Hi Guys! You probably don’t know that when you are computer dies your data aren’t lost & you can recover your data. The device maybe corrupted or damaged because of a software problem & your data aren’t accessible, but they are still there on your computer hard drive, safe and sound. Here are a few ways you can recover data from a dead Mac/Linux/Windows laptop.

Turn your hard drive into an External Drive

First, read instructions. Unplug your device, turn it off, and finally, remove it completely. After this, you can turn the device again. Notice how there are sections secured shut? One of them is for your hard drive. Check the pc model for a scheme that will show you which one of those sections is your computer hard drive, then remove that particular one. I suggest you get hold to make removal easier.

Data Rescue

Once you can mount a naked hard drive it in an external USB drive enclosure or “hard drive container”. Check your system manual or repair guide for the size, which will usually be 2.5in for a laptop or 3.5in for a desktop. You must also choose a hard drive enclosure that supports the hard drive you have removed. It will say on the drive whether it’s SATA or SATA II or III or PATA from a very old PC, IDE.

Data Disposal

When you have rescued all your personal information, you can erase all the data on the hard drive with a free utility such as Derik’s Boot and Nuke (DBAN). However, Hard wipe is easier to use, and it will hard-wipe hard drives and thumb drives. (It also won’t allow you to wipe your PC’s hard drive.) Secure wiping overwrites all the sectors of the hard drive multiple times to prevent data being recovered by “unease” software.

Use the old hard drive within a PC

By getting a hard drive enclosure, you can insert the dead hard drive coming from your computer directly into your computer configuration. Watch out for models, the adapter model needs to match the model of the hard drive from the pc.

If you can, borrow desktop computer using the same platform as your dead pc, and use it to transfer the files from your old hard drive to dead device onto the new one. Make sure you have enough space or add an external drive for extra memory, than copy your files by connecting the two systems. It is best if you use two computers with the same operating system, but in lack of another option, know that other platforms can read Windows files.

Author: Ben