Review on Emtec Power Connect

Review on Emtec Power Connect

iPhone models have recently grown in size and to maintain a slender appearance, Apple have worked hard and the expense of battery life often. External battery packs are developed so that it should be capable of charging devices while on the go, a few other tricks can be done by one of them as well.

Acumulator-extern-Power-Bank-5200mAh-Emtec-Power-Connect-U600-pic2Power in the pocket:

It measures 78 x 70 x 23 mm and weighs a hair over five ounces. It is small so that it can be easily kept in the pocket and it looks like a block of dark grey plastic. The battery is 5200 mAh Lithium-ion and is capable of supplying 1 A output through a standard USB 2.0 port.

The enough juice to power up the 1715 mAh battery for math-averse readers inside an iPhone 6s more than twice and it is plenty for a single charge with iPhone 6s Plus. Lightning cable should be supplied and a micro-USB cable should be induced, in just five hours it will charge up the U800. When it’s time to recharge a green LED power light on front turns red.

The curved design for a shirt pockets glides nicely in to pants, taking up little space inside gadget bags or purses. The bottom left edge is noticed that the unit becomes quite warm when power is on and after short time, but doesn’t impact on the performance. The full sized USB port can also be used for connecting FAE32-formatted media like thumb sticks or portable hard drive. Including iOS device the content stored in a place can be copied and pasted elsewhere.

Streaming blues:

A 32GB microSD card with the U800 is included in Emtec and it can be swapped for other compatible NTFS-format, which also includes SDHC and SDXC. When it is used with the Emtec connect app for Android or iOS, the tablet or smartphone owners can back up the entire contacts and photo library in a couple of taps.

Access to movie, music, photos or documents that are stored on memory card is provided by the app, which is supporting many file types of music, video, images and documents. If the files cannot be opened directly, then they can be opened in the other compatible third party apps like VLC player.

Author: Ben