USB Hard Drive Recovery

  • Effortlessly Recover Files from External Hard Drive

    External hard drive is a common storage media used to store precious files including pictures, audios, videos and so on. When you compare external hard disk drive with other HDD’s, it performs task faster and more reliable. Even it has many advantages, but like other hard disk drive, it is highly prone to damaged or corrupted and faces loss of files. No need to get worry, if you have ever lost files from external HDD then make use of this Professional File Recovery application to bring back lost documents from portable hard drive on all Windows and Mac OS.

    However, whenever you stores file on external hard disk then there are chances that you may lose files as a result of file system corruption, accidental formatting and so on.

    Some precaution steps to prevent such type of circumstances:

    • Eject external drive properly
    • Do not connect external hard disk drive with virus infected devices
    • Provide proper power backup

    Suppose, if you have faced accidentally formatted and lose data completely then you might be thinking that files has been lost forever. But, in real time scenario whenever data is lost or deleted then it just removes the pointer from the address table. The original files remains on the external hard drive until and unless you overwrite with new documents. Before overwriting, with the help of this advance software you can easily recover hard disk drive. For further enquiries, click here

    Some common reasons to lose data from external hard disk drive:

    • Master boot record is a small program installed on first sector of hard disk drive. It keeps record of partitions and all the stored files on hard drive. If in case anything happen and MBR gets corrupted then it might be cause to loss of data from external HDD.
    • Formatting is done to erase complete existing files quickly from the drive, so majority of user do this process to make free space. However, they do mistake and format some other partition and encounter huge quantity of documents loss.
    • While performing operation on personal computer, if your hard drive gets corrupted or damaged then stored data on the disk drive will become inaccessible. The reasons behind the corruption or damage or crashing the external disk drive might be abrupt system failure, file system corruption, etc.
    • Sometimes, when user tries to change the file system from FAT to NTFS or vice versa and sudden system turn off then it may result in loss of data from external disk.

    It doesn’t matter, in what circumstances you have lost files from external hard disk. This ultimate recovery application will give an answer for the question how do I recover files from external hard drive? This professional utility has ability to rescue files from HDD on different versions of Windows OS like Windows 8, Vista, 7, XP, etc. and Mac OS such as Leopard, Mac OS X, Lion, etc. It restores data from various partitions like RAID0, RAID4, RAID1, RAID3 and so forth. It is easy to use and every people can perform recovery operations without having technical knowledge.

  • Top Rated Utility to Recover Files from External HDD

    External storage device is used to store huge amount of files. It also comes in use when you want to transfer of files and folders from one PC to another. The best purpose to make use of this portable drive is to keep backup of crucial files related to your office and personal work as well as your system HDD having less space to save new files. But, sometimes it may happen that your external drive gets damaged due to file system corruption, power surge and so on. Here, you might be worrying about crucial files related to your work. No need to take tension, employ this Removable Disk Recovery utility to retrieve deleted or lost files from external HDD.

    As everyone knows that portable HDD has many qualities and used to store numerous files such as audio (MP3, WAV, AVI), video (MP4, MPEG, 3G4), photos (GIF, JPEG, RAW) and many other. Apart from these qualities, it is highly prone to corrupted, if in case something happen to the external storage device then you may lose your crucial files. Now, you can make use of this top rated software.

    Common scenarios which results to the corruption of external HDD:

    • Power failure: Generally, many user transfer files from computer HDD to external disk drive to keep backup, while copying files if your system turns off abruptly and terminate the transfer operation then it may leads to the corruption of file system.
    • Unexpected error: In some situation when you have connected external drive to some computer then it shows a format error that “Your drive is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?” and forces you to format even if you don’t wish to do. To avoid the loss of files you remove external drive abruptly, but when you insert external HDD into your personal computer then it shows that unsupported file system and cause to loss of files completely.
    • Bad sector:If the bad sector gets generated on the HDD then you will lose the accessibility of existing files on the bad sector. Bad sector is generated because of configuration problem, sudden power failure, excessive write / read operation and many other reasons.
    • Malware infection: This is the most common reason which causes to the corruption of file system. If file system gets corrupted then you need to format the external disk drive to solve this type of problem.

    Don’t take tension, if you have lost files and folder due to above discussed factor. This effective software can restore files from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS5 and NTFS file system on a variety of HDD example SCSI, SATA, ATA, IDE, etc. It is capable to recover files from Seagate external hard drive, Transcend external HDD and many other brands. Along with this features, it can rescue different types of files from various other storage drive like USB drive, pen drive, memory cards and sort recovered files on the basis of date of creation, size, file extension, file types, etc. It helps to perform retrieval operation with few mouse clicks.

  • Get Back Data from Portable Drive

    Loss of data from USB hard drive is always painful event. If you are carrying some very crucial data from one computer to another then portable drives come handy. It is also used for backup of large amount of data. Sometimes, you may end up in data loss from portable device while transferring data from one system to another. Needless to say that if your any important files or folders has been deleted from your USB drive, then you will be unhappy. But, fortunately, there is a most widely used data recovery tool which is capable to rescues data from portable drive in just a fraction of seconds.

    There could be many possible reasons where you can loss lose data from your external hard drive, some of those which are most commonly occurring are mentioned below:

    Accidental deletion: This is among the most commonly occurring reasons which lead to data loss from portable devices. Let’s take a real time scenario where accidental deletion takes place. Assume that you wish to delete some files or folders which are useless from your USB drive. The moments you are choosing these files you commit on mistake and end up is selecting wrong files and delete it through shift and delete option then you will lose all data within few seconds. If you have taken a proper backup of data stored on it then it would be easy to get back deleted data otherwise this situation may create a hectic situation for you. In case you have no backup then need not to be worried because with the help of   get my data back tool you can easily get data back from portable drive with minimum effort.

    Accidental Formatting of USB drive:  Formatting of drive is done with the aim of deleting all data from drive so that new file system can be allocated to it. Sometimes, you want to format your any drive which is having junk data, but unfortunately you choose your USB drive then all data is wiped away in just matter of second. Now, there is now only one solution to get back data from formatted drive.

    Whatever be the reason behind the loss of data from your portable drive, it can be recused. The only precaution you should take is to stop using your external hard drive as soon as you discover that data loss has occurred. Because, if you continue to store data on it then you might lose the chance of recovery due to overwriting of data. Get My Data Back tool is capable to recover data lost or deleted from various types of hard drives including SATA, SCSI, PATA and works perfectly fine on Windows and Mac operating system. It has got a ability to recognize and recover data based on their file extension. It also gives you a flexibility to add and or edit any new file extension which is not listed during the recovery process. It rescues data from FAT, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5. Get my data back software gives you a facility to store recovered files at any destination on system or other storage device very easily. Apart from portable hard drive you can also recover data from memory card, memory sticks and USB flash drive very easily and effetely.