Fastest Method to Restore Files from Removable Disk

Fastest Method to Restore Files from Removable Disk

In our daily life we all have to store data in a safest location and we need that information to be preserved for future use. After the arrival of computer, data storage has become an easy task. The main advantage is that any type of data can be stored and supports storage of data like images, audio and video files, personal documents etc. As the technology has developed data is stored in more compact and portable devices like pen drive, external HDD etc

We all expect to have our picture files, audio files, video files and several documents to be stored in some removable disks for ever. But the fact is that our wish will always remain as dreams. There are many reasons for the loss of files from storage devices. It varies from simple human mistakes to complex technical errors. It will be always good to have knowledge on different reasons for data loss so that causes for data loss can be reduced to an extent. The following points show some of the common reasons for data loss from removable data storage devices

  • Accidental deletion of files from removable disk can happen in various situations. User may delete useful data while removing junk files similarly there is a chance of loss of data due to careless deletion of files and many more
  • Virus attack on the removable disk can cause data loss/deletion. Connecting removable storage devices on infected computer or any infected devices may cause device to get infected which result in loss of data present in it
  • Data present in removable devices may get deleted or lost due abrupt removal of device from computer during transfer of files
  • Accidental formatting of removable storage devices results in loss of data
  • Defragmentation of removable storage device can also result in loss of data stored in it.

Data loss due to various reasons is very common but recovery of lost data is some kind of a tedious task in front of the user. How to recover the lost data? Various data recovery software’s are available in market to restore lost data. User should have a good knowledge on features of the applications required for removable disk recovery. I like to make you familiar with absolute removable disk recovery application which has abundant features required to recover data from removable disk. Let us take a glance through the main features of the data recovery application

  • The application is very quick in its operation that it can recover lost files from removable storage devices within less time.
  • Removable Disk recovery software can even recover permanently (Shift + Delete) deleted files and it can recover files form formatted storage devices also.
  • The tool supports data recovery from various removable disks like external hard disk drives, pen drives, memory cards, Memory sticks etc.
  • It has the ability to identify and recover all photo, audio, video and digital RAW photo files, it also supports the recovery of any file formats present in the removable disk
  • The application can recover data on the basis of name, date, size and it can save the recovered data as compressed zip archives in order to save the disk space.
  • The option “Save Recovery session” present in removable disk recovery tool allows the user to resume the scanning process from the particular location it was stopped before and helps in saving the time.
  • Application shows the preview of files recovered from removable drive before it is stored on the drive.


These are some of the main features of the application which shows the functionality and user friendly behavior of the application

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