Video Repair Software

  • How to Repair Choppy Video File

    People often get frustrated if the video they are watching is playing in a laggy or choppy manner. This may happen due to an extensive number of reasons. This clearly indicates that the video file is damaged or corrupted and needs to be repaired for a smoother playback. But “How can I repair?” is the common question which occurs in everybody’s mind and probably you searched for a solution to repair choppy video and you’ve come here. You might be lucky enough to find out this page on the web because it describes the repair process of choppy videos.

    It might be a clip of your holiday vacation, a video album or any important video that you will regret losing it. Be confident, you won’t regret corrupting the videos and it plays choppy. The tool you are about to discover in a few moments makes your video files play normal as usual without any lags. The name of the software is Remo Repair MOV. Thinking it is not possible? Watch the video presented below to see it. This might surprise you at first, and if you use the tool for repairing choppy videos, you will be amazed.

    Procedure to Repair Choppy Video

    • Browse the website shown in the above video to download Remo Repair MOV software.
    • Once you have downloaded and installed on your computer, open it.
    • Choose the healthy video file and the corrupted / choppy video file in their respective boxes on the screen.
    • (The software uses reference file (healthy) to make the corrupted file playable using the codecs used in the healthy video).
    • Click on ‘Repair’ button to start the process of repairing choppy or corrupted video.
    • Everything is now done. You can choose to save the repaired video after previewing the entire file.
    • Saving the repaired video file requires licensed version of the software.

    Let’s see the features of this software.

    • The tool will help repair an unlimited number of corrupted and choppy video files. Supports all video sizes.
    • Supports installation in all operating systems of Windows till the latest one Windows 10.
    • Able to repair MOV files as well as MP4 video files. Supports all audio video codecs of both file types for repair.
    • Assists users in each and individual steps to repair choppy video by guiding the user throughout the repair process.
    • Simple, effective and user-friendly interface allows all users to repair video with absolute ease. FAQ section is always there to help out users with common problems / issues while repairing the video file.

    Cause of Choppy Videos

    Video files get damaged and corrupted during times. There is also chances for videos getting choppy and laggy while playback. Listed here are some of the most common things which make the videos choppy. Let’s find out what they are.

    • Audio / Video codec problems which might resulted in choppy videos.
    • Conversion of video file types using unreliable video conversion tool will result in this type of errors.
    • Header file corruption in video files due to many circumstances and due to virus intrusions.

    They are not limited but many other scenarios may cause laggy videos and if you want to get rid of that, it is a wise option to use a software like Remo Repair MOV.

  • How to Repair Corrupted AVI Video Files

    “I have an AVI video that won’t play no matter what I do. Is there a way to fix this problem on my AVI video or is the video damaged beyond repair?”

    You can surely repair all your AVI videos on your computer by making use of an AVI repair tool.

    Regardless of what caused the AVI video to get corrupt, this software can fix corrupted AVI video files in the least amount of time and make your AVI video playable again.

    AVI videos have to be dealt with much care while they’re being repaired so a safe software is recommended to do the same. The above used software makes use of the latest techniques that are extremely safe and recommended for fixing issues on your AVI videos.

    AVI videos are regarded as one of the most widely used video formats. They play on all available video players that are available as of today. AVI videos require lesser space when in comparison to other video files such as MOV, MP4 and so on. However, an AVI video can go corrupt at any point in time which might then start to throw error messages every time you try to access it.

    The first thing    you need to do when you find your AVI videos showing you an error is to stop using them and get a repair software at the earliest and fix the same. There’s a high risk of your video going completely corrupt if you continue to use it rather than repairing it at the earliest.

    AVI videos which are of large sizes can easily go corrupt when they’re saved on SD cards, pen drives and so on. One cannot predict when an AVI video can go corrupt during its stay on any drive so having a backup copy of your healthy file can help one out when his AVI video goes corrupt.

    However, when you don’t carry a backup then the only way to repair your corrupt AVI video is by repairing it using a repair software. You can repair all your corrupt AVI videos regardless of the error message what you get while accessing them. All that you need is a safe repair software that will do the trick.

    The AVI repair software employed in the above video is just the software that you need when you discover any of your AVI video corrupt or not playing. As you can see in the video, it requires only a few mouse clicks to select your corrupt AVI video and then a few moments to fix the same.

    One striking feature of this application is that it never changes any aspect of your AVI video as its being repaired. It only reads your corrupt AVI video and produces a new copy of the same which is free from all errors and can be played on any player that’s available on your computer.

    Features of this AVI Repair Tool:

    • Comes with an interface that is easy to use and repair AVI videos.
    • Can repair AVI videos of any size.
    • The repair process ensures that all errors are fixed and the repaired video is free from all errors.