documents of different formats.

    “I have a wide collection of pictures, audio and video of my favorite movies on the SD card. Unknowingly I connected SD card to virus infected system. My SD card has been damaged and inaccessible to open any files. How to retrieve files from inaccessible SD card?”

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    Do not worry!!!  You can roll back the data from SD card. Retrieving data/files from SD card can be achieved easily by using trusted third party recovery toolkit. SD card data recovery software has a special built-in algorithm which scans indeed to recover SD card.

    How SD card recovery software works:

    Initially, download and install SD Card Recovery software on your operating system. Once you install connect SD card to the system through a card reader and Run the application. Later select the Recover drives option from the main screen window to restore files from SD card. Select SD Card from the list of drives to retrieve data from it and later proceed with Next option. Scanning process to recover SD card will be initiated; after successful completion, you can preview the retrieved files from SD card. Finally, if you are using demo version, you can save all your restored data after successful purchase of software.

    Reasons behind SD card data loss

    Accidental deletion of important files, while deleting other files unknowingly will erase the data on the SD card. Corruption of the data on SD card may have a great impact on files which may get permanently deleted. Virus attack on SD card may corrupt the data rapidly. While transferring any files/data from SD card to System or vice-versa, any interruption in the middle may result in the loss of data. Power fluctuation, bad sectors, Operating system cash etc. are other factors where the huge amount of data will be deleted /lost. Sudden removal or improper handling of SD card might also damage SD card.

    External features of the SD card recovery software:

    This software supports to recover data in a simple way without facing any difficulties. It recovers audio, video and some other media files without any difficulty. Data from the different file system such as NTFS, EXFAT, HFS, HFSX and FAT can be retrieved easily. The data/files from flash drives, USB drives, iPods etc. can also be recovered.

    Precautions to avoid data loss scenario:

    Improper ejection of SD Card should not be done, handle SD card with care and safe. Keeping backup files is the good habit. Usage of untrusted third party tool should also be avoided. Do not insert SD card to the virus-infected system.

  • Know How to Perform SanDisk Micro SD Card Recovery in Few Steps

    recover sandisk micro sd cardIndustry leader, manufacturer of magnificent flash memory cards; SanDisk Micro SD card is first choice of many professional photographers as well as it is one of the most preferred Micro SD card for Smart phones.

    One of our readers was facing issue with her SanDisk Micro SD card and eventually she lost all her data. She tried everything she could to recover SanDisk micro SD card and successfully recovered what she wanted.

    Check out her experience in her word only it might help you if you ever confront similar situation.

    Device info: 32 GB SanDisk Micro SD card

    Problem Details: The card was two years old, but was in good condition; never exposed to water or high temperature condition. But suddenly her smart phone start displaying lines “Your SD card is blank or an unsupported format.

    This message indicates that her phone was not able to read the MicroSD card at all.

    Action she took

    For obvious reasons she tried to reboot her phone, but it doesn`t work.

    She took out the MicroSD card from the phone and then connected it to a PC via a SD Card USB adapter. But the OS did not recognize the card at all.

    She tried it with different ports and adapter. One moment she got success to view the device in Windows Explorer as “Removable Disk”. However she was unable to open it.

    Now it was obvious that her SD card was gone, but she was really worried about her precious photos that she didn`t take backup.

    What we have suggested her

    It was worthless to mess with the SanDisk SD card; on the contrary any such attempt was harming her data recovery chances significantly.

    We introduced her SanDisk card recovery software.

    She took our advice and implemented it carefully. She told us that the software was simplest to use, just a few clicks and easy to follow instruction. It was relaxation for her as entire interface was based on explorer. So it was never hard for her to understand the instructions.

    You can read more about the software right here: SanDisk micro SD card recovery

    She is happy now. What`s your recovery kit for recovering data in similar situations. Do write us and spread awareness.

  • How to Recover Deleted Photos from Nikon D5100

    “I recently deleted all the photos from my Nikon D5100 and I now want some of the photos back. Is it possible to recover photos from Nikon d5100 or from its SD card in any way?”

    Yes, all the photos from Nikon D5100 can be easily recovered by making use of a photo recover software for Nikon D5100 on your computer. A Nikon d5100 photo recovery can be performed on any computer if you have a photo recover software to recover photos from Nikon D5100.

    Nikon D5100 is a middle range DSLR camera used by professional as well as amateur photographers for photography. This camera comes with some of the latest and powerful features which make it the best mid-range DSLR camera as of today.

    This camera supports to save all the photos on a SD card. An SD card on the other hand is highly unpredictable. Everyone knows about losing data from SD card is on the rise and one wouldn’t wish to lose his precious photos clicked on his camera to be lost due to various reasons from his Nikon D5100. You might sometimes have over 500 photos in your camera and losing all the photos together is something you wouldn’t be ready to face unless you have a backup for the lost photos from your Nikon D5100.

    Of course, it is not possible to create a backup for the photos you click on your Nikon D5100 then and there. With that said, your photos that are saved on your camera are always under threat so the chances of you losing photos from Nikon D5100 are also high. Also, SD card errors such as ‘you need to format the SD card before use’ can cause you to lose all the photos because you are forced to format the card in order to access it.

    If you are a victim of these above mentioned scenarios, then you can rely on the Nikon d5100 photo recovery software used in the above tutorial and recover photos from Nikon d5100 in a safe and efficient manner. Whenever you end up deleting or losing photos from the SD card of your Nikon D5100, there is one important thing which has to be followed by you. After losing or deleting photos, you aren’t supposed to write any new data(photos) onto the SD card. This usually overwrites the deleted/lost photos which can still be found in the memory of the SD card even after they are deleted/lost. When the photos get overwritten in the memory, you cannot get them back again so the chances of you being able to recover back the photos are hampered if you continue to use the SD card after losing/deleting photos from it.

    A few more features of this photo recovery tool to recover photos from Nikon d5100:

    • This software comes with the most powerful recovery algorithm that is tested and approved for SD cards of all brands and storage sizes. It can recover each and every photo off your SD card regardless of what caused the photos to go missing from the card.
    • You can able to recover photos of all types such as JPEG, RAW and so on.
    • It uses a unique interface that lets you perform the photo recovery on your Nikon D5100 in an easy and straightforward approach.
    • You can recover, decide which photos you’d like to restore(you can also restore the entire list of recovered photos) and then select any folder on your computer to save the recovered photos from your Nikon D5100.
    • This software can be used to recover deleted, lost as well as photo lost due to formatting of SD card on Nikon D5100.

    All these features make it the best and most recommended software to perform Nikon d5100 deleted photo recovery. This software can be installed on your Mac or Windows OS.

  • How to Recover Deleted Photos from HTC One X

    “I accidentally deleted an entire photo album from my HTC One X smartphone while browsing through its gallery. The deleted photos were on my phones SD card so is there a way to recover back the deleted photos from the SD card of my HTC One X?”

    Of course, one can certainly recover photos from his HTC One X phone but to do the same he/she requires a SD card photo recovery software which will scan the SD card to retrieve the deleted photos from it.

    If you’re still wondering how do I recover deleted pictures from my HTC One X, then here’s a video which shows you how to recover deleted photos from HTC One X by making use of a HTC One X photo recovery software.

    The above used HTC One X recovery software is the best SD card recovery software that you can rely on when you discover that your photos have gone missing from your phones SD card.

    Like you know, SD cards are always prone to lose data from it and are highly responsive to outside factors that cause the data on it to go missing. SD cards when mounted on a phone are exclusively used to save photos, videos, songs or anything that arises from the phone that is required by it on later stages. The data saved on a phones SD card can be accessed at any time and all the user has to do is just mount the SD card to his phone.

    However, the problems with SD cards are always persistent. Regardless of where they’re used, they can always end up losing data on it. Also, on your HTC One X, you might find that photos from your phones SD card might go missing out of the blue. During such scenarios, you can practically do nothing about it besides using a SD card recovery software to retrieve the photos from it. It doesn’t matter what caused the photos from your HTC One X SD card to go missing but with the HTC One X recovery software used in the above video, you can be guaranteed to recover all your photos back in no time.

    Another way of losing photos from your HTC One X is by deleting the photos accidentally while viewing them. One might end up deleting all his photos from his SD card accidentally and the lost photos may not be backed up in which case you need to make use of a recovery software to get them back again.

    The deleted or lost photos from your HTC One X phone’s SD card will still remain on its memory even after the photo deletion. You can successfully recover back all your deleted/lost photos by employing a recovery software which will get the deleted photo from the SD cards memory. This is only possible if your photos are not overwritten by new data after they were deleted/lost. So, after the photo deletion you need to make sure that your deleted photos in the memory are not overwritten, so the best way to prevent data overwrite on your SD card is to not use your SD card after the photo deletion. This way you can be assured of recovering back all your photos without losing them.

    Features of this HTC One X Photo Recovery Software:

    • Can recover photos of all sizes that were either clicked on your phones camera or were transferred to the SD card from an external source. This software supports to recover JPEG, PNG, GIF and all other leading photo extensions.
    • You get the best interface to retrieve the deleted photos from your phone making it a lot easier to get the software underway.
    • Requires lesser navigation and less time to recover the photos.
  • Best Tool to Recover Lost Files from Mobile SD card

    Micro SD memory card has storage capacity, which is considered to be large storage flash storing devices. It is mainly designed for modern and solid mobile applications with multimedia functionalities. SD cards are good enough in storing all kinds of data files. SD cards are of several volumes such as 64MB or lower, 256MB or higher. There are three types of SD cards available in market mini SD, SDHC, micro SD card and they are vary based on size. In your micro SD card may lost files and unable to access stored files from drive?? Are you speculating, if it is possible to recover lost files from mobile memory SD card? Irrespective of any SD cards, if the files lost from micro SD card then then they can be recoverable.  You can get back your lost files by using Mobile memory SD card recovery software.

    Just think about this condition – If you have deleted a precious file or folder from SD cards and then realize, “Oh no, what I have done?”  This kind of circumstances used to come so numerous times in everybody’s life. You have deleted the vital files by mistake, and later you realized the importance of those files. If something like this occurs, the first query comes in your mind would be how to recover lost files from SD card? Moreover, you tried a lot of trickeries to get the lost files back but you failed. What will you do if this takes place to you? No fear. As various files recovery tools are existing to help you in such conditions. Mobile SD card Recovery is one such strong tool which recovers all types of files from multimedia mobile phones.

    Most of the folks favor SD cards to transfer media files between different storage drives. Sometimes while sinking files between computer and SD card, if your system gets restarted due to power variations or any other reason, then the chances of losing files from SD card are pretty more. In addition to power fluctuations, the scenarios like file system corruption, improper ejection of SD card while transferring files, software conflicts, accidental deletion, hardware failure, formatting, unexpected system shutdown, which might lead to the loss of files from micro SD cards.

    Whatever the reasons for loss of files from micro SD cards, Mobile SD card Recovery will help you to get back all those lost files from micro SD card in simple mouse clicks. This tool has an excellent in-built algorithm which scans particular file from whole directory and rescue lost files. Using this tool, it provides ‘save recovery session’ features, which avoids the rescanning of storage drive and it saves processing time. On the whole, Mobile SD card software can recuperate any types of files which can be supported by all brands of Smartphone. Download trial version of this tool and get back lost files from your SD card and if your satisfies with results you can purchase complete tool and restores important files.

  • Tool to restore Samsung Mobile SD card

    Nowadays, mobile phones are not only used for communication purpose, even too used for capturing pictures and videos as well as accessing reading eBooks, playing games etc. If you are one of the mobile phone user having can access any information of entire world at your finger tips. Samsung is one such popular mobile manufacturing brand, preferred and approved by many users across the world. In order to save all the important data such as contacts, pictures, emails etc on your Samsung you need a storage internal memory or external memory storage space such as SD card.Like any other storage devices, Samsung SD card is immune to data loss. There can be many reasons for data loss such as accidental deletion, formatting of SD card, etc. It will be a very painful, when you lose your valuable data. Do not worry!! To overcome such crisis you can make use of this most talented software known as Mobile SD Card Recovery.

    This is one of the best software capable to recover Samsung mobile SD card all various manufacturing brands of SD card such as Transcend, SanDisk, Kingston, HP, Sony and many more with ease. This utility performs powerful search engine which helps in recovering the data that are deleted or lost from your Samsung mobile SD card within no time. In addition to Samsung Mobile SD card recovery, you can even restore data from SD card of other mobile manufacturing brands such as Nokia, Sony, Micromax, HTC etc.

    What are the reasons behind data loss from Samsung SD card?

    • Accidental deletion: It is one of the common human errors that result in deletion of important data. Sometimes, while operating your Samsung SD card. There are chances that you might accidentally press “Delete All” option instead of “Save” due to this unexpected action, all your vital data present on your mobile SD card will be deleted completely.
    • Improper transferring of files from Samsung SD Card to PC: Occasionally, when you connect your Samsung SD card to PC, to transfer some files. But if any interruption occurs during this transfer process due to power surge, abrupt system shutdown etc. Then there are possibilities that some of the files are lost from your Samsung SD card.
    • SD card corruption: It is the most important reason behind data loss. Your mobile SD card gets corrupted due file system corruption, power surge, use of third part tools, virus attack etc. Ones the SD card gets corrupted then it may become inaccessible, due to which you lose all your vital information.

    All the above scenarios can be resolved within few minutes by making use of our most trustworthy recovery tool which can restore pictures(CR2, NEF, JPEG etc), music files(MP3,MP4, MIDI, M4b, M4A, etc), videos(MPEG, MPG, M4V, 3G2 etc) and more from your Samsung SD card. This utility also helps you to recover deleted video files from memory card of different types like SD card SDHC card, XD card, MMC card, etc.

    Apart from SD card, you can even recover data from different storage devices for example hard disk, USB drive, FireWire drive, iPods etc. You can recover data from Samsung SD card on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 2003, 8 etc and Mac OSX and higher versions like Lion, Leopard, Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard etc.

  • Recover Memory Card Data in Easy Steps

    Have you lost your essential information from your memory card and looking for an efficient memory card recovery software? No need to panic, here is a best match to your problem. It is an awesome application to recover all types of files from different memory card in few mouse clicks. It helped me very much in recovery of more than 8 GB data including media files, some important text document and RAW images. It is an outstanding memory card recovery software that restore deleted and lost data from xD, CF, SD memory cards of different brands. An exclusive and unique scanning technology completes the successful recovery of data irrespective of data loss circumstances.

    Common reasons of data loss from memory card:

    • File system corruption of memory card is important reason for which you may lose all file in the card. Every memory chip uses a proper file system usually FAT file system. If it gets corrupted due to any reason like improper conversion in file system, virus infection, removal of card during file transfer etc, then that card will not be recognized by the device or computer. Then, you have to re-initialize its file system. As a result, you will lose complete data in the card. But, no worry, this effective Memory Card Recovery Software will always help you in successful recovery.
    • As memory card is compatible in different devices, data on memory card is usually lost because of improper handling. Many times, we remove memory chip from camera or mobiles roughly during preview of images or transferring some files from the camera memory card to computer. Due to improper use of memory card, it may become inaccessible and leads to complete loss of data. In this instance, only this memory card recovery software will help you in data recovery from memory card effortlessly.
    • In addition, entire data from memory card is lost after getting format error when you try to connect your memory card to computer. Sometimes, when you try to connect the card to system, it may request you to format it. Then, if you accept it without having a back up, you will lose all of them. In that situation, this software will be only option to get back all your lost data.

    You can also overcome those above discussed data loss circumstances by taking a proper back up of your important data regularly. Proper use of memory card and use of a powerful anti-virus also reduce the chance of data loss from memory card largely. But, if you come across with loss of valuable information in any situation, you should prefer this application for complete recovery. It is specially designed to recover files from different memory cards used in camera, mobiles, music player, camcorders etc. This Memory Card Recovery Software can retrieve all data from corrupted, damaged, inaccessible memory cards, memory sticks, flash drives etc with ease. It is the best tool to recover all memory card data on Windows and Mac operating system in a user friendly way. You can evaluate the recovery operation using its demo version primarily. After getting satisfactory result of file recovery, you may purchase it. To get more information about memory card recovery on Windows computer, click on this link:

  • How to Perform Effective Data Revival from Micro SD Card

    Micro SD card is used in various portable devices in order to keep vital user data such as videos, audios, photos and so on. You can find micro SD card in various portable devices including cell phones, digital cameras, video game consoles, handy cam, hand-held GPS devices and other electronic devices. Assume a condition from where you have lost vital data from micro SD card. What you will do in such a severe situation to condition if you feel need of the lost data immediately after deletion? Here there is no need to think that you cannot recover micro SD card data. It is because in current age, it is possible to revive every bit of data from SD card. But the question arises is how. Here is recovery tool is only a solution to your entire problem related to micro SD card data. Mobile SD Card Recovery tool is a solution to your entire problem related to recovery of micro SD card data. With the help of this tool you can successfully rescue mobile SD card on various other existing SD card types including mini SD, SDHC, SDXC memory cards, etc.

    There are several issues found up to now, which can lead to data loss from SD card. You might loss data from card by mistake when you delete useless data from SD card and while deleting data you may delete some other vital data. File might be deleted from SD card when you scan memory by antivirus and if there is any file is found suspected while scanning. Some antivirus are build so when it find any suspicious file while scanning process then further it deletes all effective files without giving any notification to user.

    Force system shutdown when connected SD card is performing some read write operation then it may lead to corruption of memory card. As the card gets corrupted then you become unable to access SD card data. Sometimes it has happened when you do forced shutdown when the SD card is accessing for any vital data then it may make whole SD card inaccessible for further use. It is because when you do so then there is a possibility of file system corruption. Once it has happened then you cannot access card data further. When SD card becomes inaccessible then you may get formatting error message. Here in such a condition formatting is must and once you do format all the data within SD card is wiped out. It may lead to severe data loss, if SD card is having any vital files.

    Virus attack is another key cause of data loss from SD card. It is happened when you connect SD card to virus infected system. When you do so then there is relocation of virus into SD card. Once it has transferred then you may lose data from SD card next or it may make SD card inaccessible for further use. When you lose data from SD card then there is no need to think that data is not recoverable. Here you can make use of Mobile SD Card Recovery tool on your SD card and successfully restore every bit of data smart and simple way. In case you are looking for a solution to a question how to recover micro SD card then you can take advantage of this tool and revive data effectively.

  • Do you really want to get photos back from SD card

    Recently, I have seen one of my friends have ended up with losing of files from the SanDisk flash drive. As this card camera SD card got corrupted mistakenly he was not able to access any files from it. Later, when he inserted the SD memory in system thinking that he would be able to see his images he got the Windows Prompt, it shows few lines that were something like “* Drive is corrupt or unformatted. Do you want to format this drive?”. The cards actually got corrupted and was only visible and he was no longer able to access it.

    This can happen to you if using the SD memory card. If you are searching for the way then here you are at the right place. You will come to know about the way to perform Sandisk flash drive recovery. The best and only way to recover lost images from SD card is to use the recover software. Read few problems of user and lastly you will find the best way to get the files back.

    USER 1: I am a Mac machine user, recently I have lost my picture from the SD memory card. Anyhow I want to perform Mac recovery flash drive and to get back all the deleted images from it. Is it possible to get the files back even after deletion from SD memory cards as deleted files are not stored in the Trash.

    User2: I have no doubt that there is a recovery method which can bring the files back from SD cards. But actually I have got no idea, in concern of choosing the software. Accidentally, I have deleted many files which include photos, videos and music. I don’t need the videos and music, but I am desperately to get deleted photos collection and I want it back. Can somebody suggest me the best and easiest way that can recuperate my delete files from SD cards.

    You will get the best answer to all your questions but before, let us see what other than these problems can lead you to loss of files.

    • The very first action or conduct that can lead you to lose the files is abrupt ejection. If you eject the connected memory card then there are chances to lose the files
    • Direct sharing the files of memory cards with some non reliable source can make the loss of files from the SD card
    • Incursion of viruses is yet another reason which I guess, need not any decription (if causes may result in file loss)
    • Deletion of files from the memory card thinking that files will get saved in the Trash. This fact is known by very less people as after deletion of files from SD flash drive you won’t be getting it saved in the Trash as it skips this storage
    • Power surege in the system is the basic reason of losing the file not from flash drive but from each storage device as it cause abrupt shutting down of a system

    If user is aware of these scenraion and have not followe any of these then its good but still if he / she has lost the files subsequently he has to select the recovery software. SD card recovery software will recover all types of files on Mac OS . You can follow the link to get the best recuperation software.